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Humira is another immune suppressing drug which is also VERY strong. It is one of the TNF biologic drugs. This is a new drug for Ulcerative Colitis patients, and is used more commonly with arthritis patients. Its taken via a subcutaneous injection, basically a small needle that goes just under the skin.

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Reaction to Humira

Some basics about me: I’m a Professional musician for over 50 years, and an avid golfer, until recently. Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms: Extreme bloating and cramping after meals. Inability to expel gas. diarrhea and constipation. Mucus and globules of blood. My Story I’ve been dealing with UC for over 8 years and have been on Mesalamine (oral and or suppositories and enemas) for many years with… Read More »Reaction to Humira

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Desperate for Advice on Dealing with UC in a New Country

Meet Garon: I’ve had UC for 9 years now and only since I moved from Revellex to Humira last year did I fully experience remission for the first time in 9 years. It has been a rather arduous journey to get here. Im 35 years old, well 36 on the 3rd January (tomorrow) and am going strong. Some More About Garon: I’m an aspiring film… Read More »Desperate for Advice on Dealing with UC in a New Country

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Humira Hell

Allergic to Humira medication and specifically the Anti TNF component which has been restricting her blood flow and causing the need for a knee operation. Although Humira works wonders for many, others are not so fortunate is the main idea here.

I Asked My Doctor to Switch Me to Humira

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis February 2015. I have just been admitted to hospital for a flare the past few days and things are settling. After my first flare last year it settled and then I picked up c diff after having a fecal transplant in October 2015 things settled even more and I maintained remission until now. Some more about Dean: I’m 22… Read More »I Asked My Doctor to Switch Me to Humira