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Stories from young people living with ulcerative colitis

Scared, New to UC – I May Have It

Alexandria is not diagnosed with UC at the moment, but she’s worried she might have it and being only 18 years she’s super worried that her life is just not going to be everything she expected moving forward. Life sure goes on, and all sorts of great things can happen UC or not, so give […]

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Sean Colitis CSUN colon working

The Last Hill Is Always The Steepest

Introduction: Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis back in 2011, and it took about 7 months to get it under control (or so I thought). Then in the summer of 2012 my symptoms came back (because of a poor GI doctor), more violently than before and after a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed […]

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Sports and Colitis

Introduction: I’m 18 years old just finished my last year of high school. I was diagnosed last year and had a colonoscopy done last month, wasn’t fun Some more about me: I’m from CT and have played hockey since i was a small child and can’t live without it. After winning a championship, I felt […]

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Dealing with Colitis as a College Student

Dealing with Colitis as a College Student

Current Colitis Symptoms: Frequently running to the bathroom, the urge to go hits me very suddenly, diarrhea Meet Jessica: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in August 2011. I am currently a freshman in college and hoping to reach remission soon! Some more about me: I enjoy photography, watching football (Go Panthers!), and hanging out […]

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Our Texas UC Story

Our Texas UC Story

Meet Nick (Rylie’s Father): My 5 year old daughter Rylie was diagnosed in 2010 and had UC I repeat HAD UC until May 2012! My daughter likes all outdoor activities such as bike riding, fishing, and swimming! She loves all kinds of animals and playing with her 3 year old Little Brother who she calls […]

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Too Young To Be a Patient of UC!

Too Young To Be a Patient of UC!

Introduction: I’m 18, a student, have moderate UC since 15 months. I have done colonoscopy once, and will be doing one more! It’s hard to have UC as a student! Symptoms: i am having hair loss. My Colitis Story: Having UC is hard. Taking drugs thrice a day is really hard! Having side effect, like […]

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