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Asacol Mesalazine ***UPDATE, Asacol has largely been discontinued/rebranded and replaced with “Delzicol”

Asacol / Asacol HD (also know as Masalazine or Mesalamine) is a relatively common medications that is prescribed for ulcerative colitis patients.  Asacol is within the family of 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) drugs, and it is used as an anti-inflammatory medication which is targeted specifically for people with inflammatory bowel disease.

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by Marsha Crippen on Asacol
Asacol vs. Delzicol, scared

I have had UC since 2000. I have mostly been on Asacol since the beginning with a few attempts at others. Delzicol was one of them. It did not hold off the flares like Asacol. I am currently on Asacol HD 800 6 pills / day. I have just heard Asacol is going or has been discontinued. I'm so very scared. Delzicol did not hot off the flares. Asacol has kept me in remission with maybe only 1 / 2 flares per year.

by Shana on Asacol

Asacol (then Delzicol after it rebranded) kept me in remission for 8 years! The first week of being on it was rough (symptoms were a bit worse, felt so bad I couldn't leave the house, but it was worth it. I was about a 10-12 month struggle to get fully into remission with multiple changes between Lialda, Prednisone, Delzicol, elimination diets to find trigger foods etc. But once my symptoms were under control I had a normal life. I traveled, ate street food, and even got food poisoning without my UC giving me any trouble. I only ended up back in a flare because 8 years of peace and some self-destructive tendencies brought about by depression convinced me to try going without my meds. I highly recommend Delzicol and I hope it works for me again in the future!

by David on Asacol

I was diagnosed in 2004. I have always had a mild case, with a few minor flares per year. I might go a year or more without a flare. I have been on asacol/delzicol since diagnosis. It seems to keep me mostly in remission. I went without taking them for 6 months once and eventually got a flare after about 6 months. No side effects that I can tell.

by Heather on Asacol

I was newly diagnosed and was not having symptoms after using hydrocortisone enemas. I was prescribed Asacol for maintenance. I was told to take more as time went on. Once I started it my symptoms returned. The more I took the worse they were. If I stopped taking it the symptoms would subside. Needless to say I don’t take it anymore and use cortisone for flares.

by Rod on Asacol
Worked for awhile

Mesalamine worked for 4 or 5 months, then pfffft. Then It didn't.

by MStar on Asacol

I was 55 when I started with UC. It was sort of low level IBS kind of issues, then low speed ulcers and ASACOL (400/3x/day) helped. But over time, when I did start having periods of active UC and needed something stronger (6MP 50mgs/day) asacol couldn't handle the UC as it got worse. I also used Prednisone (starting at 20-30 mgs/da) when I had a flare, for a couple weeks at least. Then back to sustainment with asacol, 6MP... But the Dr did increase the asacol to 1600mgs/3x/day to see if that might be a solution. Well.... long story short I switched GI Drs after two years. We can talk about that offline if you like My new GI Dr has taken me off asacol altogether, that was 3 months ago, and I'm doing fine without it... but I did start taking Remicade 6 months ago and its beginning to really take effect with my UC problem pretty much quiet right now.

by Alisa on Asacol
Only worked temporarily

I took Asacol for many years off and on at 3 pills, 3 times a day. Even when I was very disciplined with it (and I wasn't always disciplined with it in my 20s), it only worked well for about 3-4 weeks and then symptoms would return. I didn't see lasting change until I changed my lifestyle, stress patterns and diet.

by Sam on Asacol

I always felt this drug had no impact for me as it never got me into remission and I flared whilst taking it as a 'maintenance' drug. I always had a sore throat whilst taking it and felt terrible. I decided to stop taking it during the last flare up as an experiment and within a week my symptoms had completely gone! I hadn't felt better in years! I haven't taken it since. I've had a few minor flares since then but never had the terrible bleeding I suffered whilst on Asacol.

by Connie Eicher on Asacol
Mesalamine maintains at about 60%.

Mesalamine pills help 65% with no side effects. The mesalamibe enemas and suppositories worked well after 2 months.

by Afshan on Asacol

I was given Asacol when I was diagnosed with Colitis. I took 6 pills per day. It worked Partly for few months. I was on it for few years but I got many flare ups. I did not have any side effects.
I changed my doctor since he was ignoring my symptoms. My new doctor changed it to Imuran.

by Kim Friberg on Asacol

I had severe adverse reactions. It made my symptoms worse and made me a lot sicker.

by James Richards on Asacol
Initially worked for me

I was put in Adacol when I was first diagnosed. It worked well initially. After a couple of years I started having flare ups so my gastrosenterologist upped the dose to six tabs a day. That worked to put me back in remission for another few years. Soon however the flares recurred.

by Controlled UC on Asacol

Been taking 4 pills 5-ASA in the a.m. and 4 at night for around ten years as well as every other night 5-ASA enema. It does keep me mostly controlled much of the time, but if I ever try to go off of it I get a flare. No side effects that I know of.

by Patricia Grant on Asacol
Toxic for me

Asacol was the first medication prescribed for me when I was diagnosed twenty years ago. It was as if I’d been poisoned when I took it and simple cannot tolerate it-even when I was given an Asacol suppository it affected me badly & made my symptoms much worse. I’m not good with any medication but this was the worst.

by John Cesarone on Asacol
It's a good

I've been taking Asacol for years. My doc seems to think it is a good one to take "just in case," since it is easy, cheap, and free of side effects. It certainly isn't enough alone to keep me in remission, but it couldn't hurt.

by Mike on Asacol

High dosage (4.8g/day) plus canasa got my UC under control. Maintained remission with just 800 mg/day. Great medicine.

by Vanessa Evans on Asacol
Asacol / Delzicol Reviews

I was diagnosed with UC around 2001; 5 years after symptoms first presented in 1996 when I was pregnant and gave up smoking. I feel fortunate compared to others who have UC in that I have flare ups every 2/3 years, usually triggered by stress or significant life events. I was diagnosed with Proctitis Colitis and have had difficulty over the years finding effective medication; as I find a treatment that works, it has been discontinued. The last 2/3 flare ups I have used Asacol suppositories and they have helped reduce symptoms and clear the flare (symptoms for me usually last around 3 months) .

by Lisa C on Asacol
Vague memory of it

As far as I can remember, Asacol worked quite well
combined with Canasa. I took them both when I was first diagnosed with UC during a pregnancy 16 years ago. It put me right into remission and my Ulcerative Colitis was clear after delivering my baby. With no sign of UC, I was directed by my doctors to discontinue both drugs and remained in remission for about 10 years when UC returned.

by Lorri Collernugent on Asacol

The old Asacol is the only med that worked for me. TOOK for 15 to 20 yrs! Delzicol just didnt help but did not hurt! APRISO has worked almost as well as asacol. Been on apriso 3yrs with no side effects. I have both crohns and uc for 45 yrs. I am either allergic or very sensitive to many meds so asacol and apriso have been a godsend!

by Tracey on Asacol
Asacol in the UK

I've been taking Asacol in the UK for about 15 years and it seems pretty good to me? Theres no sign of it being discontinued here. I find that after 2 or 3 doses, I go back to being 'normal' as normal can be for me. I have proctitis so only the lower part of my colon is affected but Asacol seems to keep it in check for me!

by Mary Smith on Asacol
Asacol HD/Mesalamine DR

While plain Asacol is discontinued Asacol HD has always been and continues to be available and that's what I have taken. I switched to the generic Mesalamine DR when it came out a few years back. I have had mild/moderate UC for about 7 years and Asacol HD has always worked great for me. I am currently on 800mg 3x's a day maintenance and I expect my dr will lower that to 2x's a day in the near future. Never have had any side effects. This drug was chosen over Pentasa which I can't take because I am allergic to sulfa.

by sharon on Asacol
Seemed safe

I took these for 3 months and they did not seem to have any side effects they just cured me.

by Autumn on Asacol
Asacol Worked Fine

I had no problems with my Asacol prescription -- other than the dosing instructions were hard to follow at first. Because teenage me struggled to remember to take pills three times a day, I was eventually switched to Apriso (which is the same drug, just formulated to take once a day).

Up until I recently had my colon removed, I took Asacol/Apriso every day for 15 years. No side effects for me. I think it did its job. (My colon was removed due to concerning precancerous growths -- not out of control UC).

by Scotty Miller on Asacol
Buy from Canada

I don't have UC (my sister does) but Collagenous Colitis. Acts the same but no pain for me. Anyhow, I take Asacol & order it from Canada. My Dr suggested it. The cost is so reasonable that I can take the amount I need instead of trying to conserve due to the price. I use CanadaDrugs but there are others. Takes 2-3 weeks to get because of customs so order early. Your Dr can fax the RX to them. Easy.

by Susan on Asacol

Now Age 66

was diagnosed in 2011 with Polymyalgia Rheumatica was on high dosages of Prednisone for the joint pain, in 2016 a Rheumatologist specialist told me I never had PMR she did not know what I had because my inflammation count was quite high she tried weaning me off the prednisone but pain came back with a vengeance so was put back up in dosage again.

In Oct of 2016 had some checkups and of course a colonoscopy was performed not one but ending up with 5 of them and they say now I have UC

Between the colonoscopies was hospitalize 3 times, temp would go up and blood pressure would drop and of course the pain in the joints

They did not know and still do not know what caused this to happen but they weaned me off the prednisone again and the pain is back again worse than before, since joining your site and reading about others symptoms I feel that the UC is causing all my pain. I take the Asacol now, it helps with the stools with no side affects but would like to get rid of the pain Dr. says that I might have to go back on a low dose of the Prednisone to help with the pain

by Joyce on Asacol

I am a bit concerned to read here that asacol is no longer available in th states. I have been taking it for about 15 years here in the UK. Recently my pharmacist told me I was taking to high a dosage. I take 6x800mg daily. Can anyone tell me why this medication is no longer available in the states ?

by Brenda Taylor on Asacol
Asacol review

I have been on Asacol for over 20yrs. I have not had any problems with this medication. I have had to add Prednisone from time to time. In Feb. of this yr I had to add Imuran.

by Aliya on Asacol


I have been on lialda for about over a year. It worked perfectly for me and still does to this day. The only issue for me is side effects...

Over the course of the year the side effects changed and I was able to cope (dizzy, tinnitus, back pain, severe pounding head pain and stiff neck, hair loss etc) as they went away. 6 months in is when anxiety began - thought it was just me, but I as time went on I was able to time the anxiety-pain attacks from after I took the medication. Also going off it for two days I have had great sleeps in the night and wasnt getting up to pee like i usually did (making me think the medication caused that too...who knows)

I am now contemplating next steps..should I cope and allow the severe anxiety to come into my life and let lialda run its course until it cant or try something else ...

by Cait Stewart on Asacol
Bad Side Effects

For me Asacol worked well for about 8 months or so, I had no flare ups and all was well. The problem came about 8-9 months in when I started to feel anxious. (Anxiety is a side effect). 12 months in and the anxiety hit me like a freight train. I couldn't calm down, I couldn't stop shaking, I couldn't stop crying - for months. I ended up having to stop taking the medication, and see a therapist for the anxiety I was having. Later that year I ended up with shingles from the stress and anxiety my body was under. And I was only 26 at the time.

So the medication worked, but the side effects for me anyway where debilitating.

by laine on Asacol
No choice but to try Lialda

Hi everyone, I've had UC now since 1988 and have done well for years on Asacol. Now the company is only offering Delzicol which I've tried for a while but isn't working as well. I've heard the same thing from countless others online. Moreover, my United Health insurance won't cover Asacol HD nor Delzicol at all so I'm looking at $800 a month. I'm praying that Lialda works for me since its covered with a $30 copay.

by Laura Hicks on Asacol
Do the Pharmaceutical Companies Really Care about the Consumer or the Profit?

Asacol worked when nothing else worked. When it was no longer available I was put into a medical catastrophe. I tried everything that I could and struggled for 6 months. When I tried Delzicol, it wasn't until I took the capsule apart that I saw that it was a caplet inside that looks just like Asacol. I take all of the caplets apart and take them just like an Asacol tablet. I now have the help I need.

by Lyn on Asacol
37 good years on Asocol

The first few years of UC were difficult - my whole colon was affected, I spent 2 weeks in hospital, and a few years on steroids because I'd flair up each time I decreased the dose. I've now learned to live with UC, recognise the symptoms of a flair up, and deal with it early and efficiently. I've been on ASACOL for all that time, supplemented by steroid foam and asacol suppositories when I flair up. At good stable times I've tried to stop taking it but flair up every time. I haven't changed my diet. My last colonoscopy was so good the specialist said he wouldn't have known I had UC if I hadn't told him. No side effects from the ASACOL - it works for me.

by Hanneke on Asacol
It works as suppository

I've been diagnosed with Colitis (proctitis) since 2003. Asacol is very helpful for me however only as a suppository. If used orally I have hardly any results from it.

I'm using it for 12 years now and have hardly ever a flare up. I usually take one a day, if I feel a flare up might come up I use more.

I lived in the US before and these meds are very expensive there, that's the downside. Prednisone does nothing for me.

Try different things, every body (literally) is different and responds different.

by Sharon on Asacol
works for me

I was put on Asacol when I was diagnosed over 15 years ago. I always tried to get off the western meds and ended up in flare ups- sometimes right away, sometimes after 6 months or so. Now I pretty much stay on it. on 2x's a day 1 800 mg. pill works. I buy it from Canada.If i up the meds I get headaches but no other side affects. I do get mild flares maybe twice-3x's a year but eat an anti-inflammatory diet and take Rowasa or Canasa enemas after BM until it clears up (usually 2-3 weeks). I didnt even know they discontinued it! I cant possibly afford to buy it in the states anyway.

by Nancy on Asacol
Horrible experience

For me, Asacol doesn't even deserve 1 star. I was diagnosed in May 2012 with mild left sided colitis. Dr. put me on Asacol and after taking it for about three weeks , one day I just simply doubled over with the most excrutiating pain in my gut. It was almost unbearable. Then the bloody diarrhea started!. At least 30 or more times a day. Called the doctor who said he didn't think it was the Asacol but that I was just "getting worse." I guess we really know our own bodies because I stopped taking the Asacol and the pain stopped shortly after but the diarrhea was much harder to stop. Doctor put me on prednisone (20 mg.) and it helped a lot. Then he put me on Imuran and I got deathly ill again. Doctor said next medication would be Remicade and I said to myself "Remicade for what is supposedly a mild case of UC. I think not". I then found the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and it has saved me. I have been on it for over two years and it is a slower healing than medication but it is great. I have had a few flares related to seasonal allergies but they are getting milder. I think I turned a corner at my two year period and seem much better. I am on no medications, except for a low dose of prednisone if I flare (once this year) and remain faithful to the diet.

by Phyllis on Asacol
Miss Asacol

I was diagnosed with UC about 10 years ago. I was originally prescribed Asacol 400mg 3x a day. Over the first couple of years I would have a few flare-ups that wouldn't go away so a short period of steroids helped get me over the hump. I gradually reduced the dosage of Asacol down to 1x a day and I was doing well until last year when the Original Asacol was discontinued and replaced with Dezacol. I did not tolerate Delzicol well. After 4 months of trying to tolerate it and some wight loss I complained to my doctor. He then prescribed Lialda 1.2 mg in January 2014. I was in the middle of making big changes in my life, so some digestive issues I was experiencing were not immediately apparent. As stomach and digestive issues continued I began to think it was the Lialda. So a week and a half a go I stopped taking it and made an appointment with a new doctor. Guess what, she prescribed Delzicol. I am so discouraged. I am going to try it again. Possibly take it every other day. Why did they discontinue Asacol?

by Todd on Asacol
works for me

I have had UC for 10 years. I have been on asacol this whole time. I am a mild case of UC. My dosage has been up and down, but have been on 12 400 mg a day for the last 3 years, but take 8 usually a day. it helps manage UC without changing my diet. I am also on 3 lmuron a day. Lmuron changed my diet to all dairy products, which sucked. I changed place of work and my new insurance for asacol was a joke. I went to Canada Pharmacy and was able to get 3 months for the same price as about 1.5 months in the good old USA. It is the generic form and you just have to deal with the longer shipping time. Side effects: hair loss was the biggest one that I have see. when in a bad flare up, it doesn't help, only steroids, which is not the greatest. Changing diet /life not to depend on meds. Was not happy last year when the patent ran out on asacol and found out that the drug company would not issue a generic drug in the US. Instead they stopped making it. Glad I go Canada for my meds.

by Laura on Asacol
Asacol Review

I give Asacol 3 stars because it was great and now it isn't. When my colitis was mild, I was on a small dose of Asacol 400. I went off of Asacol while I was pregnant (twice) without any known issues. At the beginning of 2014 I had my first major flare since diagnosis and they put me on Asacol HD (800). I was only on it for 5 days - I had to go off of it and immediately go on pain killers for 3 days because of the severe joint pain it caused me. I have since had another colonoscopy and found my disease has gotten worse and it spreading up my colon. Prednisone is the only med that has made me feel better (colitis wise), but I will not stay on that long term. I'm now on Apriso in place of Asacol - I have no opinion on this yet as I have been on it less than two months and I was on Prednisone for most of that time.

by John Lowdon on Asacol

I presume I have relatively mild UC.

But there was still a reasonable amount of pain on the left side of stomach and under ribs.

This seemed to resolve fairly quickly once I started Asacol.

I take 3 a day.

by bernard on Asacol
asacol is death

I had asacol for 6 days and it made me worse a 100 times. After I read everything there is about uc and crohn and the medicines, I concluded that the best way is going natural, just stop eating all the bad food and stop stressing and never take antibiotics.

by Andrea George on Asacol
12 years on Asacol

When I was first diagnosed at 18 years old after a colonoscopy, which was 13 years ago I was put straight on Asacol. It cleared up my symptoms along with steroids as I was bleeding and had mucus. Soon after all symptoms cleared up and I have been only on Asacol. I've never bled since touch wood. I was taking 2 400mg 3 times a day. Only recently was I told that I can get 800mg and means I only have to take 3 pills 3 times per day instead of six. They work for me as I say and I've never experimented with anything else. Maybe because I got diagnosed early with UC. Maybe once your past that stage it doesn't work.

by Colin on Asacol
Asacol experience

Had my first flare and after a colonoscopy showed UC I was put on Asacol. Initially 3x800mg a day for two weeks then 3x1200mg a day for two weeks. Symptoms got worse until I was eventually admitted to hospital. In the last two weeks on the higher dose I had nausea and vomiting and headaches, all of which which made it difficult to eat anything. All told I lost about 6-8kg over the 4 weeks on Asacol. The gout in my toe joint also flared up making walking/running to the loo difficult and painful! I stopped taking Asacol on a thursday night, was admitted to hospital on a Friday night and given my first shot of IV steroids. By Saturday AM I felt well enough to eat a decent breakfast and by the afternoon my toe/gout had returned to normal. Was able to eat three meals a day from then on. In fact I found they fed me too well and I had to start exercising by walking around the hospital. In short Ascol didn't seem to work at all and I was glad to be off it. Doctor told me Asacol either works for you or it doesn't. Was in hospital for a week then sent home with prednisolone tablets. Feeling good but will see what happens when the wean me off them.

by Tammy on Asacol

I believe I was allergic to asacol also. I was diagnosed with UC, started asacol and within 4 weeks they had to remove my colon.

by W. on Asacol
Worked with Prednisone...or maybe it was just the prednisone

I stopped a year and a half long flare up with prednisone and asacol suppositories. before I started this treatment my flare up was extremely severe. after only a week of this treatment I was able to go back to work and only use the restroom every 6 hours or so.

ASACOL use for UC

I was dignosed with UC in May 2006 and have been on UC 2.4 gms daily. I have been lucky to be in remission. However, in the colonoscopy the ulcers have been seen as they were. It has not had a treating effect but kept it under control effectively. I have not noticed any side effects so far.

by Sherry Patterson on Asacol
I was in the study done at the Universty of Chicago with Dr. Hanaour in the late eighties.

My disease did not go into remission during the study. Dr H. Put me back on steroids. He also asked me if I had quit smoking. I said yes. I asked him how he knew this. He told me that they were just starting to figure this out.

by Olivia Tuttle on Asacol

I have taken Asacol for probably 30 yrs. and for the most part I have been in remission. I would adjust my dose from 9 400mg tablets a day to 12- 400mg tablets a day according to how I was feeling. I have UC and Chrons and am also on Imuran. Then I go to the pharmacy one day and they told me that Asacol is not being made anymore. I had recently moved and had not gone in for my regular Dr. visit with my GI Dr. so he wouldn't call in a different med for me. Finally, after I called and made an appt. with the GI Dr. he called in Asacol 800 HD for me to take until I can see him. His first available appt. was over 2 mos. away. I had also tried to get in to see a Dr. in the area that I moved to but had no luck. Asacol always helps me but as others have said it is expensive. I pay the highest co-pay and if I get in the "donut hole" on medicare then it is between 800$ to almost 1000$. I am hoping that we can find something different for me to take that will keep me in remission when I have my Dr. appt. While I was off Asacol for the time before my Dr. called in the Asacol 800 HD, I was having severe pain even though I am on Imuran and on pain meds. Now I am feeling much better. Due to the cost I hope that I will be able to still find something less expensive that will work. Asacol 800HD is not as costly as Asacol 400mg but still pretty expensive.

by Jennifer Scholefield on Asacol

i was on asacol for awhile, it was starting to help my UC but i had bad side effects to it, my stomach burned so bad i couldnt eat and i got really dizzy from it that it made me sick, i feel in my case the side effects were almost as bad as the UC, i have found something else that works way better and no side effects, i am starting to heal now from eating coconut oil and taking probiotics

by Sandi Pick on Asacol

I have been on Asacol since before I was officially diagnosed with UC. Since then the dose has increased to 3 x 8mg tabs twice a day. Cannot say what impact they have had as they do not seem significant in respect to the results received from myself however they have not hurt me either. Also take Codeine 30mg(to slow down motions,) Lglutamine and 50 billion probiotics and this seems to work as long as I don't eat chinese(MSG).

by Dale on Asacol
My personal experience

I was diagnosed with UC back in 2007 and was put on asacol for about 4-6 months. My uc was in a total flare and the drug did very little to help even when combined with high doses of steroids. Eventualy i was taken off of the drug,

Hope this helps

by Luis Torres on Asacol
Bird man

Asacol works ok you can buy it cheap though a Canadian pharmacy and eating acording to your blood type it works for me ,always think positive and exercise

by Kelly on Asacol
No real effect but no side effects

I take it, but it really didn't do much to help me during flares or maintain remission. I didn't achieve remission until imuran was added. But I don't have any side effects from it, so they keep me on it. I wish it wasn't so expensive (tier 3 for me), but I stay on it because I don't want to even chance a flare up on the remote chance it is doing something.

by Susan on Asacol
asacol is a ok

I have mild uic, so when I have a flare Asacol has put a cork in it. The downside is the cost, which even with insurance is nearly $400.00 per RX. I'm curious as to what natural remedies some of the other reviewers have taken , as I hate taking too many chemically based medicines and prefer a natural approach.

by Colleen on Asacol
Allergic to ASACOL

I turned out to be severely allergic to ASACOL and ended up in ICU on it. I don't blame the medications because the doctor treating me at the time should have stopped giving it to me once I was admitted to hospital but didn't until I was in ICU. Try it but if you start getting worse stop taking it immediately regardless of what the doctor says.

by RCH on Asacol
Pred 50 still the best and CHEAPER

Asacol stopped the bleeding but not the pain. Pred 50 stopped both but puffiness of the face, excess eating and swelling feet are unwanted side effects

by Shirley Peters on Asacol

It didn't do much for me. I was not impressed with the results. I ended up going into remission for awhile and quit taking it.

by ANNE RANIERO on Asacol
Asacol~Never Again

Gave me permanent kidney damage....don't recommend the medicine to anyone!!!

by Lisa on Asacol
Asacol HD

If you have tried Asacol, but not Asacol HD, ask your dr. about it. Asacol HD should be more effective, it is much stronger. I am on Asacol HD and it cleared up my flare very quickly.

by Kayet Templeton on Asacol

Didn't do a thing for me,took it for awhile till I was approved by my insurance to take Apriso. It works really well and I'm happy with it.

by Sarah on Asacol
Works for me

Asacol, or 'Arse-O-Cork' as it is known in my house, has been the only treatment I have had since diagnosis nearly 2 years ago. Initially I was given an Asacol enema as well to hit it from both ends until the bleeding stopped. I felt the GP I have was a bit quick to take me down to the lower dose tabs which results in break through episodes of diarrhoea regularly, but she seems reluctant to leave me on the higher dose. Apart from the increase in migraines very happy on this treatment.

by Rosanne Robinson on Asacol

Was never impressed with it. The Prednisone had more of an effect on flare than Asacol. Also have been taking Apriso...time release version of not know that it does anything. I have weaned myself off of it. I believe & hope that the Prednisone & Mercaptopurine are what is working for me.

by debbie hill on Asacol

Have been on Pantasa granules 2g once a day for two years have not had a major flare while being on them.But my last endoscopy shows i now have crohns and colitis previously had U C for 20 odd years.

by Mary on Asacol
Works for me

I have mild uc and Asacol has has kept me in remission for almost 6 months. Dr. is now tapering off to see if I can stay in remisssion. No problems or bad side affects so I'm happy so far. I also use the extra virgin olive oil regimen.

by Gill Peat on Asacol
No Change at all!

First drug they put me on, had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Added suppositories, then enemas - again, no change at all. Eventually on 6MP plus the anti-histamine Fexofenedine and bingo! However, if I run out of Fexofenedine then I get slight bleeding again

by Corey on Asacol

I was diagnosed with antibiotic induced ulcerative colitis and put on Asacol. I ended up being hospitalized for 6 days, no one at the hospital had ever heard of mesalamine induced acute intolerance syndrome. I ended up with acute kidney failure and severe anemia requiring a blood transfusion.

I then got C-Diff for the next 2 months after hospitalization.

by Garry on Asacol
Open Minded User

Fingers crossed, Asacol appears to be helping this time. Back in Feb 2005 when I was first diagnosed with UC, my GI put me on Asacol and it worked for about 6 months. When the disease broke thru, my GI put me on a stronger and stronger meds (e.g. prednisone, 6MP, sulfasalazine, remicade), but I was not happy with the results. Long story short: I went naturopathic in 2009 and stopped all meds and had much better results than on pharmaceuticals. My GI recommended that I go back on Asacol to help control a flare in October 2011 and I have been on it ever since. Had a bad bout of C-Diff in May/June 2012 and an occasional flare since being on Asacol, but gratefully I've been able to get back into remission. Whether this is due to the Asacol or something else, who knows? I don't notice any adverse side effects so I keep popping Asacol. My dose: 6 x 250mg tablets x twice daily.

by Jasmine on Asacol
Doesn't work

This drug did not work what so ever for me. I tried it two different times and it never worked. My symptoms did not decrease what so ever. it would also come out as a full pill almost every time I took it.. I know sometimes with some people the shell would come out but this was not just the shell it was the medicine inside the shell. I also hated the amount of pills necessary each day.. Especially when you don't take pills well.

by Shana on Asacol
Happy user

I've been on Asacol for more than a year now, Tried it at my insistence when my former Md told me it was time for Immuran or remmicade or surgery if those didn't work. Being opposed to all of those options, I wanted to exhaust all other options. After a bit of insisting I got a begrudging go-ahead. I was not warned that it would take some time to take effect so I was miserable for about a week while I adjusted to it. When I say miserable I mean I couldn't stand up straight, had serious bloating, felt nauseated and couldn't stay awake for more than 2 hours. I toughed it out and after weaning off of steroids I have been in remission since Dec '11. aside from the adjustment period I have no noticeable side effects. I also take multivitamin, and probiotic.

by Laura Agnewc on Asacol

I really do like Asacol because for me i have no side affects. The down side is that it isnt working the way it should for me

by Bev on Asacol
I Don't Think So!

Not even one star for this drug, but I HAD to rate one star or I could not post my review...rats.... I was on asacol for 14 made everything so much worse worse! My doctor said it was the UC, not the drug, and kept increasing the dosage. When I was at the highest dose, I felt so sick, I thought that I was going to die! Wasted 14 years of my life feeling miserable that I CANNOT GET BACK!! I finally discontinued it and went all natural.

And....get this...asacol is one of the most BENIGN drugs used to treat UC! I can't imagine taking anything stronger and never will take anything pharmaceutical for UC again!!

by Sandi Thompson on Asacol

My Dr knew I was allergic to asprin. Put me on Asacol anyway..I broke out in a rash in my bowels and bottom. It was horrible.

by Brooke on Asacol

I've had UC for many years. Asacol keeps me in remission for long periods of time. I've had a few flares over the years that required high doses of prednisone (while on Asacol)with many months of tapering. My body can tell if I have missed consecutive doses of Asacol. This drug has been my lifesaver with UC. I believe I would have many more flares with out it. Currently taking 3- 400 mg tabs of Asacol 3 times daily. When I was first diagnosed with UC I was put on Mesalamine and flared often. Even though Mesalamine and Asacol are essentially the same thing, for some odd reason the Asacol brand seemed to work best for me. I haven't experienced any negative side-effects of the drug. Con-this medication is incredibly expensive if you don't have insurance. At cost, it is around $1,000/mo. Thankfully, I just pay a co-pay.

by Robin Anikas on Asacol

Asacol did not help my symptoms at all, it caused an increase in diarrhea aa well as hair loss by the handfuls. The quantity of pills required daily was also extremely difficult to deal with long term.

by Kimberley on Asacol
Not effective for severe UC

I had a severe UC flair when I was prescribed a large dose of asocol, I found it temporarily helpful but in the greater picture I was passing the pills completely undisolved and gained no benefit from them

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  1. I have taken Asacol and the only thing it did for me was give me severe joint aches to where it hurt to move in the morning. I did not get better on it nor did it make me stay in remission.

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