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Remission Potion??? LET’S HOPE…Fingers Crossed

Meet Shelly:

It’s me again…Shelly from Maine, UC lifer who is now, well older than my last post in 2012, writing on my final dose of Humira anniversery(2011)! I am writing to share something new and hopefully groundbreaking and life changing to help on our road to remission “prescribed” by my Chiro. Dr. Z…Drumroll please…Des Bio-Intestinal Restore! Name should say it all!

Some more background:

I live in Maine on a lake and I love all the seasons, but my favorite is fall. I enjoy kayaking, cross country skiing, boating, seadooing, walking on my treadmill, but most of all I enjoy just being and enjoying my view and life with my spouse/life partner/soul mate/help and consoler after accidents and toilet paper supplier of 27+ years(thanks Polly) and my now 1 dog, Katie. (Miss my Wheaton!)

Katie from Shelly

here’s Katie!!

I regret not looking sicker so people can see how awful and sh*tty this invisible disease is and I feel bad that people don’t really want to know and understand Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s.


Knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc. I am currently in remission thanks to this new product although my immune system is constantly out of whack. Grim Reaper UC…

Shelly’s Story!

Many of you know my story or you can read my other 2…I am a UC lifer, symptoms, accidents, etc. since as young as I can remember, put on sulfasalazine before I was diagnosed, been through all the meds and am allergic and/or intolerant to all. Have vowed to never go on toxic meds. again as they have given me all the side effects and lasting effects including: permanent rash(6mp), gallbladder removal(remicade), nervous system/system issues(humira), prednisone,…too many to list!

I have been in and out of remission all my life with meds up until that last dose of Humira which essentially sent me to the hospital with so many side effects including heart racing and I already had a cardiac cath. To make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack on this med. I also have heart disease on my mother’s side along with ibd as well as rampant IBD on my Dad’s side of the family. Doomed from inside out and top to bottom!!HAHA.

Anyway, I began my journey to SCD from this point already taking a great probiotic, prescription strength VSL, adding in fish oil, vitamin D3, Spirutein in my power smoothies(complete with powerful frozen Maine native blueberries which have superpowers…for real!), frozen ripe bananas a geat trick I learned from Adam! (thanks to our fearless/groundbreaking leader of which I am proud and to say I have been with almost since its inception and am proud to call Adam a friend who has ties to Maine…Thank you, Adam.) and great help and support from my Dr. who is a D.O. and works WITH me and my gastro Dr. I have had all along.

Anyway, I gave up bread and cereal(very sad for me…I miss my Lucky Charms, Cap’n Crunch/Crunch Berries, Frosted Mini Wheats, etc, real pizza, etc. I used Adam’s site and the pecanbread (stages)site when I got really bad and had to go extremely slow. It works to eat that way, there is scientific proof and you really have to read the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gotschall, to understand the process and science. You also need to exercise no matter how little you are able to do(a treadmill is a godsend for me). Eating naturally along with scd is crucial.

I have had many flares since and missed plenty of work and life, including 3 annual cases of iritis which have occurred the end of March!

I work with special ed. Children in a petri dish of germs that is constantly beating down my immune system every winter and spring and some in between.

UC is a full body with lots of EIM’s/ individual rollercoaster disease. In my case it is clearly a huge genetic component, but I can hopefully keep managing naturally (surgery is my next option)and others’ may be external from our society’s quick fix/cure obsession with antibiotics, Accutane, very poor diet,etc. that destroy the gut biome. I feel the meds are so toxic and their toxicity is directly proportional to the length of their commercials!

I have used l-glutamine and other chinese herbs, but this mixture of lglutamine and amino acids, etc, which heal the mucosal lining, must be the secret to getting the amounts right! Let’s hope this is it! We gotta keep winning the battles so we can win the war. (Caveat…there is no magic bullet and you must make lots/all the changes.Keeping a journal is also invaluable.)

Hang in there…there is always hope….UC is a curse and a gift allowing you to show you how tough you can be, weeds out your not-friends!, and helps you to appreciate all the little things in life.
Best of health and wellness, Shelly

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***Update from Shelly (I sent her an email asking her about where UC’ers using iHaveUC can a get this stuff, she replied:

Anyway that’s all I know except after 4+ months of bleeding(anemia) with 10-20 trips to bathroom…it worked within a month!  Plus strict SCD.    Not sure I put that in the story, but I or you can add that!
That’s the company homepage and at the bottom right it says to licensed healthcare professionals so people will have to work with someone.

Best to you both!


*****I also wrote to the company asking them about this stuff, they replied:

Hello Adam,

DesBio products are sold only through Health Care Practitioners.  We do not sale products to the general public.

Thank you,




19 thoughts on “Remission Potion??? LET’S HOPE…Fingers Crossed”

  1. Thanks sooooo much Adam for sharing this important info so quickly….you are amazing in all that you have done for the UC community. <3. :-) .
    Shout out to Bev…you were in my first draft that got lost! You are an amazing spokesperson and supporter…never get off your UC soapbox- <3. And all others battling and sharing what works as well as what doesn't(just as important).
    Hope this helps in your/our battle for remission. Stay focused and positive and determined!
    Best, Shelly

  2. Love the title of your post, Shelly!!

    Remission potion…uh yeah!! Fingers crossed…hopefully optimistic!! Love it!!

    Love you, girl:)

    1. Haha…thanks Bev…the title just came to me last minute! I sometimes would jokingly call the Chinese and holistic meds a little hocus pocus and magic potions! :-)
      Let’s hope this is finally 1 big piece…it has the lglutamine and other healing amino acids. I was sooo sick this winter/spring and went to my chiro for help and he had this new product. He said give it a month and i said that was probably about all the time I had before severe anemia, dehydrarion and? And voilà…just a little over a month with strict SCD, vsl #3 Rx strength Max dose 4 sachets(900 Billion per packet) Smoothies, fish oil! I was truly amazed and excited!
      So…let’s hope this is the remission potion!
      Love ya, too Bev. :-)

  3. This sounds like a fantastic product that everyone with gut and/or bowel probems should at least try.

    Thank you Shelly and Adam!!

    Man, what would we do without this site? Can you imagine??

  4. Thanks for that info Shelly & Adam!

    Good to know that we UCers can get this product through a medical professional.

    Stay strong Shelly!

    1. Thanks Marty…I’ve been I this a long time and nothing has worked like this along with SCD, etc. Not sure if it would do it alone, but like I said before…the OCD with food, etc is the way to go! Having UC is a full time job! :-)

    1. Hi Lynn,
      It is the Intestinal Restore…you have to get it through a health practitioner. It really stopped the bleeding and started to heal in around a month! I have been in the UC “game” a long, long time and I am always cautiously realistic! :-) I do have a very strict diet and use SCD, but can taper back a smidge when feeling better…about 95-98% SCD, gluten and dairy free, plus quality probiotics, d3 and fish oil.
      Good luck…hope this helps! Shelly

    1. Hi Trish,
      I would think you could get a healthcare practitioner to get the product for you if you gave them the info. The company is DesBIO…if you Google that there is a phone number and other information. The product is the Intestinal Restore.
      I hope you are able to get it. Please keep us posted so others will know.
      Best, Shelly

  5. Ok so very strict SCD means…..the intro part or what? Currently doing what you are minus this intestinal restore and SCD but rice (I know it’s not on the SCD ). If I don’t get Carbs I get very low glucose levels so thus the rice. I’m working with a wonderful ND who has UC! He’s amazing! He knows because he has been where I am. He’s been in remission for 15 years. Thanks for your help I’ll ask him about this intestinal restore in a couple weeks. I appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your journey it helps all of us.

    1. Hi Lynn, I am not at intro, but when i was very sick I go back to something close. I’m not sure where you are with bleeding, symptoms, etc. The best guide site for that is the pecanbread/stages site. I won’t link it because it slows post down, but Kyle posted them in his recent post of SCD is doing it for me. So very strict is when i have more symptoms and less strict I add gf organic oats for oatmeal breakfast and I also do occasional gf/org. rice pasta…I waited on those things which you are supposed to do with SCD. Not sure if you have read the book or not. How about a good probiotics. I also write everything down…meals, bm’s, etc. this has been super helpful…OCD, but helpful.
      We are all here to help on Adam’s site…we’re a UC family so any info you need, anytime! The one thing I caution you about is UC is somewhat individual and not everything that works for 1 person always works for another. The new product focuses on restoring the intestinal/mucosal lining in what is becoming more well known as leaky gut. The is definite research through CCFA on the gut biome…finally! It is just 1 piece of the puzzle along with restoring with probiotics(quality ones) and antiinflammatories…which I’m sure your ND has talked a lot about.
      Hope this is helpful. Best, Shelly

  6. Shelly From maine

    Just adding in another round of iritis…actually 2. It switched to my right eye in Oct./Nov. and back to my left eye for my “annual” flare. Seems allergy connection even though I don’t have true allergies! Hanging tough with the colitis…some symptoms with flare, but fighting the fight with the naturals!
    Good health all!

  7. Shelly,
    Your post is so helpful, thank you. Would love your thoughts on a couple questions!

    – Are you on medication at all? Sounds like no, just confirming (in or out of a flare)

    – Did you discuss DesBio with any GI doctors? Curious if I’m able to get it through a traditional GI doctor or not. Looks like an awesome combination of successful ingredients

    – I started the SCD yogurt and GI Pro Health Scdophilus 3+ (probably not enough). I was worried about Bifidus strains – but wondering if VSL #3 is worth experimenting with?

    – I’m about to start tapering down on Prednisone for the first time (I’m new to UC) – Then hoping to try to be medication-free, if my GI doctor will let me try – No idea if that’s feasible. I will definitely listen to her at an appt today, but I want to see what’s possible and if/what symptoms return before meds…we’ll see I guess!

    1. Shelly From maine

      Hi Rachel,
      I just read your story on Facebook and here yesterday. It looks like you are on the right track. Natural is the best way to go if you can. I was out of choices, but I have been battling this disease for about 33+ years. I am not on Rx meds. Traditional Dr.’s, especially GI’s, will have a hard time with the natural stuff and diet like SCD. They are coming around with the gut biome research and probiotics. I have a prescription strength VSL#3 which your Dr. Can submit a code for. Bev(another person you should follow) takes Critical Care ultimaflora by renew life. You can search her name down bottom and Graham and his olive oil. And some others especially Adam!
      Whatever you do…keep a journal, do lots of research and find Dr.’s willing to work with you. My primary care is a D.O. And they work on the whole body. He is actually the one who first started me on probiotics-Metagenics.
      Be prepared for symptoms to try and return with your pred. taper…long and slow is better.
      Hope this helps some…you came to the right site! UC is tricky and individual, but gang in there. Keep us posted!
      Best, Shelly

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