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An Awesome Winter Time Tea That’s Almost Dessert

Prague Castle

Not related to the Ginger Tea, but if you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend czeching out Prague, the Capital city of the Czech Republic. Friendly folks, good food, and for you beer drinkers, they have lots of that too.

Ahoj / Nazdar,

Happy New Years to everyone!

It’s been about five years for me since I was starting a new year out in the Czech Republic, actually I wasn’t even diagnosed with UC the last time new years or “Novy Rok” came around for me in the East Block lands.  But for those of you who are out of pocket and far away from home right now, or even if you’re back in your usual crib, I wanted to share my new favorite drink/tea/ dessert that I’m really loving and pretty sure some of you will too.

The cool(or warm) part is, it’s super simple to make, it tastes great, lots of health benefits (at least according to the Czech grannies I’ve been chatting with), and in some magical way, it warms you right up after being outside in the freezing weather.  And yes, its Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD legal too.  Here’s a link from PubMed that gives the abstract to a study: Cancer Preventive Properties of Ginger you might want to check out too.  ALSO, here’s another study titled: Modulating Effect of Ginger Extract on Rats with Ulcerative Colitis that has an interesting abstract as well.

The main part of this tea is Ginger, and you don’t need to much of it, a half ounce or 15 grams will do just fine.  But, as the days have rolled on, I’m starting to crank up the ginger content quite a bit.  I don’t really know how you measure this stuff, but for a pot of water maybe 6 cups worth or 1 liter, I’m chopping up about 3 inches of ginger.  But at the end of the day, I’m not some seasoned Englishman who knows a ton about tea, any maybe you are in that same boat.  And since everyone has their own taste buds, I’d encourage you to do some experimenting with how much of the different ingredients.  For example, I am addicted to honey, so I put in about 5 times as much as my wife.  Squeezed lemon juice, I like that stuff too.  I squeeze the heck out of about a half lemon into the full tea pot.  Do as you please, but in the end, the combination of ginger, lemon, honey and hot water is pretty darn nice.

ginger tea lemon honey

This is pretty much all you need. Some Ginger, Honey, and Lemon Juice ( I already squeezed the lemon juice into the teapot) And if you’re way down with it, go search out a local bee farmer. That jar of tea is from my wife’s friend Linka’s family in Tynec. They make that stuff and it’s way tastier than the stuff I found in the stores here.

How to Make Ginger Tea:

  • Ginger – get some fresh ginger and slice off the outside part and then make thin slices with what’s left.  For one cup, about an inch or 10mm of ginger is a fair amount.  (Note:  in some local restaurants here where I’ve ordered this, they don’t even cut off the outside nasty part….and I’m still alive…so if you’re in a lazy mood, you can skip this 10 second step if you really are in a rush)
  • Lemon – get a fresh lemon and squeeze that into your cup or tea pot.  About half a lemon for a full pot will do, but again, experiment!
  • Honey – Once you have hot water you can add the honey.  Experiment with the amounts.  I like it real sweet, some people don’t.  Up to you!
  • Hot water – you know how to do this.
ginger tea dessert

Was I dying to take a bit into the cheesecake my wife was chowing on at this little cafe place we hit up???
I had my own dessert of ginger tea right there too.

Little Tips for the Concoction:

  • If you’re making a single cup, you can put the ginger right into your cup.  Yes, you might get some chunks in your mouth, but hey, now you can either chew it, spit it out, or I guess eat it.  I’m not big on chowing ginger chunks, but maybe others are…

Feeling Warm Afterwards:

  • If you start to notice your body temperature rising inside, just give a nice big smile.  I’m going through that right now as I write up this post and it’s a nice little natural high.

Good luck with it, and if I could find some fresh mint like one place served it with, I’d be all over it when making the drink up at home.

  Adam Scheuer


10 thoughts on “An Awesome Winter Time Tea That’s Almost Dessert”

  1. yummy! i make this every morning to start my day. i always heard lemon was a good liver cleanser and ginger is great for the gut. i am not big into honey in my tea, but i just made the SCD baked apples last night with some local honey i just bought. omg, adam, have you made those yet?!?! they are delicious. i used some granny smith apples and added walnuts, cinnamon, raisins, and honey and baked for an hour (exactly the recipe/time in the book). i had made enough for two nights but ended up eating the whole thing last night haha.

    1. What up Joanna,

      glad your enjoying some tea to start your days!

      Baked apples! sounds pretty tasty! You know, I’m not big into apples myself, seems to be one fo the fruits my body can’t hang with so I don’t mess with them anymore. But they sounds pretty awesome, and glad you’re enjoying them!

  2. Richele

    Sounds great, Adam! Gonna have to try that at home!
    And Joanna, I LOVE baked apple desserts! Gonna have to try that as well :)
    Cheers to good eating and yummy tea!
    Richele x

  3. Allison-3

    Hey Adam-

    This tea you describe has been my “morning coffee” for the last 6 months- sadly I needed to say goodbye to coffee for good (it’s been a great decision)

    I like this dessert drink at night also, give it a try:
    Hot almond milk ( I use the Silk brand, because it is both unsweetened and carrageenan free)
    cinnamon, ginger and cardamom
    HONEY of course

    Tomorrow is my son’s 14th birthday and I’ll be drinking my dessert tea in lieu of the delicious pumpkin chiffon pie Ill be making him… Mother’s Love (hah!).
    Enjoy and Happy New Year!


    1. What up Allison,

      How did the birthday party folks like the pumpkin pie????? I miss that stuff!!

      I’m not really big into Almond milk, but my wife drinks it all the time, so gonna have to give your dessert drink a go. Sounds pretty darn yummy for sure!!

      Glad the no coffee decision is treating you better, sure is tuff to give up (unless it makes you feel better right:))

      take care, and hoping you’re well,


      1. Hey Adam- Everyone loved the pumpkin pie. I love the almond milk- soak my raw almonds overnight and then make my own with a little vanilla, use the leftover nut pulp for cookies and muffins. Yum!
        Eliminating the coffee has been so huge… I can not tell you how much better my colon feels and my skin, too. I still really miss it though. I do have hot cocoa every no and then as a treat.
        Down to 10mg on the prednisone and 3 more weeks and I am free of that stuff. Feeling good otherwise, going everyday like a champ.
        Hope everyone is having a great day out there!


  4. Hey Adam,

    I recently started drinking this tea as well and I’m totally addicted. One addition I have made though, when I make a pot of it, I add 1/2 teaspoon of ground tumeric powder. Super great healing qualities and it adds just a hint of bite to it. I drink it both hot and cold and my husband loves it too. Hope you like it!


    1. Thanks for the tip Bethany! Never thought of throwing in a tad of tumeric, but why not right???? Especially if you’re getting the good benefits from it as well.
      Thx for the idea,

  5. awesome stuff. i heard about making ginger root tea from a guitar player’s youtube video and found it was beneficial to my UC. Drinking some right now and definitely gonna try the honey next time. thank you Adam.

    1. Great! I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been sipping it once or twice a day now for quite some time, and I love it. (doesn’t even need to be cold out either:)

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