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Lialda medicineLialda (also know as Masalazine or Mesalamine) is a relatively common medications that is prescribed for ulcerative colitis patients. Lialda is within the family of 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) drugs, and it is used as an anti-inflammatory medication which is targeted specifically for people with inflammatory bowel disease.

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by Gina on Lialda
Side Effects

I was put on this drug 6 yrs ago. I can’t remember how much my original dosage was but the doctor reduced it 3 a day. Due to the cost and side effects,I reduced the dosage even further by taking 1 a day and 2 the next day. I notice that the days I take 1 pill, I feel pretty good but on the days I take 2, I cramp and have multiple movements before I can leave the house. I had colonoscopy and my colon looked good so my doctor said my issues were probably due to the Lialda. I’m afraid to switch tho, so i just tolerate the side effects and look at it as my new normal but it sucks!

by Jack Nettles on Lialda

I have been taking Lialda since November of 2016, Shortly after I was diagnosed with UC. It was like a switch was flipped. The diarrhea stopped immediately and I got my life back. Then I find out it's a 1000.00 dollars a month. Well Shire,the company that makes
This has a program called "Shire Cares" and after sending in the paperwork I get it for free. I had been going to the bathroom as many as 20 times a day. I'm sure y'all know the symptoms. Anyway I have been in remission since I started taking it at 4 tabs a day. I had another Colonoscopy and my Colon looked great and I now take 2 tabs a day. I'm retired and could not afford the cost, plus my insurance said no way. Shire really came thru for me as they have done for others. Getting it at no cost is based on income. I hope this helps someone and may God heal us all. God bless you all.

by Carol on Lialda

I am 67 years old and I started taking Lialda in 2014. It was great and except for a few flares I have been in remission until recently. Last November 2018, my white blood cells dropped dangerously low. I was sent to an oncologist who then performed a bone marrow test. No indication of cancer but did diagnose me with Neutropenia. I then had to go in weekly for shots. Still my white blood cells were not improving so I began researching how and why I developed Neutropenia. Of I googled it and found that mesalamine can cause Neutropenia. I then called the company that makes Lialda and asked if they had any cases of this happening. I was told that yes it did occur in women age 65 or older. I stopped taking Lialda and within a few weeks my white blood cells were normal. However, now I can’t take mesalamine but it has been about a month since I stopped and I am doing good without it. I still give it 5 stars because it was very effective for me.

by Judy on Lialda

I took Lialda when I was first diagnosed. It was wonderful ! It was like I was instantly cured. But after about a year, it was totally ineffective.

by Connie Eicher on Lialda
Lialda ineffective

Lialda was ineffective.

by Rebecca on Lialda

I take 4 generic Lialda/day. When I started on it I was taking 3 and had to be increased to 4. Things happened and I ended up on Entyvio, but this was my maintenance drug for a long time.

by RH on Lialda

I have been taking 4 lialda tabs for the last 6 years. Initially, it helped but now doctor decided to switch to Humira. I feel lialda is good for patients with remission.

by Jessica on Lialda
Lialda great for me

Lialda has worked great for me in bringing me into remission and keeping me there. In fact, I was able to halve the dose after a year or so - and now I am not even taking it. I have it on-hand in case a flare comes up, but - knock on wood - I've been good for over a year.

by El Herr on Lialda

I was on Lialda for several years, with prednisone for a time and then in addition to Imuran and Remicade. It did not cause any bad side effects but I am not sure that I got any relief from it and I saw no changes when I stopped using it.

by Barbara on Lialda
Lialda Loser

I might as well have been taking M&Ms. Lialda did absolutely nothing at all for my severe UC in my entire colon.

by James Richards on Lialda
Switched from Asacol

I was out on Asacol when I first was diagnosed. It worked for a number of years but I experienced flares after a number of years. My doctor switched me to Lialda at two tabs a day which put me back in remission. I have been on it ever since. About a year ago I learned of turmeric with bioperine. I began taking that with Lialda and have since halved the Lialda dosage and I remain in remission.

by Lisa C on Lialda
Works for me

I’ve been taking 4 Lialda (now generic) pills each night before bed for something like 4 years beginning when my UC flared up after 10 years of remission. I was on Humira for a year which seemed to help get me into remission but then caused psoriasis, so I am now only on generic mesalamine which is keeping me in remission.

by Deidre Dixon on Lialda
Effective medicine

Lialda was the first medicine my GI doctor tried, when I was diagnosed with moderate (pancolitis) UC. Initially, I took 2.4 gm twice a day (i.e., high dose). Within two weeks, I was mostly in remission, although I also started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet at that time, which helped me avoid having to take steroids. After a year, I reduced the medication by half, to 1.2 gm, twice a day.

My doctor explained that the big difference between the 5-ASA medicines is how they are coated, and that he felt for UC of my type, Lialda was superior - it had the best chance of getting delivered to the colon rather than dissolving earlier in the GI tract. But eventually, my insurance company forced me to change from Lialda to generic Meaalamime.

I felt Lialda was very effective during the time i got to take it.

by DRCCwUC on Lialda
Worked well initially but maybe receeding now

IMPORTANT QUESTION ----> Has anyone else had a case where Lialda initially worked well and then regressed?

He is my story so far...

I was diagnosed with pretty sever UC on May 15 of 2017. I unknowingly battled symptoms for over 9 months until my diagnosis. I am, and always have been, a very fit person - I've followed a bodybuilding lifestyle for more than 30 years and I have always been exceptionally meticulous regarding my diet. My body fat is between 6-7% and I carry a significant amount of muscle mass. I am very active physically. I train in a bodybuilding style of weight lifting 5 days a week and engage in all sorts of other vigorous physical activities like cycling, swimming, and team sports.

Needless to say, given my overall health and conditioning, the diagnosis of UC was a total shock to me. I'm at a loss to explain it. One thing we are sure of, given my rigorous diet, is that my condition is not diet related.

Once I was diagnosed, I was put on 1 40mg Omeperazol DR and 2 1.2 g Lialda daily.

Initially, the meds seemed to work well. By the 4th week, my stool was solid, the blood was gone, and the volume of mucus was greatly reduced. Through the second month, my condition remained consistent. I would say that I am about 90% of what I would describe as normal. I do make about 6 trips to the bathroom each day. Half of these are in the morning - as soon as I get out of bed, again immediately after I eat breakfast, and once more about an hour later. The other visits are generally after meals spread throughout the day.

I'm in my 8th week of meds and this week I seem to have receded at little. I noticed a spot of blood and some increase in the need to visit the bathroom. I am wondering if the meds are starting to lose some effectiveness.

by JD GOLDBERG on Lialda

I was on asacol from 1995 to 2012. Feburary 2012 had a severe flare-up (I lost 25 lbs-I started at 142 lbs 5 feet 9 inches). I was really afraid.

I was passing stool and mucous and blood 15 to 20 times a day--BAD-at home I was wearing adult diapers.

Physician put me on Lialda - Today -- 5/13/17-- back to normal weight- bowel movements normal-- pass stool every other day-... I run, I exercise (body weight exercises)- I believe keeping a journal and meditating is important--

I also take before breakfast L-glutamine 500 mg. Good Luck .

by Stan Diamond on Lialda

I have been on Lialda since late 2007. I take the maintenance dose of 2 pills/day, although I frequently forget to take it.

I have not noticed any side effects, however, I have been having severe issues sleeping since at least 2010. After reading some other reviews, I do wonder if it's the Lialda.

Other than this possible connection, I have had absolutely zero side effects that I can think of.

by Hank on Lialda
Lialda and pancreatitis

About 4 weeks into treatment with Lialda I developed severe upper abdominal pain and underwent a CT scan which revealed diffuse pancreatitis and a pancreatic pseudocyst. As I do not drink alcohol and other reasons for pancreatitis were ruled out, Lialda was felt to be the cause. Within days after discontinuation my symptoms of pancreatitis improved. Also, I hadn't seen any improvement in UC symptoms while on it. I'm currently finishing an 8 week course of Uceris which has helped symptoms greatly. Pancreatitis is listed as a rare side effect for Lialda.

by Ally T on Lialda
Discontinued use

This medication gave me moderate to severe headaches and heartburn, neither of which I had ever had a problem with prior to taking the medication. Occasionally, I also had flu-like symptoms (high fever, body aches, nausea). When I discontinued use, there was a rapid phase of sweating out the medication, and then the symptoms went away!


Have achieved remission with only 2 tablets a day for about 2 years now. It has worked great for the uc. New symptoms of severe large joint pain has caused me to switch to both Lialda & Humira & so far so good with all symptoms.

by Jeanne on Lialda

I am giving Lialda 4 stars because for 15 years it did the trick, well first asocol then Lialda but basically the same thing. Last year due to very painful circumstances I had a ileostomy, as a result no more extreme pain, I now have a life but here is my question. I have lots of lialda left over and I mean a lot. Does anyone know if there is a place I can donate the meds, if not how would I dispose of the meds. Seems such a shame as I know how expensive these are. I am thinking of bringing them back to the pharmacist so they could dispose of them, next time I am in CVS will ask them..thanks ahead of time.

by Bob on Lialda
Lialda and Hives

I have a question for other Lialda users. I have taken Lialda without any issues for many years . About 7 weeks ago I started getting severe hives. Tried cutting out various foods, drinks, changing laundry detergent, etc. and no relief. I know hives can be a side effect of Lialda but does anyone know of any long term user that developed hives after many years? Thank you.

by Sean on Lialda
6 months on Lialda-doing great

Hi again everyone. I wrote in about 6 months ago when I started Lialda after my mild left side UC diagnosis. It cleared me up 100% in about 7 days and the plan was 6 months of 2, 1.2mg tabs twice a day with meals, then down to 1 tab twice a day with meals for a month, then down to 1 tab once a day. I'm in the last phase of the taper off and have only 18 days left. Everything still 100% good without any diet or other lifestyle modifications. I am fairly active and I have tried to make a mental effort to reduce reactions to life stressors although its hard to do. Anyway, I hoping I'll be in remission and stay that way. It's been a miracle drug for me. My gastro said about 50% of his patients never have another flair and the other 50% have variable remission times. I'm hoping for the best and will write and update in a few months one way or another. Good luck to everyone and I hope this review helps.

by Erika on Lialda
Drug from Hell

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 and this was the first drug my doctor tried. I was on it for a month and had a very bad flare up so I was prescribed 30mg of prednisone to get it under control. I was in my Master's Degree program at the time and when I got on the prednisone, I couldn't see the black board because my vision changed so much. I was doing fine after that and then a few months later I just started feeling bad. I couldn't put my finger on it, I just felt bad. I couldn't think straight, homework and reading was very hard and I had no energy. I felt better when I slept for the day but would start feeling bad the following day. One day I woke up with an extreme pain in my back and called into work. I went to the ER. The ER doctor did blood work and said I had Pancreatitis and my lipase levels were almost in the 5,000 and they are supposed to be around 300. The ER doctor kept questioning how much alcohol I had to drink and how much I drank and then pretty much accused me of being an alcoholic. I was admitted to the hospital for 7 days. The next day when my UC doctor came in, she told them to stop the Lialda and that it can cause pancreatitis. It ended up being the issue. She tried me on four other pills and each one gave me pancreatitis but since i knew what it felt like, we caught it when my Lipase levels only hit 500. My body rejected all of the pills so I am now on Remicade infusions and it is working.

by Ann on Lialda
Lialda cost

I was diagnosed in 2009 with panulcerative colitis. I was started on Remicade infusions and high dose steroids. Experienced flu- like symptoms and severe joint pain with Remicade. Currently on a combo of Humira/Lialda/probiotics. The cost of Lialda is sky high for me due to a high insurance deductible. Even with the discount card the pharmacist said it would be over $300 and I just got a letter from the drug company re: patient assistance saying I didn't qualify. Any ideas for options? I am at my wits' end.

by PA on Lialda
Liada Prescription Card


Ive been on Lialda now for over 1 year and so far the UC has been in control but I noticed ive gained approx. 10 lbs in weight pretty much following same diet and activity as prior. Ive also been suffering from plantar fasciitis which I would never have thought could be linked to Lialda until another person mentioned it on this review,

For those of you that don't know, there is a Prescription Card that allows you to get your meds for $10 a month. Here is the link


by Larry Mac on Lialda

I've been taking Lialda for three months now since I was diagnosed with UC

I've also been taking prednisone. Down from 40 mg a day to 5 mg. will be off the prednisone in about a week. Also follow the selective carb diet. I've stopped bleeding, and only poop 2 to 4 times a day. Most days a good solid turd and no mucus. As far as side effects. I've been having bad headaches with dizziness. Ibuprofen seems to help. Hope to phase out the Lialda soon. The diet seems to be working very well for me. Just frustrating at times. Always preparing something to eat. And food is expensive when you eat healthy. But it's worth it. ✌

by Donna on Lialda

Diagnosed at age 57, March 2015. Started on Asacol (2 tabs 2x daily), but had very little affect. Changed to Lialda in October, and have kept taking Sucralfate and Omeprozol as well. Sometimes I get a bit of a headache but not bad at all. I also have leg pains and tingling in my toes (live my feet fell asleep) but, again, it's not so bad I can't handle it at this point. Lastly, I get quite sleepy after taking my meds and tend to nap in the afternoons for an hour or so. This helps and it helps to relax the body and mind. I have added Vitamin D3 and a strong Probiotic now. I believe these have helped me so much! I believe the Probiotic has helped eliminate some of the stomach cramps and pains. As it stands now, if I am off schedule taking my Lialda (2 tabs 2 x daily) 12 hours apart, I have to run to the restroom. Consistency taking your meds is definitely key! Diet is also key - no acidic drinks or foods, no carbonated drinks, no hard/dense foods (i.e vinegar based dressings, lemons, limes, oranges, anything pickled, uncooked veggies, etc.) I have mostly good days now and my doctor is hoping we can cut the Lialda down to 2 tabs daily by the beginning of 2016. I hope so too.

Best to everyone in your quest to conquer your UC!

by Cathy on Lialda
Works for me

Diagnosed in 2010 and put on lialda straight away. I take four pills a day before bed. Costs have depended on my insurance, usually between $30-$45 a month. Like many I assume any new ache or pain to be related somehow to UC. Nothing conclusive, as much could just be stress and aging. I have a lot of good sensitivities (chocolate, milk, ice cream, roughage) but I'm reasonably okay. I tend to have flares around the same time each year, usually when work stress is bad, February and June. I've tried to live as normally as possible since diagnosis, with varying degrees of success over the years. I'm not perfect, and my diet could be better so I'm less bloated and gassy. But, I am doing my best.

by Janice Haines on Lialda
Lialda review

I took Lialda for six months, it did not work for me and I paid $70 a month. I suffered for longer than I needed to mainly because a NP told me it would take months to feel better.

by Sean on Lialda
Lialda Worked for Me!!

Hi all. I'm 52 and got diagnosed 2 days before my birthday this year (2015). Really ruined the B-Day. Had symptoms coming on slowly since April and I thought it was some type of intestinal parasite or bug as I travel a lot. Had my first colonoscopy last December and everything was fine. Geezee.... Had to do a sigmoidoscopy to confirm but here we are. My gastro doc said my symptoms were mild, moderate bleeding and mucus but not the frequent diarrhea many times a day. I could manage only going 3-4 times a day. Anyway, the doc put my on Lialda (Two 1.2GM tabs with meals twice a day) and it cleared me up in 2 days!! Had a few traces of blood and mucus the first week but been 100% normal since then with no side effects! I was amazed and am very happy with the results. My co-pay per month is $30. The plan is to be on it for 6 months, reduce dose by 1/2 for a month then reduce by 1/2 again for a month and stop and then see how it goes. My doc said he's treated 100's of patients and in 50% of the cases they stay in remission. The other 50% have it come back but could take weeks, months or years. I'm hoping for the best and will let you all know how its going at the end of the treatment. Sure am happy so far and have no idea why at age 52 I developed UC. I've had an iron gut my entire life, living and working in Bolivia and Mexico for a total of 11 years. Had some bad intestinal things happen over that time but nothing like UC. This website has been a help and and encouraging. Everyone stay positive and good luck. Sean

by Shannon on Lialda
Switched due to cost

Had to switch to Apriso due to the cost of the Lialda. My Dr. told me it was the same, but you have to take 4 each morning. Now the Apriso is as expensive at Lialda and I am in the Medicare gap due to the cost of this stuff. I didn't have any issues with either of these meds, but neither of them prevent me from getting a flare, so why do I have to take this stuff?

by DebraK on Lialda
Lialda & Entocort

I have been taking both of these for quite done time now. Since Entocort has been available in generic, even the name brand is free now (but may be my insurance). I can't use the generic as it doesn't work as well. My GP told me that generics only have to be 80% of the name brand drug. Nice to know that.

I never related my headaches to Lialda. They just came on a few years ago and I just added it to my list of ailments. As far as costs for Lialda, I hope no one is paying too much for it. I think I pay $10 at most. There is a program you can sign up for that subsidizes your costs and is not income qualifying. They send you a credit card looking loyalty card that you take to your pharmacy. Looks like the company is McKesson Corporation.

I was paying $100 a month for each of these pills. Now I pay no more than $10 for Lialda, and zero for Entocort. The bad news is I am going to start Imuran and Remicaid very soon. Been fighting it for at least five years but I need to get in remission. I hate the gamble though. It's very tough. And I don't feel that my symptoms are near what most people are going through on this forum. It is sad to read about this nasty illness, especially in young people. It makes me sad. Yet so many of you are so upbeat and such comedians. What else can we do I guess? I'm sure we all have our down moments. But keep up with the poop jokes--no one but us UC people truly appreciate them though. Hahaha

by Karen on Lialda
Some side effects

I've been taking 4.8 gm of Lialda in the morning since 05/18/15.

The first two weeks I experienced dizziness, but that has since abated. I've also experienced some muscle aches now and again.

However, the weirdest side effect is tendinitis in the flexor tendons of my little toes of one foot.

The podiatrist commented that he found it extremely odd that I'd get tendinitis in that area considering I'm not a runner/jogger or do any sort of exercise that would use my toes in such a way to stress the tendons.

I walk regularly for exercise, and practice yoga. I have a normal arch to my foot, and there was no precursor to the sudden pain that started in my toes. It was literally a matter of feeling great, to shifting my foot to stand up and OUCH!

Doctors think I'm crazy, but I'm convinced it's the Lialda, although at the end of the day, I'm not a medical doctor, but I know my own body if that makes sense.

Anyway, suspect side effects, and a $75 co-pay with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Not so cheap.

by James on Lialda
4 months in- working well

After my first flare I was given Lialda along with mesalamine enemas. The combination of the two kicked that flare in no time. Back to 95 percent within days then back to 99 percent a few weeks later. (Not sure that I'll ever be back to 100 percent again.) My skin did turn a funny yellow color at first but that went away. Drug or disease induced? I have no idea.

by Camille Miller on Lialda
side effects

Lialda was very easy to take, but over time I developed side effects. The strangest one was planter fasciitis. Within two days of stopping this medication the severe planter fasciitis disappeared. That is the only time in my life I've had it, and I do not believe it is listed amongst the side effects. I stopped taking Lialda because I was getting severe headaches.

by Gina on Lialda
Worked for a while

I had a severe case if UC and was hospitalized and given antiobiotics, prednisone, and Lialda. After I was released, I took the prednisone for 2 more months and continued on the Lialda which I am still on 8 months later. I had occasional small flares but for the most part the Lialda alone seemed to work. Now I feel the Lialda has stopped working as well, so my doctor added Uceris which is a steroid that has much fewer side effects than prednisone but doesn't work as well or as fast in my opinion. My flares seem to come when I stop smoking, so I am taking up smoking again. Anything to keep from ending back in the hospital with iv's and chicken broth. I will post back after a few days to report on my progress.

by judy iverson on Lialda

I was diagnosed on 1/28/2015. Was put on Lialda right away. Diarhea and blood got worse instead of better. Doctor said because my colitis was getting worse Started with 2 a day then near end of Ferbuary he started me on 4/day. The next day after starting 4. I woke up feeling like I had the flu all day. Called doctor . he told me to stop taking them and put me on 5 days of prednisone and everything got better even no diarhea or blood. Then he told me to start Lialda again but only 2/day. The next day again felt like I had flu agin but then stomach pains started like someone was jabbing me with knives all over my stomach. He told me to stop and apparently I can't take medicines with sulpha or meslamine. Then he wanted me to take Budesanide which is a steroid medicine which also has bad side effects. I said I didn't want to do anything for now. I'm not taking any of medicines from him. I'm afraid of all the side effects. I'm watching my diet and taking 2 herbs called Sea Cure and Colostrum. Have no diarhea or blood in stools so far. Hopefully it stays this way.

by Kate on Lialda
Daily user

I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and have had two major relapses. My doctor put me on liadla when uc was 1st discovered. It worked so she reduced my daily intake. She increased it again after I had a stressful life change and relapse. It continues to work so far. It's biggest cons is its price and I seem to get more headaches then normal ( but tolerable).

by Meghan on Lialda
Bad Reaction to Mesalamine/Lialda

I was recently diagnosed with UC a few months ago. My doctor suggested starting with Lialda, either pill form or as a suppository. I opted for the pill since I felt more confident taking that form. I felt fine for an entire week on Lialda however on day 8 of taking it, I came down with a high fever (103), severe cramping and abdominal pain, bleeding, aching in my back and hips. It felt like a severe flare up and I ended up going to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital for almost a week. It was determined that I most likely had a severe reaction to the mesalamine as a result of being intolerant. Once I was out of the hospital, my doctor suggested trying a very small dose as a suppository to see if I could tolerate it. I didn't have nearly the same reaction on the suppository but still experienced mild symptoms that felt like the beginning of a flare (ie. distention and bloating, cramping, irregularity, constipation, diarrhea). I'm temporarily on steroids for now but will most likely be transitioning to an immunosuppressant since the Lialda proved unsuccessful. Overall, I think most people have had a good experience with this drug, however, there are a small percentage of people (myself included) that can have severe reactions due to intolerance. I guess you won't really know until you try but I thought it was helpful to share this story in case you are preparing to take this drug. I hope you have more success with it than I did.

by Scott on Lialda
Hmm, tbd

Initially, I was glad to take a medication that didn't need me to take more then 8+ pills a day. So Lialda was a breath of fresh air. However, after 2 weeks I have developed the same side effect I did when I was trying Basalazide a few months ago, and that being headaches. I'm not a person who normally gets headaches, so I'm always pretty aware of them and it's unusual. It starts out almost as neck stiffness, raidates a dull achy from the back of my head to my temples. I read somewhere that they are tough in the first month and then after they get better. So hopefully it will improve over time, because it's almost to difficult to function the way I need to while managing the headaches. As far as how the drug is working, it seems to have improved my UC but not a full cure as I have occasional spotting from time to time. I think that might be because of my diet a little bit as well. Hopefully, the next time I post on here it'll be to sing the praises of this drug and the lessening of my headaches.

by Jeffrey on Lialda
6 years strong

I've had UC since may 2005. I struggled with UC remission for years. never last for more than a few months. Then I was introduced to lialda in fall 2008. I was skeptical about it after other medications did not work. I was at my worse in 2008. I had nothing else to loose so I started taking it consistently every morning with my meal. A combination of stress managment, better eating and taking lialda consistently has kept me in remission and still going. My health is 1000 times better than fall of '08

by Catherine on Lialda
so far so good

I've been taking Lialda for six weeks to combat UC - so far so good. It's slowed the urgency, and stopped most of the mucus and blood and bloating. It hasn't proven to be a magic fix (sigh) but certainly makes me feel a great deal better.

I've already had a bacterial infection so had to add antibiotics (big thumbs down) but that's improved as well.

by Tim on Lialda
Lialda review

I was diagnosed in March of this year with UC. My entire colon was inflamed. Was prescribed 40mg of Prednisone daily and 1.2g of Lialda daily. Neither med was working so my Dr increased my Prednisone to 60mg. That seemed to do the trick as I finally started feeling better. Was almost admitted to the hospital but I started feeling better. As i started progressively getting better my Dr tapered me off the Prednisone and I no longer take it. The Lialda seems to be working fine. I have normal formed bowel movements with no blood or cramping. I am hoping I stay in remission.

by Brendan on Lialda
Watch side effects closely

I was put on Lialda right away after my UC diagnosis and was taking it for about 3 wks. I felt tired, achy and generally ill throughout the time period of taking it but wasn't sure if it was UC causing this or the drug. My UC symptoms did not improve over this period of treatment ( I was also taking rowasa in conjunction with lialda). Finally I called my primary doc after a night of severe chest pains and he sent me to the ER where I was admitted to the hospital for a condition called Pericarditis which is the hardening of the liner around your heart, normally caused by infection but in rare cases can be caused by mesalamine (lialda and others). Mesalamine didn't work for me, but it sounds like for most out there its a good starting point to treat UC.

by Nate Russell on Lialda
lialda kinda worked a while, then stopped

I have moderate left-sided UC for about a year and a half (aged 43 now). Lialda is the first drug my doc put me on after my initial attempt at diet control did not work out. Lialda seemed to help at first (firmer stools, less mucous), but then I had a big flare up (work/stress induced I think), and it never seemed to work again after that. My latest sigmeod (sp?) has the doc now wanting to put me on Humira. Don't feel really great about that idea at present.

by Michael S on Lialda
Lialda for maintenance

Diagnosed with mild to moderate UC earlier this year. I take 4 giant horse pills of Lialda every night before I go to bed. I read the literature very thoroughly and followed a lot of online reviews and tips. Lialda is not supposed to be mixed with any kind of NSAIDs, and the worst side effect of Lialda is headaches, so its a tough catch-22. I definitely experienced headaches the first month of taking Lialda, but now I don't experience them ever. I drink at least 2 liters of water per day, My stool is solid, and I'm regular, but I still see hints of blood in my stool here and there. I should also mention that my doctor put me on an initial 3 week dose of prednisone and metronizodale in addition to the Lialda when I first started treatment. I have to admit also I choose not to take it once a week or so, so that I can have a drink or two and not be nervous about drug/alcohol interactions. Overall, I believe Lialda is working for me, and its working w/o a lot of side effects.

by Lori on Lialda
Made my UC worse

Lialda made my UC worse. Belly pain, fatigue, joint paint, urgency and uncontrollable urge to go. Multiple accidents until I stopped taking it. Feeling much better.

by Todd on Lialda
not for me

I was on 12 400 mg of Asacol when the GI doc told me he wanted to switch me Lialda. He said it was 1 pill a day and not 12. I purchase a month and found out that it didn't work as well as Asacol. Also, for 1 month cost equaled to 2.5 months of asacol. Now that was a nice kick back to the doctor. Gave me a very dry mouth and when I went to the toilet, the smell was like a skunk. Seriously, like I ran over it with a car and would not go away for miles down the road. Not a good thing when your traveling on a plane.

by Cheryl Rivkin on Lialda

I took one (and the last!) dose of Lialda on a Saturday morning in mid-March. A colonoscopy on the preceding Thursday revealed a colitis flare, which was worse than I had judged it to be, and four polyps, one of which was a medium flat polyp in the cecum that had to be removed at CPMC in San Francisco the following month. During the morning and early afternoon, I felt great, but around dinner time, I noticed my appetite had shrunk. It was surprising and odd. Gradually, I began to feel "off, and my energy waned to such a great extent that I collapsed into bed. Then, the ordeal started to kick in: Throughout the entire evening and well into the wee hours of the morning, I experienced intense vomiting and diarrhea. It was so painful! I had to run to the bathroom so many times that I couldn't keep track of the number. The vomiting began with weird dry heaves until finally I was able to throw up bile and the diarrhea finally became clear and bloody. To make matters worse, on Monday, I couldn't reach my doctor because his office was closed for spring break. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since Saturday afternoon. So, gradually I went into starvation and dehydration mode. Generally, I think of myself as a fighter, but I could barely move out of bed. Yet, I didn't want to go to the ER. Thankfully, a good friend came over to help me, and gradually, with his help, I could take little sips of ginger ale. Finally, on Tuesday I was able to reach the doctor on call who prescribed 40mgs of prednisone, which in spite of its awful side effects, has always brought me back from a flare. It took a week in bed to regain the strength to go back to work. I was and still am too afraid of taking Lialda.

by Ashley Miller on Lialda

Effective for me ONLY when combined with nightly mesalamine enemas, Did not induce remission on its own, hasn't kept remission on it's own, Beware the side effects: HORRENDOUS headache that wont respond to tylenol, lost lots of hair, I've lost loads of weight and I'm exhausted constantly. (I'm aware the weight and fatigue could just be UC on its own) I take Lialda 1.2 gm 2 pills once a day along with dicyclomine for cramping and mesalamine enemas nightly. The convenience is great only taking meds once a day, but must be combined to be effective for me.

by Jennifer on Lialda
Works for me!

I have been through a lot over the years. I have cut out gluten and have ulcerative colitis. I take two lailda pills every morning..(1.2gm) I have taken a list of different kinds of medications. My stomach pains, bleeding when I went to the bathroom, no energy, headaches ect where getting out of control. I have had endoscopies, colonoscopies and I’m only 25. It took a few months on lialda and I wasn’t so sure right away because I had a few really bad days and thought it was just making me worse but I stuck with it and now I have less pains, barely get sick after food now and just feel better. I also barely have any blood when I use the bathroom, TMI but it used to be a lot and this was something serious that needed to be controlled. Lialda helped tremendously with that.

The only complaint would be I think it’s makes my mouth really dry now and my breathe is starting to bother my boyfriend haha but I will take it to feel better, I just have to make sure I have a lot of mints : ) Also, im not sure if this has anything to do with the pill but I have no sex drive really. You always have to give and take sometimes with medicines and for how much pain I was in its worth everything. No real bad side effects. I would recommend this to everyone in a similar situation. Hopefully, my stomach can heal after a few years and I can get of the pills but for right now they really do help.

Also!! Contact your doctor or lialda because it’s really expensive but you can get their coupon card and I only pay 10$ a month!!

by Meagan on Lialda
Lialda Worked For Me

I have had moderate/severe colitis with two hospitalizations since 2009. After Colozal gradually stopped working for me, my doctor wanted to put me on steroids. I was put on steroids once before and I now want to avoid steroids at all costs after gaining 20lbs in a short amount of time the first time I was on them. I convinced my doc to try a different form of mesalamine and to my great suprise, I was in remission within a month. I recently also went dairy free which has greatly helped. I am two months symtom free and finally after 3 years have consistancy in my life and bowel movents. I am taking 4 pills once in the morning. No side effects. Very pleased

by Tristan on Lialda
A maintenance drug

I've been on Lialda and Remicade since 2008, when a severe case of UC and a wrong diagnosis nearly killed me.

While it's been up and down, Lialda seems to work as part of an overall offering. I'm now working with my GI on tappering it down and am on 2 1.2mg pills a day, and remicade every 8 weeks. In full remission right now (knocking on wood)

by W. on Lialda
Didn't work for me

Didn't work for me, not even a little.

by Alexia on Lialda
Use with caution

My GI put me on Lialda after I had a flare up and it did nothing to control it. I was very sick for about 8 months taking lialda and mesalamine enemas with no relief. I was hospitalized when I had labs done and was in full kidney failure. I was taken off Lialda by my nephrologist. I had absorbed toxic levels of the drug which permanently damaged my kidneys and I may eventually need a transplant. My nephrologist said this is very rare but it happened to me. I am only 28 years old and now have UC and kidney problems:( I am currently on Remicade now which has been a life saver!

by Sharon on Lialda
I was asked to share this...

I have had UC for 23 years. I took Sulfasalizine for years then eventually Asacol but only when flaring. I could usually achieve remission within 2-4 weeks taking a high dosage and had only used pred a few times. Almost 3 years ago, I had a tough flare and switched from Asacol to Lialda. I kept getting worse even on 60mg of pred. I had lots of blood, mucous, cramping, heaviness and aching in my legs, exhaustion, dehydration and eventually ended up on the hospital. On Day1 in the ER I said that I needed 4 Lialda every morning. The first 2 days, the pharmacy would only send 1 pill/4xs a day. My GI was on vacation and his partner finally got them to send the right dosage on Day3. I was still very sick and getting sicker but I had almost no blood. My spit tasted like poison, I hadn't eaten solid food in almost 3 weeks and my labs showed I was almost in remission. I was in the toilet 30+ times a day. The doc didn't believe me and was getting frustrated. I was on 125mg of IV prednisone, Flagyl,Lialda, enemas,fluids, and awaiting a specially formulated bag of nutrients based on my lab work. The doc insisted I drink a Boost until my nutrient IVs came in. I got the 4 Lialda and drank the Boost. I soon became deathly ill. My room smelled so bad (OK I smelled so bad) that my roommate had already been moved and I was alone. My heart and lungs slowed to a hum and I thought "this is what it feels like to die". Thankfully I had an amazing spiritual experience that day but I'll save that story for later. As for the Lialda, it turns out that I do not have the enzyme in my liver to break down the time release modifier in Lialda. In short, I had overdosed when it finally built up in my liver and apparently all metabolized at once. So although Asacol and Lialda can be miracle drugs, they are not for me.

by Dawn on Lialda
Lialda since 2003

I was diagnosed with UC a few days before my 29th birthday (that was over 10 years ago). Since diagnosis I have been on Lialda - I take 2 of the 1.2 mg a day for when I'm in Remission but 4 of the 1.2 mg for relapses. It has really helped me, and to be honest right now I'm relapsing, so I'm taking Tylenol Arthritis like it's candy to help with the arthritis pain. Overall Lialda has been great for me and I can only pray that it continues to!

by Shelley on Lialda
Not sure what to think

I was diagnosed with UC in late 2011 and this was the first med prescribed at 4 pills per day. My insurance had a high deductible, so I was paying $600 a month for it until my deductible was met. I've changed ins since then. It actually started working right away and everything went back to normal. I had 2 flares while on the med, which I attribute to having to take antibiotics for infections. Unfortunately, the drug seems to have lost its effect on me. I've been dealing with a flare for the last 5 months. My stools are formed, but there is a lot of blood. My doctor just wants to put me on a steroid, but I'm nursing a 6 month old baby, so that's not an option. I've been on stage 2 of the SCD diet this whole time as well with not much relief. It's getting frustrating. I'm wondering if stopping Lialda and just doing SCD would help, but I'm also scared it will get worse.

by jackie on Lialda
FREE Lialda yay...well maybe not

I was diagnosed with UC about 6 months ago and Lialda was the 1st thing my doctor prescribed. 3 months later I was getting a blood transfusion for blood loss/severe anemia. They upped my dose to 4 pills per day. Nothing is improving! I feel like Im taking a placebo pill and this is all 1 big not so funny joke. The only positive thing I can say about Lialda is the company who manufactures it....Shire! Lialda is almost $500 per month with out insurance and they gave me a whole YEAR for FREE!!!!! It took filling out an application and a lot of follow up but I was thrilled when I got what I thought was going to be a miracle drug for free. If this medication works for you but its pricey just contact the manufacturer. 6 months on Lialda and I still cant leave the house with out having an accident no matter what I eat. The only relief Ive had was all last week when I started my day with a mango smoothie. I didnt make smoothies this week and Im back in the bathroom 20 times per day. I'm going back to my daily smoothie and stopping the Lialda. The only other thing I can think of is that my hair is falling out a lot. I dont know if this had to do with the Lialda or not but its becoming alarming over the past month.

by Dale on Lialda
My Lialda experience

Hello all

My experience with Lialda started back in early 2008,i was placed on the drug after other drugs could not get me into remission. After my doctor altered the dose for about 6 months i finally achieved remission from my severe case of uc. Whether it was lialda or not i kept having flares and landed in the doctors office several times and in the hospital. Eventually I got sick enough that i had to leave my job and seek out a doctor at a well known university in charlottesville Va. who specializes in gastrointestinal disorders. It was discovered that my uc had advanced and was showing Chrohns disease markers as well. The new diagnosis was indeterminate colitis which in a nutshell means chrohns and uc together. Lialda could no longer hold my disease at bay and i was on the highest dose. Now i am on remicade and still take Lialda but a much smaller dose.

It all depends on your situation but Lialda did help me for a period of time.

by Camille Miller on Lialda
side effects

I took Lialda for a little more than six monthans as an alternative Sulfa drug because of an allergic reaction I had to Sulfasalizine. The company gives you discounts on copays and other incentives, but I had side effects from the drug. The headaches I had came on gradually and got continuously worse. One of the less common side effects I experienced was "arthralgia". I had arthritic cysts on my fingers and severe joint pain and stiffness that disappeared within three days of stopping the drug.

by joanna on Lialda
terrible drug

i started lialda for my proctitis. the first problems i noticed wree a lot of acid reflux and then it progressed to urgency, diarrhea, cramping, weight loss, and hives. the hives made my skin feel like it was on fire. i only stayed on it for 1 month before i couldn't deal with all the side effects from it. i had never had diarrhea before this so i knew it was from the lialda. my doctor assured me it was from my laundry detergent, but i stopped the drug anyway. i hated it. a few months after this, i was diagnosed with pancolitis.

by Gary Veneziano on Lialda

Been taking Lialda since 2007 when I was diagnosed with UC. This med has worked well for me with no problems.

by Natalie on Lialda
Not too sure about Lialda anymore

When I was first diagnosed with UC, I was put on Asacol. Within a day or two the bleeding stopped. I felt it was a miracle drug. A couple of months later, I was put on Lialda and have been taking it since. I have been in remission and feel that the Lialda has helped. However, for the last 3 days, I have had cramping and diarrhea. So, I am not too sure about Lialda anymore. I am going to try a good probiotic and try to wean off the Lialda and see how I feel.

by Ann Smith on Lialda

Did not work for me. I'm normal constipated. I took it for about 2 months, had very soft & not fully defined uncontrollable stools, other side effects, i.e. headaches, etc. I stopped using it.

by Olivia on Lialda

I was on this drug for over 2 years. It seemed to help, I used to say it seemed like it just calmed my intestines, however a common side effect is cramping gas and diarrhea! After being put on remicade it was the first to go. I still take it if I see some mucus but otherwise, there's better drugs out there.

by Bev on Lialda

Sorry, had to leave one star in order to post.

Please see my asacol review....TERRIBLE drug that can and does make things worse in a lot of me!

Wish I'd never taken it...

by Samantha on Lialda

All I can say is – HEADACHES! But, it did the job for a little while. Seems my body needs to go onto the next stage though.

by Sabine on Lialda
lialda was NOT the drug for me

After taking 4 lialda tablets a day for about 1 year I did not see any improvement. Lialda started to give me terrible headaches; my gi did not believe me but as soon as I stopped those headaches disappeared.


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  1. Lialda is just a lot of asacol in less pills.

    AWFUL DRUG! Made all of my symptoms so much worse, and doc said it was the UC, not the drug. Went rogue and stopped taking it. Finally felt better. It’s all natural for me, now!


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