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Another Colitis Symptoms Success Story – Diet Related

This is an email I received from one of the UC’ers who uses this site, and what a great message to get, have a read:

Ann here from England, thought I would give you an update, I purchased the SCD book by Elaine Gottshall, and bought most of the ingredients required to commence myself healing plan, after 3 weeks of living by this food bible the colitis Flare up has settled down no signs of any blood or diarrhea, for which I am over moon with.

So heart felt thanks for all the info on your website, This enforces my decision to renounce the hard drugs which my specialist wanted me to start on in February of this year. You have mentioned a facebook page, unfortunately I don`t do facebook, and have no objection you mentioning me in your list of self healing people.

My you continue to keep well, take care my lucky angel


Thank you Ann for sending the message over, this really made my day.

I’m sure this message will inspire others who are having a hard time getting their UC symptoms under control to try the SCD diet related treatment ideas as well.

Medications are great, and they do work for a decent percentage of people to manage colitis symptoms, but for other people with colitis, they don’t always bring the results that folks are looking for.

So big hip hip horray for some other ways of going about the treatment of this nasty disease.

Have a great week to all, especially you Ann,


12 thoughts on “Another Colitis Symptoms Success Story – Diet Related”

  1. The SCD diet worked for me for a year and then I begin to have issues that resulted in doctors recommending surgery to me as only solution. Begin Entyvio instead and have been in full remission for 6 months.

  2. I can only tell my experience.Around 50% of ulcerative colitis patients will remain in remission in any given year.If I have remission I will attribute it to whatever I am taking leading to spurious associations.Diet improves or worsens symptoms but it does not cause ulcerative colitis.You must take all the benefits of diet which suits you but DO NOT STOP THE DRUGS Prescribed by your doctor lest you suffer a severe relapse later on.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Interesting opinions you have. And once again, I think you prove that we are all unique. Good luck with whatever combination of treatments you are using, and although I disagree with your capitalized section of your comment in quite a few situations, we are all entitled to our opinions on what is the best way to go. Especially if we are the ones living with it.

      Good luck to you,

  3. Ravi, unfortunately, I can’t take the drugs the gastroenterologists prescribe. I am hyper sensitive to all the mediations given me, even by my rheumatologist. They don’t even believe me so I get to point that I’m not going to tell them and try to take the least invasive drugs I can when in a flair. I make my own milk kefir, which has helped me tremendously and now I’m also making water kefir and am interested in natural processed fermented foods such as sauerkraut. If a person can find an alternative to the bad drugs prescribed by out doctors, go for it. There are good supplements out there that help also.

  4. Could someone please tell me if the bleeding will
    ever stop??? I’ve never had a flare where the
    bleeding has just lingered on. Most other symptoms are gone. One day there’s none, then it bleeds… I just don’t get it. What’s happening?

  5. My wife UC did SCD 35 yrs. ago and returned to normal colonoscopy. She was facing colostomy.
    Over the years she has had many bleeding flares and does short prednisone spells and return to less strict SCD. Always on probiotics.
    Over the past year, very stressful, the diet and prednisone spells began failing.
    A study showed healing of lab colitis by Chlorophyllin, and how autophagy is involved. After a week of chlorophyllin pills am and pm, the colitis stopped. Now after 3 mos. her regular scheduled colonoscopy was normal, no inflammation. No side effects.
    We are trying to pass this on to help someone else. Please move or edit or what needs. Thanks Adam. Roger

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