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Back to Smoothies – My Go-To Colitis Quickie Meal


It’s kinda ridiculous that I’m doing yet again another video about the smoothies that I make in the morning.  But, at the same time, I eat these things nearly every day once again, so for sure they are worthy of another mention.  And since I’m yet to shoot a video in this new location (which I’m moving out of tomorrow for a bigger and better spot across town) it was time to bust a message on smoothies.

Smoothies everyone are good.


Smoothies are easy to make.


That is a winning combo to me.

So, Matt (the uc’er who ordered my ebooks recently who messaged me this morning about smoothies which I mention in the ebooks), thanks for your message.  With regards to adding peanut butter to them (which I did the first 4 years of chowing smoohties as part of my breakfast plan…I am not doing that right now.  Reason being I can’t find a reliable source of raw peanut butter without added crap in it here in Czech, and I don’t feel like making my own.(but this new blender we have I think would have no problem grinding the hell out of peanuts…).

If you’re going to bust some peanuts in your smoothie, that’s cool with me.  I’d suggest to go slow at first with that, see how your gut reacts.  And if things work well, awesome, slowly increase the amount if you like to suit your taste.  One thing to remember is that whether you have UC or not, there is a good chunk of the overall population who has allergies to nuts and nut butter.  And, that very well may be the same for you, so either an allergy test or a simple guess and check with super small amounts may help you figure that one out without really setting your system off.  But either way, if you want to steer clear of nuts altogether…no worries my friends.  The smoothies will be great without them.

On a science research/blueberry note… this might be interesting for you too:

Lowbush Wild Blueberries have the Potential to Modify Gut Microbiota and Xenobiotic Metabolism in the Rat Colon

(another link from good old trusty PubMed, thx guys at the NIH)

And lastly…the recipe I use is simple. 

No Ice, no water either.  But feel free to add either of those if you like.

I put in a handful of frozen strawberries, same with frozen blueberries, a ripe banana, and two fresh squeezed oranges.  For the OJ Part, I bought this strainer you can see in the video, and I cut the two oranges so there is 4 halves, and squeeze the heck out of them into the strainer…pretty simple.

Then, after its blended up, i add about a tablespoon of honey to get some more sweetness and some more calories to get me through to the next meal.

Keep your heads up UC’ers.

There are some of you who are new to the site and not feeling good right now, but stay strong.

There’s also another group of us who are feeling great and moving forward with life even after super severe UC symptoms (like I had for well over a year).

Good times are a possible, and like I always say:

Colitis Flares Don’t last forever

Enjoy your smoothies, I’ll be thinking about you,


-Adam Scheuer



If you have any questions about smoothies, smoothying, or blenders, I’ll try to help you out.  If you have any experience with a smoothie that you think others should know about…come on down, let it be known in the comments below!   And if you are in my neck of the woods in the near future, Praha 3, hit me up, I’d be happy to bust out a smoothie for you!

28 thoughts on “Back to Smoothies – My Go-To Colitis Quickie Meal”

  1. Hi Adam,

    Great to see you in the video, I loved the funky music so much I watched it twice!

    I went off fruit smoothies as we apparently don’t get the fibre though I still have a protein shake most days. I got the main components from a fellow Uc’er who posted here. Banana, pure cocoa, walnuts, Evoo, coconut milk and 2 beaten eggs in afterwards.

    There’s definitely something in those small fruits you know…. Stay funky!

    1. Graham,

      Glad you enjoyed the vid! You got me motivated, gonna throw in some EVOO in tomorrow mornings blend, and will be thinking of you once again. Keep well (and when you gonna start an olive orchard:))

      1. You know it makes sense, some fat to make sure you absorb those nutrients…. My own oil, one day I hope, the 1st bottle is yours!

        1. Hey Graham,

          you just rang a big bell. Two weeks ago we were in a shopping mall and there was a fresh juice stand…anyways, ordered some carrot, beet, zazavor/ginger and apple pressed juice…And lady asked if we wanted EVOO added to it…I was kinda like…”do they do that out here for some strange reason Michaela?”….and later, wife checked up on some things with friends of hers and just like you said, better for vitamin absorbtion etc… didnt’ change taste one bit, so yeahaaa! Graham to the resuce once again:)

    2. I looove thowing in a tbsp of evoo with my banana berry smoothies, and a tbsp of coconut oil, then I just use about 12 oz hemp milk as a base and one frozen banana, 1 cup blueberries

  2. Good Morning Adam and Graham, Love the video! Breakfast is my favorite meal. I am on the egg kick and love how they make me feel. As far as fruit goes, I eat more fruit now more than ever since I have been on the SCD. I have been on the SCD for almost a year now and it has been my best year in a long time. It doesn’t take as much to figure out my flares now that I monitor what I put in my mouth. It’s is usually what I put in up there that causes me problems down there! Cheers! Ann

    1. Yeah Ann!!! way way cool. Im going to put in a guestimate that within a year you’ll be on the smoothie train for breakfasts…(just a guess) but after a year and half of hard egg breakies…the train came into the station and I got back aboard:))) glad to hear you’re rocking it and feeling good:)

  3. Been doing breakfast smoothies for couple years now: banna + blueberries , strawberries, cherries (whatever’s in season) + one tablespoon chocolate flavored Amino Acid powder, one tablespoon Plain Yogurt (with active cultues), one capsule 3.4 billion unit acidopholous and 6 oz V8 Fusion. Tastes great, works well whether flairing or not.

  4. Great video! I use half spinach/veggies and half fruit in my smoothies and I always throw in either almonds or walnuts for a little protein. I’ve been flare free for about a year now. Yahoo!

  5. Adam…awesome…we’ve gone full circle! Don’t forget the super power Maine blueberries!! And…I can’t get through the video with my internet, but don’t forget you can freeze your bananas, too! Go super smoothie power! :-) Glad you got your blender! Good luck on your new chapter! :-)
    Happy And Healthy! Shelly

    1. What up Shelly!
      will never forget the ME Boruvkys!! (cz spelling there) You know, pretty easy to find the big ones here and the real small ones. Michaela likes the small ones, I like the big ones(taste sweeter to me…) Hope all is going well in ME for you this summer!!

  6. I’ll chuck my two pennorth in then. One slice pineapple, two tangerines, one apple, loads of root ginger, half a pound ( one vac pack) beetroot. Top up with water. Blend. Neck it. It’s about three pints! Bloody marvellous for a hangover, incidentally, if you can keep it down!

        1. I hear you, you know, kinda on a related note, I like berries bigtime, but blackberries for example…I don’t like those too much… And its the leftover seeds you get stuck in your mouth. And even when blended up, they are still there…darn seeds. Strawberry problem, but the blackberries…I can’t finish the smoothie if they’re in there… maybe the colon doesn’t like them and its using a strange way of telling me..

  7. Hi Adam,
    my favorite Smoothie is with banana, blueberries or raspberries, 1 spoon almondpuree (that’s a bit like peanutbutter just more runny and without any hydrogenated crap in it) and 2-3 spoons flaxseed oil. Add some water and then you can let your blender go to town…
    If I’m on a flare I leave out the raspberries and the almondpuree.
    Sometimes if I’m not on a flare I add 1/2 of an apple and/or spinach (or other leavy greens, usually just what’s at hand right that moment).
    I like the orange juice aswell, but I have to be real careful with that.

    1. WHat up Andrea,

      Sounds pretty yummers to me. I just bought some spinat (spinach over here) for my wife’s smoothies, she puts that in there too. I’m too scared to throw green stuff in and change up the cool purple color it is, but its time to break away and change it up a bit. Good luck in your future smoothieing:)

  8. Thank you. I sure will have. Although unfortunately I’m on a flare again. It’s probably due to having been too reckless with soy products, chickpeas plus other stuff I already knew my colon can’t stand (like normal ice cream or alcohol). Up until the beginning of this month I was feeling so great, actually as good as back when I’d been completely healthy. I didn’t know anything about scd up to maybe a week or two. It’s funny actually. I was trying to loose weight I gained due to all the cortisone I had for treatment. So I went on a low carb diet and realized, hey my colon loves that. It’s better than ever! I was sooo happy about that. If I’d known about scd though I’d have never tried to substitute meat or dairy with soy products though. Whatever, ice cream and alcoholic beverages weren’t exactly helping with that matter either… that’s just how you learn, I guess. So back to meat and quark with flaxseed oil, which actually never seemed to harm and tastes better anyway. Oh, and the smoothies of course! Yummie :)

  9. How do you know when you are in a flare? Am on enema”s with medicine , narrow stools ,but no blood in them anymore, never had no pain or cramps, but had to go to bathroom quickly, but that is better…also can I call and order the books instead of downloading them? How much are they?

    1. Hi Shirley,

      As for knowing when you’re in a flare, or actually maybe better to just say if symptoms are active is sometimes a fine line to know. My thinking is that if you have urgency, well that’s not normal. If stools are not well formed, that’s ok, definitely better than bloody stools/ bowel movements, but fully formed or darned near is definitely the goal. But no cramping is most definitely a very good sign as that usually goes hand in hand with definite symptoms that could be getting worse.

      As for my ebooks, they are only available in digital format. To get them in hard copy you’d need to download them and then print out the PDF versions with a printer or at a print shop.


  10. I am confused about smoothies – just heading in for flexoid sigmoscopy and considering the nutribullet purchase on the way home! Lol! Non stop isn’t IT

    I thought fruit with seeds were bad for us? And thought a smoothie would go straight through us! However now reading its great and so many nutrients! Everyone good on smoothies?

    1. Hey Joanna,

      Wishing you well with the flex sig, and regarding smoothies, I was having them religiously for several years after my diagnosis without any problems and many others the same. Foods like meds are for sure different for everyone, and I definitely hear your concern with regards to seeds. But again, the seeds in the strawberries have never seemed to be an issue for me and many other UC’ers who love this kind of stuff.

      If in a flare up, I would recommend to stay away from the smoothies and almost everything else that is high in sugars. Better to let the digestive system get back to a state of normality without sugars in the diet, but instead high protein and some cooked veggies and easing into the smoothies again once symptoms have gone away or waaaay down.

      Best to you,


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