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Young People

Stories from young people living with ulcerative colitis.

Especially focused on people who are diagnosed with UC in their high school and college years and the related personal stories go into detail about what people can expect and what types of questions may linger.

Once again, getting a UC diagnosis is certainly not the end of the world. It may seem that way especially when your early years are the time when all the old folks say you can do whatever you want. But remember, life most ceratinly does go on and these stories should be able to help you out along the way.
And within the comments sometimes you will find the most help from what other UC’ers have added in.

Proctitis UC – What is It, and How to Fix It?

My name is Suzie B. I live in Utah and my daughter has Ulcerative Colitis. Rosemarie is eleven years old and has had UC for nearly 5 years. She are currently taking Sulfasalizine with folic acid. She’s just a kid. How do I go SCD or Paleo and get her enough calories? Trying to go grassfed and organic… sigh… Proctitis UC – What is It,… Read More »Proctitis UC – What is It, and How to Fix It?

Scared, New to UC – I May Have It

Alexandria is not diagnosed with UC at the moment, but she’s worried she might have it and being only 18 years she’s super worried that her life is just not going to be everything she expected moving forward. Life sure goes on, and all sorts of great things can happen UC or not, so give her a read and a comment to help her through!

Living with UC – A Teenaged Girl’s Perspective

Intro: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012 when I was 16. I’m on my second year living with UC. My last colonoscopy was in May. Some more about me: Something interesting about me… well I used to be really into volleyball (I had to stop playing because of my condition). I also model for some clothing companies in Boston/Providence, which is so fun… Read More »Living with UC – A Teenaged Girl’s Perspective

Sean Colitis CSUN colon working

The Last Hill Is Always The Steepest

Introduction: Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis back in 2011, and it took about 7 months to get it under control (or so I thought). Then in the summer of 2012 my symptoms came back (because of a poor GI doctor), more violently than before and after a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with severe UC. Now, a year later, I am still… Read More »The Last Hill Is Always The Steepest