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Ulcerative Colitis Flare Survey – 2017

Thank You to all of the folks who participated in the Colitis Flare Survey. There were 776 total responses, from 44 countries! (yes, UC is international) Awesome job everyone, the survey ended on November 19th (Sunday). There were over 100 people who submitted pictures, and while I am compiling all the results and ideas that […]

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Remicade Biosimilar – Is It Effective and Safe for Ulcerative Colitis?

Infliximab (Remicade) is the Innovator/Original – Welcome Biosimilar(s) There has been an enormous amount of focus by many pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the past several years to figure out how to bring biosimilars to the hands (or doctors’ hands), specifically with regards to people with ulcerative colitis and other immune system related diseases. The […]

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Summer of 2017 & My Colitis Update

Hi everybody and thank you for following the website. I hope that everyone is finding some time to enjoy yourselves in a specially take part in some relaxation during the summer months. As many of you know I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in October 2008. At the time, my disease was extremely severe […]

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Finding Clinical Trials for Ulcerative Colitis

Hopefully you can see pretty easily that there are hundreds and hundreds of clinical trials taking place at any point in time with regards to ulcerative colitis, and although all of them might not be interesting for you, certainly there will be a few that are right up your alley. Also, definitely realize that many […]

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Mayo Clinic Videos – From Gastro Doctors About IBD

Gastroenterologist doctors from the mayo clinic talk about several news topics in the world of inflammatory bowel disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Videos on Biosimilar medications such as Remicade and Humira, Diet Clinical Studies for UC, and Fecal Transplant study results to name a few! The FREE iHaveUC eBook “Ulcerative Colitis Tips” is made available to […]

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New Research About Ulcerative Colitis in Early 2017

In the constant world of scientific research, there are two new studies that have been recently published about two topics that are continuing to appear time and time again concerning ulcerative colitis The FREE iHaveUC eBook “Ulcerative Colitis Tips” is made available to all members of the 15,000 person newsletter group INSTANTLY. It is several […]

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How Are Your Logs?

Ladies and Gentlemen, How are you doing this Sunday? I don’t usually come home from an extended weekend trip and make up a smoothie, take the clothes out of the suitcase(actually…big thx to Misa for doing this tonight(and most nights:)), put on some comfortable clothes and get on the computer ripping out a story on […]

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