What Do Prednisone, Remicade, 6-MP, Lialda, Pentasa and Asacol Have In Common?

It’s Simple.

All of these medications have been reviewed by a combined several hundred patients who have Ulcerative Colitis who use this site.

Below are the pages you can click on to read the actual reviews about the experiences UC’ers had with the medications listed.

AND, if you would like to add your own review of your experience, there is a button on each page where you can do just that.

I hope this information is useful to some of you who are in the decision making process and deciding on which medications to use to treat your UC.

And One Final Thought:

If you are feeling like there are no options left for you, especially if you’ve used all the medications you’re willing to try out, there still are options.

I myself was in that position several years ago, and I felt like my only option was surgery. (Make no mistake, surgery for almost everyone who goes that route is VERY happy with their decisions, and you can read the proof of that within the surgery survey we conducted here: https://www.ihaveuc.com/26-colitis-surgery-patients-survey-results/)

But, in the end, I realized that a perfectly reasonable option for me was changing my diet to one which my body could tolerate.  And there are many other options that you can investigate as well.  Options that are talked about right here on this site.  I’ve setup a page several years ago which lists stories from other UC’ers that is dedicated to “Alternative Medicine”.  I’ve never liked the name “Alternative” since for people who are using these techniques successfully, its much more than an “alternative”.  But anyways.  You should check this section out too:  https://www.ihaveuc.com/category/specific-carbohydrate-diet/alternative-medicine/

Adam-Scheuer iHaveUC founder

Best to all of you.

I’m going to be super busy this week with getting the “2013 Relationships Survey” aggregated and published to the newsletter.  The survey ends June 25th, so time be a running outtie.

So far there’s over 265 participants (and 31 pictures submitted!!!!).  Pretty cool UC’ers…ONCE AGAIN!

Hang in there if times are tuff, symptoms do go away,

Adam Scheuer

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1 thought on “What Do Prednisone, Remicade, 6-MP, Lialda, Pentasa and Asacol Have In Common?”

  1. Great, Adam.

    Everyone is different. For some, meds are the way to go. For some, diet is the way to go. For some, supplements are the way to go. For some, surgery is the way to go.

    Nobody is wrong!

    Whatever gets you right!


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