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Melatonin and Fasting (2 New Ulcerative Colitis Management Ideas)

I recently sent an email asking for any tips for managing Ulcerative Colitis (to everyone on the Newsletter Group), and I received several comments.

Two of them I want to share with you as they haven’t been highlighted before on the site, so a big thanks to both David and Rod for sharing the ideas with me!

Below are the messages I received, first the one from David about melatonin:

Hey Adam, 

I appreciate these emails. I’ve gotten some helpful tips over the years in managing this illness.

I actually have Ulcerative Proctitis, which is wayyyy less talked about
everywhere on the internet, lol. Anyways, recently, over the summer, I
had been flaring but had to fly overseas for work, so I took some
melatonin on the flight to try and sleep. When I got to my final
destination in Europe, my symptoms were basically all gone. Pretty sure
the melatonin had something to do with it so I continued taking it. I’ve
been flare free ever since. That was in late July. Pretty awesome. I
also have a wonderful woman in my life who prayed (and fasted) for me,
which I believe also played a part. 

Hope this
helps! I had read about melatonin being a remedy in the past, so I’m
super thrilled that I finally got around to trying it. I take 10mg

Not sure that it’s been mentioned before on your site or emails, so I hope it helps!


The 2nd message was about fasting.. from Rod, and here it is:

you considered intermittent fasting?  Fast for 18 to 22 hours 1 to 2
times a week.  From after dinner one day to before dinner the next day.It
has helped my wife with her trigeminal neuralgia and when I have tried
it, I have found it  beneficial for my UC symptoms, allowing me to
extend the frequency of my Remicade infusions.

Thank you again to both David and Rod, super cool of you to share, and perhaps this will give some ideas to some who are struggling at the moment with their UC.

Warm regards,


10 thoughts on “Melatonin and Fasting (2 New Ulcerative Colitis Management Ideas)”

    1. Hey Ann!

      Was cool to see Adam post my story!

      To answer your question – I take one 10mg, time release melatonin tablet right before bed. Seems to be the right dose for me. The brand is Natrol and I get it at Target.

      Hope it helps!

  1. Hi Adam,
    I’ve read the last messages and I confirm that fasting probably helps with UC (and several other diseases). I usually practice Time-Restricted-Feeding for 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours, almost every day. I’ve been in remission for years with just mesalazine and some natural remedies (probiotic ECN 1917, vitamin D etc..).

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this David (and Rod) and for sharing this Adam. Melatonin was suggested to me three years ago and I never took the time to try it so this is a good nudge for me. The person who suggested it to me said to take time realeased melatonin.
    I’m going to give it a try too.

    The same person also told me that intermittent fasting was important to implement – it allows the body some extra time to get rid of junk proteins and other metabolites – but I think personally my bowel is too inflamed to fit getting all my nutrients in an 8 hr window.

    It’s so great to hear what works for other people!

  3. I’ve started reading about Melatonin and there seems to be some recent research supporting this! All research I’ve been able to find without the aid of a university library indicates that Melatonin is helpful even when the research subjects were taking small doses 2 mgs in one I found. It is worth a try, worst case scenario we all get better sleep!

  4. Hi i would like to share something with all of you. That thing is Rockrose (probably rockrose, i used translator, Cistus in latin). Sometimes it works almost as good as steroids for me. I went from sick to healthy in 3 days once. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all and i’m not sure why, perhaps there are different species of that herb available in my country and only one works.
    Oh, and i want to mention, that it’s not placebo for sure, when i was drinking cistus for a first time i was actually afraid that it will get my symptoms worse. (It was easier for me to drink it than having endless argument with my nagging friend ;)

    I hope it helps someone.
    oh, and sorry for my english

  5. I have used melatonin prescribed to me it is called circadian 2mg SR it sort of help me relax but then didn’t really found it that hopeful for my sleep and not sure if it helped my UC. I still have some I should give it a go and see if it makes a difference. currious to know what dose was taken


  6. David, thank you for sharing. Looking for this, I am only finding 5mg time release and the 10mg is a fast dissolve. Are you taking 2 of the 5mg tablets?

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