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Pregnancy with UC

having ulcerative colitis and being pregnant sure is a tough task, here is a collection of stories related to just that from actual UC patients

giving birth ulcerative colitis cramps

Question for Women with UC who have Given Birth (Contractions vs. ulcerative colitis Cramps)

There is an interesting question, and it was clear instantly that it was popular to discuss. I posed the question to the Facebook Public Group a few days ago. The question: How would you compare UC related cramping and abdominal pains to the pains associated with contractions felt during child birth? Feel free to add any comments you may have below in the comments section.… Read More »Question for Women with UC who have Given Birth (Contractions vs. ulcerative colitis Cramps)

Trying to Get Pregnant with Ulcerative Colitis

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this website. A lot has happened to me – I changed jobs, got married, lost a parent….. all these things are stressors and have affected me in one way or another. Something Interesting About Lara: I love to nap! This could be because I’ve got a chronic illness and I need more rest than the… Read More »Trying to Get Pregnant with Ulcerative Colitis

Natural Approach of Colitis – 37 Weeks Pregnant

Intro: My name is Keek I’m 23 years old and 37 weeks pregnant! I’ve had ulcerative colitis for the past 3 years and had 2 major flares that almost were fatal. I traveled the world and still continuing to travel more with my baby and beautiful partner! I’m a world traveler,artist and health and nutrition fanatic also a mommy to be! Symptoms: Currently my symptoms… Read More »Natural Approach of Colitis – 37 Weeks Pregnant

Flaring and Pregnant

Intro: 33 years old, married with 1 daughter and baby number two on the way. I’m a pharmacy technician love to eat, love to sleep, and hate ulcerative colitis lol. Some more about Merlina: I love to to cook and bake. Eating is my hobby! Yet I’m still relatively thin lol. I love playing the game uno and I love cheating in monopoly, but I… Read More »Flaring and Pregnant

UC Found During Pregnancy

I’m a female 36 years old. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 7/2002. Married w/ 3 sons. Also have GERD & IBS. Currently in flare-up. Suffering w/stomach problems for the last 25yrs. (H. Pyloria & peptic ulcers)Vegetarian Some more about me: Own business. Published writer. Ordained minister (Hindu). From NYC. Recently relocated to South Jersey. Survived a car accident-totaled new car(90days ago). Recovering from broken… Read More »UC Found During Pregnancy