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Medication Side Effects

Ulcerative Colitis Medication Side Effects, Azathioprine

remicade stopped working comic

Humira Hell

Allergic to Humira medication and specifically the Anti TNF component which has been restricting her blood flow and causing the need for a knee operation. Although Humira works wonders for many, others are not so fortunate is the main idea here.

Prisoner of My Body – Jennifer’s Ulcerative Colitis Story

Jennifer’s Current Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms: Currently, I have been in a flare for over a month, has been on going for several months. Alot of abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, blood in stool, frequent porclin visits, depressed and literally feel like a prisoner in my body. Jennifer’s Story: Hello My name is Jennifer I suffer from Severe Ulcerative Colitis, for over 14 years. Over the last… Read More »Prisoner of My Body – Jennifer’s Ulcerative Colitis Story

How to Report Medication Side Effects to the Authorities

Reporting side effects is dang friggin simple.  You can do it all online in most countries too. I want to let you know how to do it effectively so we can all benefit from the local authorities and drug companies keeping track of this. Surprisingly drug companies and doctors don’t often let us know how to do this, but don’t worry, I’m going to tell… Read More »How to Report Medication Side Effects to the Authorities

FYI: Sorbitol and GI Problems

Intro: Diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Pan Colitis in 2012 and severe Ulcerative Proctosigmoiditis in 2013. Also diagnosed with Sjogren’s. Currently drug free and in remission. Noticed my biggest improvement with the reduction of gluten in my diet. Some more background info: I am retired and have numerous hobbies. I moved to Florida with my retirement and absolutely love the year round sunshine! Symptoms: Currently I… Read More »FYI: Sorbitol and GI Problems