One of Our Very Own is Researching IBD / Adolescents / Pain and Emotions!

Big Big round of applause for Lana up the coolest city in Canada(Saskatchewan…coolest name for sure). (Video Below)

Lana sent an email over a few days ago letting us know that she is involved with some research focused on people like us (and like her) with IBD.  She has ulcerative colitis too, and she needs some help.

NOW…I must warn, she is strictly interested in UC’ers in Canada who meet some age requirements, so not for everyone, but I thought this was a great opportunity to let other UC’ers see what some of the tribe is up to.

And, Lana … Read the rest

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Peptide Therapy?

My name is Jeff. I live in Houston TX. I am 45 years old. My job requires extensive travel. I live in hotel rooms and airplanes the majority of the work week. I enjoy the outdoors and play golf as much as I can (pain permitting). I Have four beautiful kids and my wonderful wife of 20 years.

Some more background:

I love spending time with my family when I can. All my children are or were involved in sports. My two oldest children are out of high school and I have two that are still in. I Love to … Read the rest

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10 years after colitis diagnosis

10 Years With Ulcerative Colitis

Hey UC’ers,

What is Up…!!!!???

Today, October 2nd, TEN short (sometimes long) years ago, I was getting a ride down to the Stanford Colonoscopy Center, not sure what the heck was going on with my bloody poop attacks.

Ten years ago today, I also had an few tubes plugged into my arm, to shoot in some medication to put me asleep for the very first ever anal violation (full colonoscopy) of my life.

And of course, it was ten years ago today that in the waiting room, the gastroenterologist (Dr. Harvey Young) told me and my family who … Read the rest

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Xeljanz (Tofacitinib) Medication for Ulcerative Colitis

XELJANZ® (tofacitinib) for the Treatment of Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis

tofacitinibOn May 30th, 2018, the Pfizer corporation, announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its application to allow for Xeljanz to be used by ulcerative colitis patients who meet certain criteria.

There are some more details listed on the Pfizer website about this new medicinal product of theirs.  You can read the full press release here:

What would be excellent is for the current and future UC’ers of the world who have experience with Xeljanz (Tofacitinib) to start including their reviews of this on … Read the rest

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Simponi Failing – Tofacitinib or Surgery

Meet Amit:

I’m a Program Manager at large credit card company, 47, male, Chicago, Ulcerative Colitis diagnosed in 2009, married with two kids and otherwise a healthy human being. On my 6th drug for UC out of a possible 7 or 8 per my GI and potentially nearing surgery decision.

Some more about Amit:

I sold my first web page to mortgage broker in 1996 using Netscape 1.0. My favorite instrument is the tabla and I like reading my kids’ novels that they read for school.

Current Symptoms:

10-15 BM per day. Abdominal pain after most BMs. Food intake triggers … Read the rest

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