Remission Stories

Ulcerative Colitis symptoms being cured and remission being achieved.

comic Long Ulcerative Colitis Remission

Melatonin and Fasting (2 New Ulcerative Colitis Management Ideas)

I recently sent an email asking for any tips for managing Ulcerative Colitis (to everyone on the Newsletter Group), and I received several comments. Two of them I want to share with you as they haven’t been highlighted before on the site, so a big thanks to both David and Rod for sharing the ideas with me! Below are the messages I received, first the… Read More »Melatonin and Fasting (2 New Ulcerative Colitis Management Ideas)

Another Colitis Symptoms Success Story – Diet Related

This is an email I received from one of the UC’ers who uses this site, and what a great message to get, have a read: Ann here from England, thought I would give you an update, I purchased the SCD book by Elaine Gottshall, and bought most of the ingredients required to commence myself healing plan, after 3 weeks of living by this food bible… Read More »Another Colitis Symptoms Success Story – Diet Related

Remission Potion??? LET’S HOPE…Fingers Crossed

Meet Shelly: It’s me again…Shelly from Maine, UC lifer who is now, well older than my last post in 2012, writing on my final dose of Humira anniversery(2011)! I am writing to share something new and hopefully groundbreaking and life changing to help on our road to remission “prescribed” by my Chiro. Dr. Z…Drumroll please…Des Bio-Intestinal Restore! Name should say it all! Some more background:… Read More »Remission Potion??? LET’S HOPE…Fingers Crossed

Stay as Strong as You Can

I’m currently at a state in my life that I’m not completely happy with, but see each day as a new opportunity to get that step further! I’m so happy every morning when I wake up and see how much further I’ve come towards the end goal. My life, in medical perspective, was not supposed to make it to this point.