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Food and Diet Treatment

Here are some videos and food ideas that work for many people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis.

Cheryl at Beach

I Love SCD!

Brief Bio: My name is Cheryl and I was diagnosed with UC In October 2022. UC (lower end of bowel only) I also have diverticulitis, Acid reflux and Central Nervous System Vasculitis, which is another autoimmune condition that I was diagnosed with in 1999 after two strokes. I took high dose of prednisone for a year, another 6 months to taper off, 2 intravenous Cytoxan… Read More »I Love SCD!

lemon myrtle trees

Some Updates In The Time of Corona Virus Plus Lemon Myrtle Tea News

Hey UC’ers, What a crazy past few months for just about all of us eh..? I have been way absent from the site, but wanted to jump on to give a few quick updates. First is from a woman with IBD who is starting a Podcast for all of you, check out the message below: Hey Adam! I just wanted to e-mail you to inform you that… Read More »Some Updates In The Time of Corona Virus Plus Lemon Myrtle Tea News

Water Kefir – A Great Digestive Issue Option

I think people with digestive trouble should highly consider trying water kefir as some potential help. And…there is no dairy/milk involved at all. (if you have used Water Kefir (tibicos) before, please add a review at the bottom so others can see how it worked for you!) So when I was in Australia in April visiting a close friend from my childhood, actually he was… Read More »Water Kefir – A Great Digestive Issue Option