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All of the posts from "Annonymous UC" are from ulcerative colitis people who anonymously submitted stories or Doctor Reviews, medication, supplement reviews etc... I post all these stories to the site, but they're different from my own personal stories so hopefully this account makes more sense:) -Adam - founder of

subway colonoscopy comic

Great Results Confirmed from Colonoscopy Biopsy, Anybody?

I hope you’re well and in good health. I follow your iHaveUC page as I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 34 years ago.  Fortunately, I am on a very low dose of medication, Salofalk 1.5g granules.  I am am supposed to have a colonscopy every 2 years but let it lapse because of how difficult it was to do things during covid lockdown etc.  Late… Read More »Great Results Confirmed from Colonoscopy Biopsy, Anybody?

L Glutamine Reviews

In a newsletter wide survey that was conducted in July of 2014, many UC’ers who are part of iHaveUC wanted to hear from the masses about their experiences with L-Glutamine and several other supplements.  So this page was created as a place for those of you to voice your own personal review of how L-Glutamine as a supplement has played a part (or not a… Read More »L Glutamine Reviews

Thyme for Colitis Food – Breakfast Video

Hey UC’ers, Shot a brand new video, brand new location, and it was thyme to get into some herbage with eggs in the morning. Any other herbs you throw on your colitis eggs in the morn? Here is the link to the video on YouTube if you can’t view it on this page: In good health, Adam Scheuer (founder of Anonymous-UC'erAll of the… Read More »Thyme for Colitis Food – Breakfast Video

A Great Video with a Very Similar Diet to How I Eat

Hey UC’ers, I have been meaning to post this video for you to see for some time, and after sending it out to a fellow UC’er who is going through some tuff times right now, I making sure that you all check it out if you have a few spare minutes.  The diet this doctor describes is very similar to the SCD diet that I… Read More »A Great Video with a Very Similar Diet to How I Eat