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Stopping Colitis Symptoms Before they Start – Part 1


Hey UC’ers,

If you can’t watch my video because you’re at work right now or on an airplane or train without headphones, no worries. I don’t say anything too crazy, and chances are people who don’t know what UC is won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. But, please watch this video when you get home.

I’m super excited for this week ahead, and most importantly I am hoping to see a nice log roll down the river in the next day or two. My colitis symptoms have finally re-appeared. It is ever so slight at the moment, but I’m sure that if I don’t make some changes to how I eat(and DRINK more importantly), I’m going to find myself in a flare up in a week or two. And we all know that’s no fun.

I’ve noticed some UC symptoms such as urgency, loose stools, and even a butt pee episode over the last two days, and I’m planning on stopping this crap in its tracks.

Watch the video to get the main points of what I’ll be changing, but the major first step is my morning rituals need a review and some revisions. For at least a day or two (or maybe three six, eight, nine…not really sure) I’ve had coffee well before putting any food in my system. And…that’s gonna change, starting TODAY:))

I reference two other videos in the video above:

Ginger Tea

One of my colitis smoothies videos

Let’s see how it goes.

I wish you all the very best, and have some great weeks, meet some new people, and don’t be scared to tell anyone you have colitis. You’ll soon find out you’re not the only one.

Warm regards from getting colder CZ land,

-Adam Scheuer

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***To watch Part – 2 which was recorded the very next day, here is the link to that story:  CLICK TO WATCH PART 2

9 thoughts on “Stopping Colitis Symptoms Before they Start – Part 1”

    1. Thanks so much for the concern Cheryl, but I’m not even close to that point yet. And thankfully, its been about 12 hours since I recorded that video, and I’m seeing some good improvement already. And looking back, I should have mentioned that over the weekend I was out of town visitng some friends/taking trains/ cruising around… And I made a mistake of drinking some wine, vodka and a few other things Saturday night…which I never do. So my guess is the whole combo was a big no no, and now that back at home and back in the normal swing, i’m expecting a whole different story maybe even by tomorrow morn. The day so far’s been great, and that’s what I was hoping for this morning. One day at a time:)

  1. Adam!

    I am never one to scold…but oh the dreaded drink…lol! There is no way that I can imbibe, if you catch my drift. I would be so sorry!

    Isn’t it ;’funny’ how when we finally get ‘better’ we think that we are once again invincible. I heat that! I’ve had my own troubles this summer…it was a freakin’ hot one and I don’t think the old UC likes 100 degree and more heat. I am so tired of wondering what caused this flare and what caused that one…hopefully someday soon, this will all just be a bad memory…when there is finally found that magic bullet (I still maintain that we UCers cannot hold onto good bacteria, whether it be from diet or probiotics).

    Hang inn there old boy….and I disagree with Cheryl up above (no offense), about involving your GI. You know where that will lead…although…perhaps soon there will be something NEW and NATURAL that they will start ‘prescribing’ to us!!

    Get back on your path that worked before….that’s what I did…and I am almost back to being golden again! If anyone knows how to do it, Adam…you do!!


  2. Grapes! Hmmm. You know…the same thing happened to me with my cherry tomatoes this year Adam! Last year, I ate them and I was fine. This year…the skins seemed harder to cut or penetrate through…maybe because of that freakin’ heat…but, that’s when I first noticed those sneaky crappy old UC symptoms cropping up…next day after I ate ’em and ever since…except now I am finally getting rid of them.

    Also…great point on the coffee! I take my probiotic (as you know) first thing in the am, with water, and then work out for an hour and a half. THEN, I have me coffee.


  3. Hi adam, if it makes you feel any better, I am on holiday in Barcelona and as you know I don’t have colitis, but after dinner last night I experienced the same symptoms as you. It has cleared up and I am back to normal. The point I want to make is sometimes our bodies react to food/drink which we are not used to – it happens to us all.

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