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Mesalazine both in enema and tablet form are very common ulcerative colitis medications which are prescribed after being diagnosed.


Lisa has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few years ago and having trouble managing symptoms and looking for alternative ideas.

Mesalamine Based 5-ASA Meds and Hanneke’s UC – VIDEO

Meet Hanneke. She talks about her 11 years in remission. Hanneke actually wrote: “That’s what my doctor calls it. I do have very minor flare ups and since I have this for so long I feel exactly when it’s coming up. I manage it myself with my meds. I never really go into a full blown flare up. I have colonoscopy/endoscopy every 5 years and things look calm. I am using mesalamine suppositories 500 mg.”

It’s Like Hair Mousse, But it Goes Up Your Butt!

I have ME/CFS, late stage Lyme disease and chronic Bartonellosis. And now, UC as well. As you can tell, I am not that lucky. I was diagnosed with UC  (14 Nov 2013) following a colonoscopy. Some more about me: I live in the UK and I’m very sick. I’m 32. Male. Married with a wonderful two year old daughter and I am so disabled now… Read More »It’s Like Hair Mousse, But it Goes Up Your Butt!