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Stories written about having a J-pouch surgery after having the colon removed. Some of the stories are very detailed with nearly every step of the before and after aspects of this type of surgery outlined for you to read. It is absolutely amazing that so many people have been willing to come forward to share how ulcerative colitis impacted their lives all the way to the point where the decision was made to have a major surgery to regain their life back.

If you have further questions after reading any of the stories you can always ask the authors a question in the comments sections. You will be surprised how helpful the brave UC’ers who have gone down the surgery path are, and sharing their knowledge with others who are currently suffering is definitely their specialty.

J-Pouch 12/10/15 Complete Success!

Meet the author: Husband was a long-time colitis sufferer. Long remissions, but horrible flares. He had his 3rd surgery for j-pouch in December 2015. His colon just would not bounce back with the last flare which started in December 2014 and he ended up having it removed in April 2015. Some more details: We live in Northern Michigan. Enjoy hunting, fishing, and many outdoor sports… Read More »J-Pouch 12/10/15 Complete Success!

Round 3 in J-Pouch Surgery – What to expect next.

I am a J-Poucher, father, husband, Christian, soldier and former UC sufferer. I am from the East Coast in Canada, but currently live in Ontario, Canada. More about Me: I love hunting, fishing, baseball, hockey, fitness etc. I would include where I am from like Adam has asked in this section, but I already used up that space trying to fulfill my 25 word commitment… Read More »Round 3 in J-Pouch Surgery – What to expect next.

Urgent: Need Advice on Deciding J Pouch Surgery!

Current Colitis Symptoms: Loose stools, diarreah sometimes, urgency, frequent bm, sometimes with bleeding. Hi,My name is Julie.I’m 34 years old.I’m happily married and a mother of two bright children.I was diagnosed with uc 7years ago. I live in sunny OC California.I used to love meeting friends, having good foods, and just hanging out. It’s hard to do it anymore, b/c of uc is controlling my… Read More »Urgent: Need Advice on Deciding J Pouch Surgery!