Risk of Cancer After 10 Years of Colitis


I am a pure vegetarian, do not smoke but do drink alcohol. I have a slim physique and do not have any extra ordinary eating or drinking habits.

Some more about me:

I am from Delhi and play golf.


Currently I have no symptoms.

Risk of Cancer After 10 Years of Colitis

I am 57 years old male. I was diagnosed UC in May 2006 and hospitalized for a few days.

When the doctor told me about it I was shocked. I least expected a thing like this to happen to me since I had no unwanted eating habits, took regular exercises and was leading a happy life. I asked the doctor what could have caused the disease. He told me that it was not known to the medical science what causes Ulcerative Colitis but he said that stress could possibly be a contributing factor. I recalled that for some time before the occurance of UC I had been under an extreme state of worry.

Only the descending part of my colon was affected. I was put on steroids and Mesacol. It took about a month for the traces of blood from stools to disappear. I had lost about 6 Kgs of weight.

After discharge from hospital I started taking regular medicines and took to ‘Yoga’. I felt much better and regained my weight but was keen to see the effect of Yoga since I was told by the Yoga Guru that Yoga could treat any ailment.

In between I did try alternate medicines but never left Mesacol. I am on Mesacol since then. When I got a colonoscopy done in May 2007 It was found that the left part of the colon was clear of UC but it had moved up and affected the transverse and some part of the ascending colon. I am on medication and have been in remission since initial diagnosis and living a perfectly normal life. However, I am told that after 10 years the UC is likely to turn into cancer. I am worried on that account and wonder if something could be done to prevent cancer. Can some body suggest something.


I am on Mesacol since diagnosis and it is working fine.

written by RK

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  1. Hi RK,

    Great question, and I’ll try to shed some light from a recent study on the topic via a direct quote from the abstract of a study:

    “In a recent population-based cohort study of 47 347 Danish patients with IBD by Tine Jess and colleagues 268 patients with UC and 70 patients with CD developed CRC during 30 years of observation. The overall risk of CRC among patients with UC and CD was comparable with that of the general population. However, patients diagnosed with UC during childhood or as adolescents, patients with long duration of disease and those with concomitant primary sclerosing cholangitis were at increased risk.”

    You and everyone else can read the full text of the study that is available from PUBMed here:


    I wish you continued long periods of remission!


    1. Hi Adm, Thanks a lot. The info given by you is very reassuring and comforting. I shall go through the study on the link sent by you.

      With Regards

  2. My doctor has also said that by length of time with the disease, it refers to the time the disease is not in remission. The length of time in ACTIVE disease is an indicator. As you have mentioned, stress and worry can cause symptoms to appear. My best advice is to stop worrying about cancer. Make sure you have regular scopes just in case, but don’t worry (stress). In fact, my favorite quote is, “Who by worrying can add one hour to his life?” (found in the Bible)

  3. I’m not so sure about increased cancer risk and UC…I don’t know if I buy it, entirely.

    It could be just another way to do more colonoscopies, therefore, making more money?

    Mmmm…I like to think that we are at no more risk than any other ‘normal’ person, especially if we eventually CURE it by healing the colon..


      1. Hi RK,

        Of course you can heal the colon! Our bodies are tremendously resilient and can definitely heal.

        The fermented L-glutamine powder that I take every day, on an empty stomach, has healed my colon, I’m sure. L-glutamine heals all the inner workings of the body, including the colon. Bodybuilders also use it to heal muscle tissue. It’s too bad we don’t know this unless we go digging for the information. You should google it and you will read of all the benefits.


  4. RK,

    You should get a colonoscopy annually to ensure that, if you (God-forbid) end up getting CRC, it can be treated ASAP. Everyone is at risk for it, especially over the age of 50. Considering you also have UC, you should absolutely be getting an annual colonoscopy. I am only 31 and I get one every year because I’ve had UC for 9 years now.

    1. I also get a colonoscopy every year, im 34 and have had UC for 20 years now. Colon cancer has a very good cure rate it caught early so yearly scopes are a must :)

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