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Alternative Medicine

Ideas and stories about alternative medicine for people dealing with ulcerative colitis


IBD Clinical Trial Involving Saffron

Quick update to all those interested, especially for those in the Washington DC area of the United States. A longtime user of the iHaveUC site sent me an email recently to explain how a clinical trial is going on and open for enrollment. It is listed on the master of clinical trial webpages here: Last night I messaged the lead investigator of the trial… Read More »IBD Clinical Trial Involving Saffron

lemon myrtle trees

Some Updates In The Time of Corona Virus Plus Lemon Myrtle Tea News

Hey UC’ers, What a crazy past few months for just about all of us eh..? I have been way absent from the site, but wanted to jump on to give a few quick updates. First is from a woman with IBD who is starting a Podcast for all of you, check out the message below: Hey Adam! I just wanted to e-mail you to inform you that… Read More »Some Updates In The Time of Corona Virus Plus Lemon Myrtle Tea News

EVOO – A Proven Maintenance Therapy?

  It’s been a long time since I posted a story on this great site and an update is well overdue. I am Graham, the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) convert, guinea pig and advocate. Diagnosed over 20 years ago I have trodden the familiar route of medication, realised that’s not the whole solution, smoked, not smoking, researched diet/food/deficiencies, over and over to the point… Read More »EVOO – A Proven Maintenance Therapy?

A Step Towards Healing

I’m Jane, my husband has UC. I shared our story with you in January 2017. He was diagnosed in 2016 after a major flare which started after severe work stress. It landed him in hospital on Prednisone. Our most recent adventure was a 3 week 4WD trip to Central Australia, which included climbing Uluru and a few 20 km hikes. Not really any symptoms, just… Read More »A Step Towards Healing

Water Kefir – A Great Digestive Issue Option

I think people with digestive trouble should highly consider trying water kefir as some potential help. And…there is no dairy/milk involved at all. (if you have used Water Kefir (tibicos) before, please add a review at the bottom so others can see how it worked for you!) So when I was in Australia in April visiting a close friend from my childhood, actually he was… Read More »Water Kefir – A Great Digestive Issue Option