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Great Results Confirmed from Colonoscopy Biopsy, Anybody?

I hope you’re well and in good health.

I follow your iHaveUC page as I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 34 years ago.  Fortunately, I am on a very low dose of medication, Salofalk 1.5g granules.  I am am supposed to have a colonscopy every 2 years but let it lapse because of how difficult it was to do things during covid lockdown etc. 

subway colonoscopy comic

Late last month I had my colonscopy which was overdue by 1 year and was hoping for a very good result which was confirmed from the biopsy revealing that no active inflammatory bowel disease was detected.  Have you had many other UC sufferers receive this type of result?  

I believe that part of my healing was attributed to taking kefir which was first a water version but transitioned to a dairy version.

I am interested to hear you thoughts.



11 thoughts on “Great Results Confirmed from Colonoscopy Biopsy, Anybody?”

  1. Hi Roger,
    Thank you for sharing.
    I really hope there are lots of others who can share some great post colonoscopy news here to give you a better idea that you are not alone with this good news.
    For me, I am getting to the overdue point, and should have another colonoscopy by next January.
    As for my last colonoscopy, it was not 100% clear, but the biopsies were fine and no issues reported that caused the doc any concern or treatment changes needed.
    I’m due for another, and thx for the reminder and again hoping many others are like you with great results. Best to you, Adam

  2. I also was diagnosed with UC in 2015 after having blood in stool, armies of white blood cells attacking my immune system and not being able to absorb nutrients from food. This past week, 7 yrs later, I had a colonoscopy. My system was very clear from the Surprep and the results were better than expected! Just a little bit of diverticulosis in a few locations. Not UC. I have been on a very clean diet, take Vizbiome probiotic each morning and eliminated sugar, many carbs and cook my veggies. I also do alot of yoga and stress relief (meditation, breathing practices etc) Not sure if I was misdiagnosed???

      1. Hi Juliet. I had a great support team. I see a Naturopath who is a Chinese Medicine Doctor. Got Acupuncture from her to help destress my body. Chinese herbs helped. I worked with a nutrition person who does Muscle testing. I took a strong probiotic called Vizbiome. My diet was very clean: no sugar, minimal bread/grains. Mostly ate cooked protein (fish, chicken, etc) and cooked veggies. Less raw food; hard to digest. Lots of water, herbal tea. No coffee or caffeine.Practice yoga to destress. Meditate. Say no to a busy busy life. Rest is very needed and self care. Keep a food log to learn inflammation triggers. It takes TIME to heal. Dont get discouraged.

  3. Rosanne

    Good for you! Gold stars is what my GI gives for good clean out and great results! I have been doing these for 40 years! In the beginning before all the insurance mandates and anesthesia it was sometimes 5 or 6 in a year!
    I recently had a fecal culture and it showed a low reading meaning no active UC!
    Right now I am trying to wean off 5 mg. Prednisone each day but keep getting bad muscle and tendon pains. Ugh!
    Good luck!

  4. I was diagnosed in 1988, and have had multiple flares over the years. I’m now taking 3g salofalk and back on azathioprine, which I find quite scary but it keeps the flares at bay. I have got extreme pain in my joints and sometimes I don’t sleep, walk with a limp and so forth. My last colonoscapy detected architectural distortion, but no one explained what this is, covid happening seems to have stopped all communication with GI nurses and consultants, appointments and follow ups are non existent to. But at the moment all is fairly OK.

  5. Mary S

    Congrats on the great colonsopy! I had my last colonoscopy October 2021 and it came out fine and in fact the dr suggested I could stop my mesalamine and see how I do. I declined for a couple of reasons. I still flare in spring usually with weather changes and more importantly my rheumatologist says right now it is helping my enteropathic arthritis (similar to RA and caused by UC) and if I stop he’ll have to put me on something else. I am 71 and have had UC for 10 years or so and have no problem with being on maintenance meds the rest of my life as long as it keeps working. I eat gluten free and have added more extra virgin olive oil to my diet.

  6. I was just given my first remission clearance since being diagnosed 4 yrs ago. I have been on Remicade most of that time. I’m almost as scared to stop treatment as I was to start it. I attribute food choices and supplements to my turn around ..water kefir , spirulina , collagen peptides , and several supplements that I won’t get into unless you RLLY wanna know ..also celery juice..I’m THAT girl. Lol Anywhooo I have questions and apprehension about remission , esp since I don’t feel that great and had just inquired about voluntary surgery to remove my colon. I have inflammation all the time. Can any one else relate to this? If so I’d love to hear more , I do so much research on foods and things that I am not that schooled on medication and side effects etc.

    1. Hi Susan. I am THAT girl too! Celery and cucumbers are alkaline foods that my body loves. No more white potatoes, just nutritious sweet potatoes. yadda yadda. Have you tried stress reduction techniques like yoga, breathing practices and meditation? I find that when my stress levels are low, everything else works better.

    2. Hi,
      I was on Remicade for a year. It helped but did not get me into remission. Switched to Entyvio in 2018 and started feeling better after about 6 months. I get infusions every 4 weeks. My last colonoscopy was Jan 2021. Colon looks great. Still dealing with proctitis but I am so much better! I’ve had no side effects from the Entyvio. I have learned that I do not tolerate wheat products. I cannot eat raw veggies. Grains are not good either. I take a probiotic and drink kombucha every day. Hope this helps.

  7. It was interesting to hear everyone’s stories. I was just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis February of this year at the age of 42. It’s been miserable and Entyvio didn’t work for me. I just started Remicade today and hope it helps.

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