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Lialda Reviews

Lialda medicine

Lialda (also know as Masalazine or Mesalamine) is a relatively common medications that is prescribed for ulcerative colitis patients. Lialda is within the family of 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) drugs, and it is used as an anti-inflammatory medication which is targeted specifically for people with inflammatory bowel disease.

There is tons of information available online with regards to published studies on medications in the 5-ASA family.
Some recent studies:

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 69 reviews
 by Gina
Side Effects

I was put on this drug 6 yrs ago. I can’t remember how much my original dosage was but the doctor reduced it 3 a day. Due to the cost and side effects,I reduced the dosage even further by taking 1 a day and 2 the next day. I notice that the days I take 1 pill, I feel pretty good but on the days I take 2, I cramp and have multiple movements before I can leave the house. I had colonoscopy and my colon looked good so my doctor said my issues were probably due to the Lialda. I’m afraid to switch tho, so i just tolerate the side effects and look at it as my new normal but it sucks!

 by Jack Nettles

I have been taking Lialda since November of 2016, Shortly after I was diagnosed with UC. It was like a switch was flipped. The diarrhea stopped immediately and I got my life back. Then I find out it's a 1000.00 dollars a month. Well Shire,the company that makes
This has a program called "Shire Cares" and after sending in the paperwork I get it for free. I had been going to the bathroom as many as 20 times a day. I'm sure y'all know the symptoms. Anyway I have been in remission since I started taking it at 4 tabs a day. I had another Colonoscopy and my Colon looked great and I now take 2 tabs a day. I'm retired and could not afford the cost, plus my insurance said no way. Shire really came thru for me as they have done for others. Getting it at no cost is based on income. I hope this helps someone and may God heal us all. God bless you all.

 by Carol

I am 67 years old and I started taking Lialda in 2014. It was great and except for a few flares I have been in remission until recently. Last November 2018, my white blood cells dropped dangerously low. I was sent to an oncologist who then performed a bone marrow test. No indication of cancer but did diagnose me with Neutropenia. I then had to go in weekly for shots. Still my white blood cells were not improving so I began researching how and why I developed Neutropenia. Of I googled it and found that mesalamine can cause Neutropenia. I then called the company that makes Lialda and asked if they had any cases of this happening. I was told that yes it did occur in women age 65 or older. I stopped taking Lialda and within a few weeks my white blood cells were normal. However, now I can’t take mesalamine but it has been about a month since I stopped and I am doing good without it. I still give it 5 stars because it was very effective for me.

 by Judy

I took Lialda when I was first diagnosed. It was wonderful ! It was like I was instantly cured. But after about a year, it was totally ineffective.

 by Connie Eicher
Lialda ineffective

Lialda was ineffective.

 by Rebecca

I take 4 generic Lialda/day. When I started on it I was taking 3 and had to be increased to 4. Things happened and I ended up on Entyvio, but this was my maintenance drug for a long time.

 by RH

I have been taking 4 lialda tabs for the last 6 years. Initially, it helped but now doctor decided to switch to Humira. I feel lialda is good for patients with remission.

 by Jessica
Lialda great for me

Lialda has worked great for me in bringing me into remission and keeping me there. In fact, I was able to halve the dose after a year or so - and now I am not even taking it. I have it on-hand in case a flare comes up, but - knock on wood - I've been good for over a year.

 by El Herr

I was on Lialda for several years, with prednisone for a time and then in addition to Imuran and Remicade. It did not cause any bad side effects but I am not sure that I got any relief from it and I saw no changes when I stopped using it.

 by Barbara
Lialda Loser

I might as well have been taking M&Ms. Lialda did absolutely nothing at all for my severe UC in my entire colon.

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  1. Lialda is just a lot of asacol in less pills.

    AWFUL DRUG! Made all of my symptoms so much worse, and doc said it was the UC, not the drug. Went rogue and stopped taking it. Finally felt better. It’s all natural for me, now!


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