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Simple and Helpful Message from another UCer

This is the message and hopefully it is helpful to you now or in the future: “ Hello Adam, Just wanted to share some advice that will be obvious to some UC-sufferers but for others, it may be a useful reminder. I have been flaring since last May, (and being treated with Pentasa suppositories and for a while, prednisolone).  I have been very careful with… Read More »Simple and Helpful Message from another UCer

ibd research

Recent Ulcerative Colitis Research Studies

Today, I did a bit of a look through PubMed (the online database of literally millions of studies and research articles available to anyone), and there were a few interesting full text articles that popped out which I think might be of interest to you. Here is the list of studies and the links to the full text articles should you wish to check them… Read More »Recent Ulcerative Colitis Research Studies

Almost 14 Years with Ulcerative Colitis

I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to write them in the comments. As I mentioned, the Page is a great public resource. If you are more interested in a private Group on facebook for chatting about ulcerative colitis topics, the Private iHaveUC Group is a great place too. More information that I have written… Read More »Almost 14 Years with Ulcerative Colitis

giving birth ulcerative colitis cramps

Question for Women with UC who have Given Birth (Contractions vs. ulcerative colitis Cramps)

There is an interesting question, and it was clear instantly that it was popular to discuss. I posed the question to the Facebook Public Group a few days ago. The question: How would you compare UC related cramping and abdominal pains to the pains associated with contractions felt during child birth? Feel free to add any comments you may have below in the comments section.… Read More »Question for Women with UC who have Given Birth (Contractions vs. ulcerative colitis Cramps)