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My Circus

Newly (a few months now, I guess not that new) diagnosed with moderate UC, which began in July 2022 with blood on TP, misdiagnosis for a few months, 5 doctors and finally a colonoscopy. I was told blunty “you have a lifelong disease with no cure and we’re going to start you on IV or self injection treatments. Still stuck on the first part of… Read More »My Circus

Interesting IBD Project From Frankie

Hi UCers, This week, I had a very interesting video interview with Frankie Figueroa, he is working in his PhD final project, and has put thousands of hours into research which will impact many of us living with IBD (for us … ulcerative colitis). You can participate if you were diagnosed in the United States. Watch the video, you will get a good feel for… Read More »Interesting IBD Project From Frankie

Cheryl at Beach

I Love SCD!

Brief Bio: My name is Cheryl and I was diagnosed with UC In October 2022. UC (lower end of bowel only) I also have diverticulitis, Acid reflux and Central Nervous System Vasculitis, which is another autoimmune condition that I was diagnosed with in 1999 after two strokes. I took high dose of prednisone for a year, another 6 months to taper off, 2 intravenous Cytoxan… Read More »I Love SCD!

Moringa Anyone?

I’ll be 51 in 3 weeks, declared permanently disabled when I was 43 after 20+ years in emergency medicine, grandmother of 5 (2 in heaven 😞) no social life, autoimmune A.N.A. Now A-11. When you no longer “can do” you sometimes get forgotten about. No symptoms of UC currently, last flare was 10/2015, occasionally my IBS acts up but lots of issues with other health… Read More »Moringa Anyone?