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Surgery – Before

Ulcerative Colitis Patients before having colon removal surgery. The blog postings go into details about the questions that run through the heads of UC’ers before getting their colon removed and questions to others who have already had the experience on what to expect afterwards.

Urgent: Need Advice on Deciding J Pouch Surgery!

Current Colitis Symptoms: Loose stools, diarreah sometimes, urgency, frequent bm, sometimes with bleeding. Hi,My name is Julie.I’m 34 years old.I’m happily married and a mother of two bright children.I was diagnosed with uc 7years ago. I live in sunny OC California.I used to love meeting friends, having good foods, and just hanging out. It’s hard to do it anymore, b/c of uc is controlling my… Read More »Urgent: Need Advice on Deciding J Pouch Surgery!

Decision Time – Surgery?

Who’s David… I`m single age 62 and retired from my working career of 40 years. Nine years ago I was diagnosed with UC. My father also had UC for many years before passing away at age 66. David’s Story: I was diagnosed 9 years ago with UC, now classified as severe chronic left sided UC. I`ve been through many of the medications available to treat… Read More »Decision Time – Surgery?