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Simple and Helpful Message from another UCer

This is the message and hopefully it is helpful to you now or in the future:

Hello Adam,

Just wanted to share some advice that will be obvious to some UC-sufferers but for others, it may be a useful reminder. I have been flaring since last May, (and being treated with Pentasa suppositories and for a while, prednisolone).  I have been very careful with my diet, removing any “triggers” and fasting intermittently. When symptoms were worsening only about  four days ago, I was unsure what to eat. In the end I simply ate very slowly and chewed my food into a mush before swallowing it. Thankfully now the bleeding has gone down considerably and I haven’t had any symptoms during the day. ((It’s my mornings that are problematic, but it’s always been like that). 

So this is just a reminder for other UCers that this “common-sense” approach really helps.

Thank you again for your wonderful website.

Hope you are well and wish you a fruitful day ! “

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