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It’s a fact of life, if you have ulcerative colitis, you are bound to try using enemas at some point or another.

Perhaps a Solution?

I don’t claim to have been cured or anything but if there is anyone out there willing to give it a shot, I am really interested and hopeful to see if they get the same results as me. I think just colloidal silver enema will be more than enough. Make sure to supplement it with a probiotic.

Please Help Answer These Colitis Questions

Meet Chris: I am 30 Years Old. Living in Massachusetts, USA. I was diagnosed with UC in November of 2011. I have no children. I had my last colonoscopy about 1 year ago. Some more about me: likes =) – hiking, reading, spending time with the GF, Going to Temple and reading Ohh and relaxing, definitely relaxing. Current Colitis Symptoms: I am in remission.… Read More »Please Help Answer These Colitis Questions

There Is Hope, So Don’t Give Up

Introduction: I’m 39 and was diagnosed last year (Nov 11), I’m currently serving in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Engineer and was just working up to running a half marathon when ulcerative colitis stuck. I started having frequent trips to the toilet with blood and lots of mucus then the pain in my side started and after 3 weeks I eventually went to… Read More »There Is Hope, So Don’t Give Up

Too Many Times To Count

Introduction: Female 28 yrs old married one child , ulcerative colitis since 17 yrs. I myself have wanted a web site just like yours But didn’t know if i could handle the STRESS of it all.I like what you have done with it.  Great job!  I hope what i wrote might help even you. Colitis Symptoms: Stress, tiredness sadness depression,happy 2 find I’m not the… Read More »Too Many Times To Count

Coming to Terms with Colitis

Introduction: My name is Jo, I am about to turn twenty three and have just been diagnosed. I finished studying Neuropsychology at university last summer and I am very lucky to be in a job I love already. Still live with my parents in England, I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I love going to gigs, painting, reading and walking. Symptoms: Frequently visiting… Read More »Coming to Terms with Colitis