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Some webpages that have proved very helpful for people with UC

Pages from the iHaveUC site:

Videos – page with links to many of the popular videos from the iHaveUC site

Surveys – all of the different surveys that have taken place with the newsletter members of iHaveUC

SCD Stories – UC’ers stories about experiences starting the SCD diet

Gut Bacteria Videos – Part 1 of an in-depth group of videos from an interview with one of the world’s leading gut biologists

PubMed – Article detailing how to use PubMed to research scientific studies (it can be done for free)

Fecal Transplant Q&A – Question and Answer section with two doctors regarding fecal transplant therapy

Colectomy Question and Answers from Kara (an awesome PDF download from a UC’er who underwent a colectomy surgery)

Outside Sources of Great Information:

PubMed – A reference for scientific studies organized from the National Institute of Health

KnowGuts – An incredible amount of information from a previous iHaveUC writer (Ben) who underwent surgery

Living with Crohn’s and Colitis – Dede’s awesome resource for Crohn’s and Colitis people

Ulcerative Colitis – from Wikipedia (come on, I’m not the only one who reads wikipedia I hope:)

Legal/Illegal Food List – A master list from the creator of the SCD diet