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Ever Wished There Was An Easy to Read Complete Story

Explaining in Detail

How Somebody Went From Being Very Sick With UC

to Feeling Healthy Again Without Medications?

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“Is it possible to live a




From: Adam Scheuer

Hello, and Welcome to iHaveUC.

I have ulcerative colitis and I REALLY HOPE you are NOT reading this from the hospital.


and the doctors have already removed your colon,

my book may not be good for you.

The Colitis Package is written for people who are like me: people who have ulcerative colitis but STILL HAVE A COLON. That’s right, I’ve never had a single surgery, and I’m very happy about that. If you’re dealing with Ulcerative Colitis, you can own my “Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package” Risk FREE, all the details are below.

It hasn’t been very long since I was in the middle of getting my UC diagnosis. The year was two-thousand and eight (2008). I remember the days very well. Especially that October when I had my colonoscopy. My symptoms of bleeding, cramping, urgency (NEEDING TO FIND THE CLOSEST TOILET RIGHT AWAY) and everything else that I explain in my book had me thinking the world was coming to an end.

“Am I happy those days of being very sick with colitis symptoms are over?”


If the clock kept on ticking with my UC getting worse and worse, who knows where I would be right now… It’s now three years later and I’ve been living in a whole different world for quite some time. My early days after the UC diagnosis were complete hell, but those days are long gone now. It is such a great feeling to gain control over your life again, especially when UC tried to take it away.

Recently, I decided it was time to share my complete UC story with everybody who wants to learn the details of how I transformed from Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy. Crappy is actually an understatement to describe the life of a UC’er who is living with active UC symptoms. It is hardly a life at all when you are so limited with what you can do.



I am HAPPY to let you know that my complete story is now available today via instant download. That’s right, there is no need to go to the bookstore because it is an electronic book that anybody from anywhere can download instantly.

Here is what you will learn with my personal UC story

“Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy”:iHaveUC eBook

  • OVER 150 PACKED PAGES of my life with UC. Everything is in the book!
  • A personal look into my life with UC (before, during and after my diagnosis)
  • All the details about how I handled my diagnosis, and mistakes I made
  • THE REASON why getting a diagnosis is actually a GREAT THING
  • WHAT TO EXPECT from family members after a diagnosis
  • DETAILS about the medications I’ve tried
  • 6 VERY IMPORTANT TIPS that will help with choosing your doctors moving forward
  • How to prepare for medication side effects
  • HOW I STOPPED my last flare WITHOUT any medications
  • 5 SIMPLE toilet ideas
  • How I felt at my absolute worst
  • How I finally got over Clostridium Difficile bacteria(C-Diff)
  • What I did when medications weren’t working
  • How to TALK ABOUT SYMPTOMS with other people(friends & family)
  • My SUCCESSFUL taper OFF Prednisone
  • How I became MEDICATION FREE
  • Details about HOW I HANDLE ALCOHOL

AND this list is only a small fraction of what is within the whole book.

Like I promised, Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy is my life story before, during, and after my UC diagnosis. And you bet, it has a HAPPY ENDING!



You will find all kinds of pictures in the book as well. Several which show some of the horrible side effects that I was experiencing when I was taking UC medications. But there are also recent pictures of me living symptom and medication free.


That’s right! I said “MORE”. Because everyone from the website is always asking me what I eat, and because my diet is such a major part of my UC treatment, included with the Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package is another electronic book detailing all of the meals, cooking instructions, and pictures of the food I eat. Once again, it is all written by me in SIMPLE ENGLISH. I’m not some gourmet French chef(although that would be kinda cool), so the meals are simple to prepare. I tell people you can hit your head with a baseball bat and still crank out the meals I make, THEY ARE THAT SIMPLE.

Even though multiple doctors explained that DIET DOES NOT AFFECT my disease,

I have since learned the truth about my body and food. It was a painful struggle when I was using different UC medications, but since 2009, I have learned what foods my colon can tolerate and which foods to avoid. By reading through all the meals that I have documented in the additional book “Cooking For Ulcerative Colitis” you will be able to get a bird’s eye view into what I feed my body, and what my colon can handle. iHaveUC CookbookAnd don’t worry, the food is real yummy AND real simple to prepare or else I wouldn’t be eating it! I even talk about how I make my own ice cream in just a few minutes.

Here is what’s inside the


  • How I’ve used the SCD Diet to reach remission (the biggest breakthrough I’ve made in treating my UC by far)
  • How I use Food Decisions to my advantage
  • The scientific thinking behind the diet, and how it relates to our colon’s health and well-being
  • Why gut bacteria is so important
  • Breakfast foods I eat daily
  • Lunch meals that work great for me
  • Dinner meals that my wife and I love!
  • AND, snack and dessert ideas too! I already mentioned that Ice Cream is part of the book right!!
  • Quick and easy meal recipes that I use every single day

If you are worried that the food I eat to treat and control my ulcerative colitis might not taste SUPER GOOD, well, I’ve got some news for you, it ALL TASTES GREAT. I’ve cooked meals using the exact recipes from my book for large birthday party groups, as well as for “special” dinners at home with my wife, and everything in between. You won’t have to ask me what meals I eat after you read this book, BECA– USE they are ALL inside. Recipes and all!

Recent Reviews of the Colitis Package:

“Adam shares his chronicles of colitis with real people language and outstanding humor. From his initial denial stage to his medical interventions, lifestyle changes, acceptance and healing, he gives us all a sense of relief that we are not alone and this challenging condition is not the end of the world. I recommend the book to anyone with UC and anyone helping someone with UC. I vote Adam colitis spokesperson of the year!”

Alice Tracey
Registered Massage Therapist
Ottawa, Canada

“I read most of the book for my doctors visit yesterday and it gave me more insight as to what questions to ask him and what treatments might be more beneficial.”

Kurt from Santa Cruz, California

“Thanks a lot for this book, It was really inspiring.

The book is full of useful information for a person with UC, it’s written in an interesting and funny way and it had me laugh out loud a couple of times while reading it! LOVE IT! I was so caught up with the book the day I started reading it I read the whole book in just two days.

One again, I loved reading the book and couldn’t stop as I started. And for me the bonus book with recipes were also great. It got me going with a little less fruit and a little more variation than I’d been on.”

Johan, living in Johanneshov (Stockholm), Sweden

“Great book! Brings back some horrible memories of myself trying to gain control of this awful disease”

Matt from Chicago USA

“Dear Adam,

I received your book two days ago and have nearly finished it, I can’t put it down! First of all I just want to say ‘Thank you’ for writing this funny and informative book. With all the books I have read (on IBD) and what I have read on the internet your book has been the only one which has made me feel ‘normal’, and that I wasn’t dealing with this disease on my own. There is so many things I relate to in your book, only things which UC’ers would know about. Regarding your cook book, can’t wait to put a few of your recipes to the test!

Secondly, I would like to say a BIG thank you, all the way from Australia, for all the time you put into your web site, all the wonderful info which is on it and all the support you provide to all us UC’ers. I was in a lonely place before I clicked onto your site. Sincere thanks to you and your lovely wife Michaela. Kind Regard”

Narelle H., Canberra, Australia

“Adam’s book is…A MUST READ for all UC’ers, Crohnies, IBD’ers and their families, friends and anyone who knows someone with UC/IBD and EVERYONE in the MEDICAL FIELD!

Adam gives a brave, honest, insightful and humorous glimpse into the roller coaster ride of UC and his journey to wellness from his bowels to his brain, from pre-diagnosis to meds., to diet and treating the whole body~as UC is a full body experience. It will help you take back control of your life and help you begin your journey “From Crappy to Happy”! A GREAT RESOURCE with website/links, references and resources and more including his website/UC community.

Thank you Adam for exposing your(our) UC world and being vulnerable and inspirational in your quest to help others with UC.”

Shelly (UC lifer)

It’s ALOT of information, and I know it’s VALUABLE. Here’s why:

Had I known everything I know now back in 2008, I would have avoided a full year of horrible symptoms with my UC. My life has changed so much since the days when I was very sick with UC. Not only do I feel in control again of my life, I also excited about my future, just like before I was diagnosed with UC. That’s what I mean by valuable. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK.

Both of the books are electronic books, we’re not wasting paper anymore, this is 2012. Because the books are in electronic formats(choose between pdf files for regular computers, or EPUB files for iPads or eReaders). YOU can download all of them instantly after your purchase through the secure website checkout process.

“What About Your Future?”

That’s Already Taken Care Of!

As a THANK YOU BONUS for buying the Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package TODAY, you will also receive ALL future editions and updates to the books ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That’s right, I will be writing more in the future(and the package price will be increasing soon), but you will be entitled to have ALL UPDATES COMPLETELY FREE!

With the contact information you enter in the online shopping cart, we can EASILY SEND YOU ALL FUTURE UPDATES to your original Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package AUTOMATICALLY the moment a new UPDATE is released FREE. (As an existing paying customer, I guarantee you will be the first to have your hands on all the updates before anyone else!)

“Honestly…What’s All Of This Worth?”

For me, it’s meant:

NO Drugs

NO Doctors

NO More Talk About Surgery


Before I tell you the price, let’s just review what you get with the the Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package:

  • The main book, “Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy” written in plain English, about my life with ulcerative colitis. I go through all the details of my life before, during, and after my diagnosis with UC. I’m not a doctor, so don’t plan on getting lost with big crazy doctor words all the time. My writing is simple, clear, and it goes into detail of how I became medication and symptom free.
  • Also included is the book, “Cooking For Ulcerative Colitis”.  Just like the main book, I wrote this as well, and it talks about every single meal that I eat. Well, it doesn’t only talk about it, it goes into detail into the cooking instructions, along with pictures, and details on exactly when I eat particular meals. If I was in a flare up I eat certain meals, when I’m symptom free I eat other things etc…
  • AND OF COURSE, every single future UPDATE to your original package you will get for FREE

If you are ready to start learning exactly what I’ve done to live a normal life even though I was diagnosed with UC back in the end of 2008, you can buy the Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package TODAY

YES!, you read that correctly, click the orange button to download the entire Colitis Package

“Why is the Colitis Package so affordable?”

UC doesn’t always have to be expensive!

I remember what it was like just a few years ago. I was going to the doctors weekly. Often it was even more than that. It was either blood tests, new prescriptions, doctor visits, colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies, and even trips to the Acupuncture doctor if you can believe that. AND THAT STUFF WAS EXPENSIVE. I’m sure you are well aware of the typical UC expenses by now. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. And that’s something we all should be very thankful for.

So, a goal of mine before I even began to lay out my whole story in Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy was to make sure everything was affordable to everyone. As I add more UPDATES to the Colitis Package, yes the price will increase, but that won’t affect you if you buy TODAY.

Because the whole Colitis Package is 100% downloadable, that also allows me to KEEP COSTS LOW FOR EVERYONE. After your purchase in the secure shopping cart, you will be able to download as either PDF Files or as EPUB digital files, the entire Colitis Package. It’s that simple. Once again, we’re not doing rocket science here, because I’m not a scientist. I’m just a patient living with UC, who has found ways to live a normal and happy life without medications or doctors, AND IT FEELS GREAT.

“Is there any Guarantee?”

Of course there is. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort living as an ulcerative colitis patient, and thousands of hours writing and working on the two ebooks. With that said, I want every single person who purchases this package to be 200% satisfied. With the feedback I’ve received from all over the world has been almost overwhelming. I’m sure you’ll find that after you read through all of the material in my two ebooks, you’re going to know a ton more than you currently do about ulcerative colitis and how to move past the disease controlling your life, and getting back to a normal lifestyle that we all deserve. But still, if for any reason at all, you are not more than happy with your purchase, just let me know within 60 days from your purchase. I’ll refund your money and I’m still happy to be your friend. What I will ask of you is to please send my ebooks to a friend or family member who you think will benefit from all the information in the Colitis package (and there’s no cost for that of course).


Well, you’ve made it down to the final part of the sales page, what are you waiting for? You know what the Colitis Package is all about right? If not, please re-read from the top of this page, it’s all in there. And like I said, you will benefit from all of the reading (several hundred pages worth!). If you are not extremely happy with your purchase, there is a money back guarantee. Too many people have already downloaded the information in the Feeling Crappy to Feeling Crappy Colitis Package, with some pretty awesome reviews that’s made me feel really good about completing this project. And some of these reviews I’ve received aren’t even from UC patients, even more awesome if you asked me.


All you need to do is click on the “ADD TO CART” button above. After you complete your purchase in the secure shopping cart, you will be directed to a welcome page where I have a short note for you. At the same time, you will be sent a confirmation email which will give you a unique link. That link is going to take you to the INSTANT DOWNLOAD page where you will find all of the materials you purchased. It’s that simple and it’s FAST. You could have the entire Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package literally within the next minute.

Good Luck!

And I wish you and your UC (or your family member’s UC) the very best moving forward.

Kindest regards,

Adam Scheuer

PS: Even if you decide that the Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy Colitis Package isn’t for you, I still hope that you do something to get past active colitis symptoms if you are in-fact experiencing them right now. Living a life with active UC is definitely no fun, and I wish you the very best. It’s obvious that there is some part of you that wants to get started today with moving forward with your life, and I hope you make some good decisions moving forward.