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Adam’s Meals for Colitis

If you are wondering what some of the UC community is eating, here are some ideas of food that may work for you.

TNF Cake – Tastier than Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha

Good Morning, Good Evening, good whatever you’re up to! I hope you are hungry…, and, I hope you’re interested in something a bit different than anything you can buy in the bakery. This post is all due to some amazing couple who my wife and I met yesterday. You see, it is not too often that we go out on Saturday morning and run into… Read More »TNF Cake – Tastier than Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha

Time for a Quickie?

Dear UC’ers and Family and Friends of the UC’ers of the world. A big weekend what’s up to you all. And a big thank you to all the mommies out there who have a son or daughter with UC. What do you guys do when you need to meet someone in 45 minutes, and you’re hungry after work/school/sleeping all day…, but you don’t have time… Read More »Time for a Quickie?

5 Step Stuffed Mushrooms

What I really like about foods like this is that not only does it work well for my colitis, but you can change it up on the spicing as you like. Salt, pepper and whatever else sounds good for you are pretty much the only rules. Heck, you can even do some different variations by making some separate meat fillers for the same meal to change things up. It’s really up to you.

Stopping Colitis Symptoms Before they Start – Part 1

I’m super excited for this week ahead, and most importantly I am hoping to see a nice log roll down the river in the next day or two. My colitis symptoms have finally re-appeared. It is ever so slight at the moment, but I’m sure that if I don’t make some changes to how I eat(and DRINK more importantly), I’m going to find myself in a flare up in a week or two. And we all know that’s no fun. My video explains the start of my battle plan.