Possible Ulcerative Colitis, But Not Convinced Yet


I am a 47-years old and was recently told I have colitis from an emergency room doctor. Not yet convinced….I still have to make a follow-up appointment with a GI doc.

Some more about me:

I am married with one beautiful daughter. I love to read…never go anywhere without a book in tow! I also love running and playing computer games.


Bleeding, cramping
Only one instance of diarrhea

Possible Ulcerative Colitis, But Not Convinced Yet

I would like to mention that I have had NO symptoms at all until this past week.

I basically ate dinner (everything was fresh), watched TV and then went to bed.

I started having horrible cramps, like I needed to go to the bathroom. When I first started to go, my first thought was food poisoning because I was so sick and thought I’d never stop going. I was nauseous, sweating profusely and scared I was going to pass out! After I finally stopped, went back to bed and woke up in the morning feeling horrible.

I had cramping and pain in my abdomen and blood when wiping.

I felt like I needed to go, but was only bleeding. The pain was scaring me – I thought I might be pregnant and miscarrying or something. I decided I better get to the ER and then had a CT scan, physical exam, urine test and blood tests. Everything came back normal, except the doc said the CT scan showed colitis (not UC, but colitis – is there a difference?). I am not convinced (yet) that I have colitis as I’ve never had this issue before. Also, I have not had one BM since my diarrhea, 4 days ago…but still bleeding (now I’m scared to go). I think that’s weird – is that normal? From what I’ve read on this webpage, most of you have frequent bathroom trips, not the other way around, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m usually pretty regular, but can get constipated like anyone else. I am praying I do not have UC as I’m not really disciplined in eating a proper diet (this has certainly encouraged me to change) and drink soda and wine on a regular basis. My husband says this is a “forever” thing, not a “one-time” diagnosis. Anyone have any thoughts? I know the GI will have to be seen and probably a colonoscopy done, but I’m hoping this is a one-time issue. Am I in denial?? Is it possible to have colitis just once (due to bacteria or something). I’ve been home from work and extremely down about this, but compared to some of you, I have it so easy, I know. Kudos to you all who are dealing with UC as I had no idea this existed until this week. As you can see, I have many questions, so any input you have is truly appreciated.


Two antibiotics (Flagyl and Levoquin) and Bentyl for the cramping.

written by Dee

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  1. I have had UC for 23 years. My mom is 68 and has never had any problems until last month. She was hospitalized for a week with what her doctor called colitis. When she explained that I have UC he told her this incident was very different. She was very sick and her entire colon was affected and basically non-functioning. She has since made a full recovery. Her doctor told her that she may never have another episode or may have another one tomorrow. I did not get to speak with the doctor so I don’t have a lot of details. I will say that if you do have UC, you will have a ton of support here.

  2. Hi Dee. I can’t claim to know everything about this condition but I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 7 years ago and have some experience with it. I wouldn’t think that you would bleed from a bout of food poisoning. The difference between colitis and ulcerative colitis is that ulcerative colitis has advanced to the stage of damaging the lining of the colon which results in bleeding. The only way to know if you have ulcerative colitis is to get the colonoscopy. In the mean time you can try and alter your diet to see if that helps. I would start by staying away from sugar. Sugar seems to be the main thing that causes an extreme flare with me. Doctors will tell you that this is something that you will have for the rest of your life. They want you to believe that and surrender to their care which treats the symptoms and not the cause. While nobody claims to know the cause of colitis and ulcerative colitis I personally believe that it is solely caused by a bacterial imbalance in the system. This can be corrected. There is hope. It is strange that you haven’t had a BM for 4 days. Are you eating? I know my first thought when I got this was to stop eating and let my system rest. That doesn’t work at all and only makes it worse. Keep us posted and do not be afraid to ask questions. There are many here willing to help.

  3. Dee

    Having UC since 1991 … I agree with Don you need a colonoscopy to know for sure. Get one done asap. Good Luck. Hope you DON’T have UC!

  4. Also, get a good probiotic started immediately…ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE…One per day, completely empty stomach, and no eating for at least half an hour after. It has to be a good 50 billion strain probiotic, and the one I mentioned has gelped a lot of people on this site, including me.

    Yes, colitis and ulcerative colitis are two different things. What Don said above. UC is apparently, chronic, meaning you have it forever…but you can heal the colon. L-glutamine helps greatly in healing the colon…in fact, that’s what it DOES do.

    I also take that (fermented L-glutamine powder) daily, again on an empty stomach.

    I have UC and have been in full ‘cure’ or remission for 14 months now, after 14 straight years sick with it! The probiotic and the L-0glutamine saved me. I will never take meds again.


  5. Hi Dee …. I was reading your story, and I started out just like you. First, I only had colitis but it turned into ulcerative colitis. The Dr. told me that was a big possibility when people get colitis. And I can relate to you because At the beginning I was forever constipated Sometimes I wouldn’t go for a week at a time. Its your body trying to adjust to an inflamed colon. The only way they could really know for sure is if you go get a colonoscopy. Im so sorry, I know this can be a very scary road…..

  6. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU


    My former director’s husband had colitis. He had 1 event over 20 years ago and nothing since then. So you may be just fine after this event. Only a ‘scope’ can determine if you have UC. Also, people can have constipation with the disease if they aren’t flaring. I will skip a day every few days myself and I have UC for certain. I typically see a tiny amount of blood on a daily basis. When my UC showed up, it was like flipping a switch. I was fine one day and the next I wasn’t and I just kept getting worse in a hurry. I used to be constipated a lot before the disease. I think you are right to view it as you do right now pending further information or evidence. I sure hope you don’t have it and hope you have nothing but terrific health from here on out!

  7. the more I learn about UC online the more I realise I must have had this for ages before it got worst. As it turned out, my doctor agree, I must have had colitis prior to UC but left untreated as well as undiagnosed well the inevitable happened and here I am, diagnosed with UC since the fall of 2010. I am truly believing that diet is the real answer. I sometimes eat stuff and pay for it in the hours following ingestion. SO my advise to you would be dont delay, get a colonoscopy ASAP to know exactly what you have. I sure wish you have Colitis and can try to cure your colon. Best of luck!

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