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Coffee and Ulcerative Colitis – Good or Bad?

laughing on the train ride with Jonathan yestereday...(there's life after coffee:)

laughing on the train ride with Jonathan yestereday…(there’s life after coffee:)

Hey What up UC’ers,

It has now been over 2 full months since I’ve completely cut out coffee from my diet, and I thought it could be worth while to share how things are going.  First let me explain the reason why I attempted (and succeeded in stopping the coffee altogether, and YES, I’ve had many an urges in the early days with dipping back into a cup or two…)

Back in the end of August (or maybe it was early September) I found myself on a Saturday morning getting up later than usual since it was the weekend and sitting in the kitchen with a full pot of coffee all to myself.  Unlike other mornings, I drank two full cups of coffee before having anything else to eat or drink.

And crazy enough, I did the same type of routine the very next day on Sunday.

Maybe this type of morning routine is something similar to what you are in the middle of on the weekends?

I don’t think it was a good idea at all in hindsight, and I even noticed some signs and symptoms of old man colitis waking up from a long nap.  Symptoms like less formed stools for example(come on folks, you know what I mean, I’m not talking about some rock hard nice poops coming out which we all want to see.)


yesterday we hit up a restaurant, and to our surprise they were having a “Geese Feast”…a three day deal out in this village I guess…anyways, I’m sippin on perlivou voda (or sparkling water which crazy enough is more expensive than a half liter of beer and just about any other drink on the menu…)

yesterday we hit up a restaurant, and to our surprise they were having a “Geese Feast”…a three day deal out in this village I guess…anyways, I’m sippin on perlivou voda (or sparkling water which crazy enough is more expensive than a half liter of beer and just about any other drink on the menu…)

So, this was the beginning of my coffee break.  Soon after I dropped coffee altogether and have not had a single cup of anything even remotely related to coffee since.  I’m still pounding the ginger/honey/lemon teas nearly every morning, and in the afternoon or any other time, I crank that as well when I may have previously turned to coffee.

I think it was a great idea and my colon has responded nicely as well.  Maybe the same can work for you too…

Here’s why I think cutting out coffee might help you as well:

  • You’ll never have to think this thought again…”Was it the coffee that set my gut off today???”
  • Even without coffee, you won’t fall asleep at work
  • Drink water instead, it doesn’t give you stinky breathe
  • You won’t have headaches for weeks on end.  (For me it was a headache for day, not weeks on end, not even several days.  ONE DAY, it’s not impossible)
  • Coffee is great and all, but there are some alternatives out there like the good old ginger tea (try it, you’ll like it:)
  • Coffee is super acidic, like off the charts if you’re looking at the same ones as me, and some people with ulcerative colitis feel that acidic foods & drinks may be at the heart of much of the problems we face (I myself don’t have enough experience with this particular way of thinking to form a full opinion, but I also sure wouldn’t rule it out as having some influence on symptoms)
  • Milk…for those of you who drink milk, and if you put milk or creams in your coffee, this might help you reduce your intake of that which is another common food product that often tends to cause negative side effects to UC’ers
  • If you asked me…it’s worth a try to quit coffee, especially if you are still having a hard time controlling your UC symptoms with medications, diet, or whatever else you’re doing

So what do you think?

Would you consider completely stopping having coffee if it might help out your ulcerative colitis symptoms get back on track?

I’m interested to know what you all think.  It has been two months and although I see my wife sipping coffee several times a day right next to me, I’m not really dying to have one myself…yet.  We’ll see how it goes when it starts getting freezing here right…


**if you are interested in reading up on a new PubMed study that’s related to Ulcerative Colitis and diet, here is a new one I just finished:

Associations between diet and disease activity in ulcerative colitis patients using a novel method of data analysis —


In good health,

Adam Scheuer


61 thoughts on “Coffee and Ulcerative Colitis – Good or Bad?”

  1. Great post Adam.

    I think that I would quit anything if it helped with the UC symptoms. that’s how I roll.

    If I was a alcohol drinker, and it affected the UC, I’d quit. If it were popcorn that affected it, I’d quit. If it were coffee…I’d quit that too. No question.

    The thing is, that when some of us are in a really good remission (no symptoms at all), some of these ‘triggers’ do not affect the UC at all. That’s the rub. I think that’s why we tend to backslide and go back to old habits. Then, when good old UC crops up…those things all of a sudden, affect the UC. It’s like the chicken and the egg…what comes first…the flare, or the triggers? Too bad there are no definitive answers, huh?

    I don’t drink alcohol, I do not take advil or any ibuprofens. That is to stave off flares. Those things are proven to cause intestinal bleeding even in people who do not have UC. It simply goes unnoticed in those lucky folks. I do, however, drink one mocha latte a day, with no ill effects. I have for 20 years. Flare or no flare…maybe it’s because I just have one? I can’t really say.

    Still….coffee can and does affect UC in some. If it did in me, it would be OFF the menu!!


    1. Hi Adam, It’s been a while since I posted on here. Stands to reason I suppose, when things are going well and you don’t need the support and are too mingy to give support to others Lol. No, not really. This site is a treasure trove for those on the cold face of Colitis. I’m afraid the SCD is still doing it for me and sometimes I feel like a fraud because I ain’t got no more symptoms. Having said that – when I was eating normally, coffee was dastardly. I was never sure whether it was the coffee or the milk. I don’t take sugar so it wasn’t that. I don’t understand why cafes will stock oat milk, goat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, everything but lactose free milk. Don’t they realise those other things obliterate the taste we crave – that is coffee? So the thing is, I still drink coffee. Just one a day usually but I mostly drink decaf with lactose free milk (always) at home. I never buy normal milk. If I have a flat white in a cafe, it will have normal trim milk in it and sometimes I do get a tummy ache. Because I’m on the SCD I buy everything that I’m allowed on the diet and concoct my own recipes to please my palate. Funny word that. Comes from the word plate, which is what the food goes on to. Just kidding. It could be a posh plate. A pa late. I’m a teacher. What do you expect? Anyway, I feel deprived enough without the croissants and potato wedges without giving up coffee as well but it is definitely an irritant. This Christmas my daughter and I might have croissants for breakfast as a reward for sticking to the diet for two years this coming February. I’m also guilty of having a penchant for Lindt Excellence Chilli flavoured dark chocolate. It is my downfall. It will be my last meal before they hang me. The whole block and I will try to make it last to prolong the inevitable but it’s usually a losing battle. It can be a little constipating so might be a good thing for UCers? Sorry, was this meant to be about coffee?

      1. Hello. I was on the SCD diet several years ago but the grape juice nearly killed me. Do you handle it well? Are they still advocating grape juice? I was wondering because I have definitively proven to myself that I am horribly fructose-intolerant and a lot of UC folks I know have the same problem.

        1. LindaLee,
          I have suspected that grapes and raisins might increase the severity of symptoms but I cannot be certain. If they do have an effect, my belief is that it is quite mild. I’ve been waiting for an opportune time to conduct an experiment. But I love both and really don’t want to know that they are bad.

          I did give the SCD a try. Wasn’t real fond of it. Every time I ventured off of it my subsequent symptoms were either no different or better. During a recent trip to Italy I went completely off the reservation eating tons of pasta, pane, and wine, and noticed either no change or improvement.

          1. Well, there you have it. Grape juice is my favorite too. I love to mix it with iced green tea, it is a real experience and very addicting. My UC became much worse when I was drinking it so I miss it very much. I grew up with a grape arbor in our yard and I really miss grapes and once in a while I peel some of the big seedless ones and indulge and it seems to be fine. Alas, I am not that work-brickle that often so it is a rare occasion for me. Anyway, thanks for the reply and Good Luck!

          2. How about organic grapes and raisins. I can’t afford organic vegetables so I compensate by staying away from things that I know are raised with a lot of chemicals, like grapes and Idaho potatoes.

    2. Hi Adam,

      I quit drinking coffee for a year or so and started again after that time. I was on GAPS diet and it worked well, I am still on it, it has bee almost 3 years now. On GAPS diet, you can drink only drip coffee, with a bit of honey, nothing else, no milk, no sugar and no instant coffee. I was OK like that. The reason why I don’t drink it every day is that I get headaches is I don’t drink it and only coffee seems to help. I just have it here and there. It gets addictive, and we have to go through withdrawal every time, maybe if you can, it is the best thing to just quit… Good luck to you and all UC-cers.

    3. Right on Bev!

      Totally agree with everything you’re rappin on. One question though, when we meet up someday, what are the chances that we split a shot of whiskey or vodka together:))?? Come on Bev, just a little one:))) (naaaww, lets stick to some water eh:?

      Cheers to you Bev, you are and always will be a UC rockstar:))) –Adam

      1. LOL!!

        I’d get stinkin’ hammered…my husband would love it…he’s laugh so hard!! It’s been about 5 years since me last strawberry margherita…

        You never know…I COULD be talked into a snort or two if it were for a good cause like meeting up :)

    4. Yes I would cut out coffee if I thought it would help. I currently have a green tea in the morning and no alcohol at all. So far so good, I am taking meds and doing remicade but all seems well now.

      1. Great to hear Louis and also glad to hear the green tea and “ne pi alkohol” (no drinking alcohol in czech:) along with remicade and meds is working for you.

        take care,

  2. No doubt about it, coffee definitely affects my UC negatively. The stronger the coffee, the greater the effect.

    I never drink the stuff at the weekends but in the morning I usually have a cup first thing as I arrive at work and if I feel particularly sleepy I’ll have a second in the afternoon. I keep telling myself I’ll fix my sleeping pattern and then be less reliant on coffee but that’s still to happen!

  3. Hi Adam,

    Coffee is a definite no no for me too. Weirdly, decaf sets me off too so it is more than just caffiene for me any way. I sneak the odd half cup occasionally but even when I’m well, it sends me to the toilet in under 30 min.

  4. I drank 2 to 4 pots of coffee each day for more than 30 years. When diagnosed with UC 5 years ago, coffee, tea and alcohol were the first indulgences I quit. Presently I am being treated with Remicade (since March) with positive results. I began taking Sacharomyces with positive affect after reading about it in this blog.

    I have recently reintroduced a little wine into my diet with no negative effects. I had my first coffee in 5 years recently after accidently being served an expresso while in Europe with no ill effects. I will likely refrain from coffee and tea in the future. They were easy to walk away from. I hated giving up wine and believe the combination of Remicade and Sacharomyces allows me to be somewhat indulgent.

  5. Coffee always sends me to the bathroom. I never drink it during the week because I would never make it through work. I do occasionally have a cup on the weekend…when I know I’m not going anywhere.

  6. I submitted a story in this very topic a few months back and I absolutely agree with you, Adam! I missed the coffee in the beginning, and then it wasn’t a big deal….plus my symptoms got so much better. Yesterday I got a little cocky and tried some from my favorite spot….it was really strong and after 1/2 of the (small!!) cup I spent most of the morning in the bathroom. Experiment over! No thanks. :)

  7. Coffee was one of the toughest things for me to give up! I love things that are dark and rich (red wine, bourbon, chocolate, coffee) but they make me feel like YUCK. Six months ago I gave up coffee and I tried and failed to find a replacement- (homemade cocoa, chai tea, yerba matte)- but these left me feeling mehh… so I just gave up the idea of ‘coffee’ and even caffeine altogether. I feel soooooo great! I still miss that heavenly coffee but my colon is so much happier.
    Recent ALCAT testing revealed I have a very strong immune response to coffee, coconut and honey- this was my morning jam for a few years. So, I am thankful that I am not doing any further damage and this is a real incentive to stay away.
    Best of luck to you all- it wasn’t easy- and I know we have to give up a lot to be healthy-
    In good health!

    1. What up Allison,

      Super great to hear from you (and see your picture again:) and even better to hear you’ve figured your UC out. Ain’t it weird going cold turkey on caffeine…?? I’m trying to figure out what to do now to get a buzz these days…sounds like we’re both in the same boat. Maybe the doc will throw in some extra laughing gas next time I get a cavity…

      I’m super pumped to hear you’re feeling good now for some time. Keep it up, and what’s the 411 on the ALCAT testing? Sounds great:) -Adam

      1. Hey Adam-
        Don’t worry, I am always lurking around- haha!
        ALCAT is the latest and greatest in food intolerance testing and has truly been a game changer for me. It measures delayed antibody/immune response- – these guys get super obliterated in autoimmune people. Far superior to the IgG, IgE tests. I think because I am farther along in gut healing, I only responded high to a few foods. However,it was the foods that I was eating a lot in order to heal- Brewer’s Yeast- so all that fermented sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar and kombucha was NOT doing me ANY good. Also, fructose and ginger were very high- and I was having a LOT of tea with honey. AND coffee (boo) and coconut (boo) and oranges/limes (weird).
        So, the takeaway is that it is worth the $$ because after 3 months of cutting these foods out I feel different and GREAT and I am not guessing and over thinking every bite like before. I work with an awesome nutritionist and we were able to adjust my diet for what was really happening inside my body. I love sharing tips with all the UC folks- but really we are all so unique and what makes me well might just make you sick and visa versa.
        Feel free to contact me- you can order the tests on your own- I love doctor’s data labs- they will send you a comprehensive review and you can work on your own.

  8. I quit coffee a year ago and haven’t looked back. I know it’s a definite trigger for me. Regular tea is fine for me and it has a bit of caffeine in it. Rooibos /Red bush tea is also a great caffeine free alternative that is close to normal tea. I don’t have more than 3 cups of regular tea per day though! Good luck with staying strong. It’s worth it!

  9. Thanks for posting this Adam. Something to consider for all of us UC folks.

    I have one cup per day only and have never noticed it havng influence one way or another. I have actually cut out or run out of coffee for a few days at a time and it causes no change or impact eiter way.

    Soft drinks are my enemy. I think it’s a known fact to not consume those if you have UC and I only consume one a day. Soft drinks and tea are really were I’m getting my caffine from.

    Makes me wonder, is it the caffine in coffee that’s the issue or acids that are in all caffinated products that’s the issue?

  10. Coffee is a definite no no for me when I am flaring. When in remission I’ll have a cup in the morning and a second with my husband when he gets home about two pm. Never a problem. As much as I miss it when I flare, I stay away or I pay for it! I also love lemon & ginger tea which is soothing instead.

  11. Way to go Adam!

    I agree with Bev…some things mess us up and I’d give it up like I’ve already done with milk, gluten, etc (I don’t drink alcohol either)and going 99%+- on the SCD…always with my fingers crossed. I do drink 1/2 caff black coffee, mild types usually New England! The harsh coffees definitely are more acidic and do effect me. I think a lot of people’s issues with coffee are the strong ones, too much and especially the sugar, milk/cream and other flavorings with lots of crap in them..people should read those labels sometime!

    Good health all! :-)

  12. Good Pubmed study, particularly Sulphites and thiamine deficiency. Could well explain why some foods I’ve added and taken out failed to benefit..

    Cheers Adam!

  13. I gave up coffee, caffeine, juice, fizzy pop and sugary drinks in February 14. I only drink decaf tea and plenty of water…. I also.gave up alcohol- occasionally treating myself to a Guinness. Since changing to My new diet (both food and drink) I am now able to manage my UC without steroids. It’s been worth it.

  14. I’ve given up coffee and alcohol. Neither one is good for me anyway. Still drink plenty of milk. It’s never bothered me and I’ve always loved it. I drink at least two gallons a week.

  15. I can’t drink coffee as it gives me cranps and sends me to the bathroom. I can’t eat beans either with the same results as coffee. Must be all beans that affect my UC. I drink herbal teas and find them satisfying

  16. I stopped drinking coffee 18 months ago to help my UC and I definitely think it has helped. From a tiny bit of research I have done, coffee (not necessarily caffeine) enhances the motility of the gut, which is not a good thing for UC! I also think it is a gut irritant and I avoid it completely. Not to mention the fact that it increases my anxiety and when I get anxious I tend to flare…

    I adore coffee and I still miss it every day :( Can’t even handle decaf

  17. I did too stopped coffee. I miss it so much! It doesn’t triggers uc symptoms but it totally irritates my gut. I also drink ginger tea, which is very soothing to my stomach also after a meal.

  18. Hi Adam,

    I gave up coffee a couple of years ago and believe it helped me so much! I
    really missed it in the beginning but now im fine. My ultimate temptation was going to Cuba but I didn’t give in and now I won’t even risk decaf.

    I also gave up fizzy drinks as the bloating was unbearable especially making my way home from a night out!

    Good luck with the coffee, it’s definitely the way to go!

  19. I have terrible uc. Developed lupus from remicade. Now on entyvio. I live on coffee bec I don’t function otherwise due to fatigue. Any ideas for me?

    1. Isaiah,
      If it were me, I’d tough it out and quit. Its mind over matter. I thought I couldn’t get along without my 3 pots a day at one time, but when I realized its effect, I quit in a heartbeat. Have you tried the Saccharomyces?

    2. I’m like you Isaiah. Since my flare up 3 years ago, my blood pressure is very low and I need coffee many mornings to get things going after nights where I am so shitting (literally) I only consume cultured dairy. I also drink organic coffee because I believe toxins is part of what we’re reacting to.

  20. Ahhhh – coffee. First of all, I pretty much steer clear of 100% coffee. My husband (who is 83 doesn’t handle full bore coffee very well either. When he makes it in the morning, it’s 1/2 decaf & 1/2 half & half! How’s that for weakened poison? Generally speaking, I’m good for a half cup. For years, I’d nurse one cup until it got ice cold. While I was working full time, pre-UC diagnosis, I’d go through a half pot of coffee easily. I just don’t have the desire.

  21. I drink a cup of hot latte every day. It doesn’t bother me; has gone hand-in-hand with remission ;), but who knows. It is fair to say it bothers most people with UC. I’ve tried going without coffee recently, seems to make me worse. Placebo? I can tolerate coffee better than tea.

  22. I never drank coffee but was a BIG tea drinker and occasionally (maybe a little more than occasionally) drank 5-hour energy shots. But NO MORE. After achieving remission, I had half a shot and starting bleeding again the next day (which continued into the week and turned into a more severe and stubborn flare). Bleeding and bathroom trips also increased when I drank tea. So I know that for me, caffeine a no-no. I later read that it stimulates the intestines, increases digestive activity, and causes more D. And it did. And it does. And I hate UC.

  23. I had to give up coffee many years ago( I am 58.) I have found that UC doesn’t just affect the bowel but my entire digestive track. Coffee sours on my stomach within minutes of consuming it and I love the stuff. So does Coke by the way, and chocolate. I cannot keep any of the these three substances down for any length of time and I love them each and every one. Each one of them also starts my UC symptoms in rare form. So, such is life.

  24. Adam,
    I drink one cup of brewed decaf black every day, two (or more) on Sundays, but rarely on an empty stomach and always after I’ve had a full glass of water first thing in the morning. It doesn’t bother me unless I’m having a flare and then I switch to weak decaffeinated tea. As odd as it may seem to you, the ginger tea has caused problems for me in the past. I do like it in the winter, especially when others are enjoying their hot chocolates (I could cry), but I have to be careful and not have too many ginger teas in a short period of time or I’m in trouble.

  25. I drink cold green iced tea now sweetened with sugar. I gave up Splenda in my tea and went into a pretty prolonged remission. I started it again and I am now in a flare. I’ll never go back on the stuff. I use Demerara sugar and love the taste. Since I have to drink a lot to fight the dehydration this seems to do the trick. I also drink hot green tea or chamomile tea before bedtime, it helps me sleep and soothes my stomach. I’ll always miss coffee but what food or drink is worth giving up a life for? I miss beans too, especially my Grandma’s soup beans and cornbread, but maybe they have them in a diner in the next life! If they don’t I’m taking a petition with me in my coffin, in case they don’t have paper either.

  26. I have read previously in different articles that it is not just down to the caffeine that may cause problems. It is also down to the way the beans are processed and that moulds and fungus can also grow. This is something that anyone with UC should be mindful of.

    I certainly have issues with coffee. I notice it immediately whether I drink it black or have a latte from a coffee shop.

    1. Interesting Jennifer. But hey, if you feel its helping, well that’s the goal:) Keep us posted on how things go:)) and happy coffee sipping to you:)) – Adam

  27. I only quit coffee when I am actively flaring, or if I feel like things are slightly “off”.
    When I was first diagnosed, I gave it up completely, but do drink it when in remission.
    The problem is, I never know when I will start to feel off! But damn, I do miss it when I can’t drink it. :-)

  28. Usually when my colitis starts acting up, I automatically cut out the coffee… it just stops tasting good to me, so that’s no hardship. I tried cutting it out for good, but every time I start feeling better sooner or later I start drinking coffee again (because it starts tasting awesome again).
    My experience is that I don’t tolerate coffee during a flare up or when I’m experiencing symptoms, but on the other hand I’ve never had the impression that coffee actually triggers my symptoms or even flare ups when I feel well. It just seems to worsen my condition when I’m already down. So I guess coffee probably isn’t all that good for me in general and it would be better to quit, but at the moment I’m not sure if I even want to… but some time in the future I definitely plan to.
    So kudos to you, Adam! Congrats for calling it quits with coffee and going through with it!

  29. I have been off coffee for over 3 months now. Black tea/ English Breakfast in the morning and green tea in the afternoon. The results have been excellent and for the most part my symptoms are under control. I’m also on a Lialda prescription which has been really helpful too.

  30. I have been having a really hard time quitting the coffee, But I had a cup yesterday & one today & Lo and behold into the bathroom I ran Boo, I think i have finally learned my lesson. I was diagnosed may 2011 & Have spent more time flared than not flared, I am on meds, But my biggest problem has been not being able to find trigger foods. Although I am at the point I need to try something. Can you help Please with suggestions on a diet.

    1. Shannon,
      I began the SCD diet last March during a miserable flare that caused me to cancel a trip to Europe the day before we were to leave. Soon after I began Remicade infusions. My wife did a lot of research and found numerous recipes that eliminated simple sugars. Though I hate dieting and this was no exception, I believe the diet, with the remicade, and with saccharomyces twice a day has resulted in remission for the past 6 to 8 months.

      After several months of adhering strictly to the diet, I began to introduce foods that I love back to my diet with no material ill effects. Recently I made the trip I had to cancel and went completely off the diet with only 1 or 2 questionable days.

      I feel that the SCD diet is a reasonable place to begin. Definitely eliminate coffee, caffeinated teas, and alcohol. The introduction of saccharomyces, (credit Adam’s blog here) has been a definite improvement to my symptoms.

        1. Its a biologic drug. I had tried sulfasalazine, Mercaptopurine, before the Remicade. It is infused much like chemo and requires a half day in the hospital once every 4 to 8 weeks. Many people have reported bad side effects. My knees just hurt a little more. It has been quite effective for me this year. I’m hoping it’ll continue. Do a web search for Remicade. Its made by a unit of J&J.

          Regarding the SCD diet, check out Danielle Walker’s cook books and blog. You should find her interesting.

  31. Has anyone tried A2 milk, it is increasingly easier to get hold of, though the A1 type is mostly whats on sale in western countries? A1 has a problematic Casein protein which when metabolized, releases a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 or BCM7. BCM7 is linked to Autism, type 1 diabetes and autoimmune disease to name but a few. It produces Histamine (not good) and can penetrate the blood brain barrier! Particularly a problem for those with gut permeability. Ive always thought I was lactose intolerant but this can be mistaken. Apparently there is less BCM7 in cheese etc which strangely enough I tolerate much better. Ive bought some from a UK supermarket and had a litre yesterday with no obvious problems so who knows? Why not Google it, probably worth looking in to..

  32. Wow. I read each and everyone of your responses to Adams about no coffee, I know I’m a late comer to the site, I’ve just come back from a weekend away and stopped off multiple times at a very well known coffee shop and a bar! I’m now on the sofa Monday morning feeling really rough, I haven’t been great for just over a year now, different meds different side effects same outcome still bad with UC and now a bad cough from Mercaptopurine!! Six months of prednisone, larger than life at the moment, so drinking more coffee and eating bad foods because I need more per square inch, I know it’s no laughing matter but I can only get by with a sense of humor. I’ve kinda got to a bad place hence I’m looking for any help! Sadly I’ve eaten and drank exactly what ever I’ve wanted flare up or not and just paid dearly for it. Well today I have to say no more. I LOVE coffee, like most of you! nothing like a cup or two to get me going but I actually am so rough I’m sipping lemon and honey this morning, if this is what it takes! So be it. It’s funny I’m 47 and said to hubby yesterday in a ball of tears I think I’m going to have a bag, I can’t take it! And yet I’ve tried nothing remotely simple in comparison to change. So here goes the start of a new Jen! Thanks everyone!

  33. Hi,

    I have never been a coffee drinker, but I recently started evacuee I’m just always cranky due to my UC. I like sweet stuff, so whenever someone wants to stop for coffee, I usually just don’t get anything or maybe a green tea if they have one.

    Well someone recommended a mocha, since I love chocolate. This changed my whole take on coffee. From that point on I’ve been making instant coffee with instant hot chocolate mix and a little gum syrup added. This has changed my days completely, I’m no longer cranky, my back pain disappears and I’m happy!

    But here’s the real kicker- the oddest benefit is I’m less hungry during the day which is very beneficial to my colon. Less food = less bowel movements for me. So although the caffeine and sugar is a stimulant, I actually use the toilet LESS.

    Now, I’m not saying it isn’t making my inflammation worse or causing problems. I really have no idea at this point. But it is improving my day and making me more productive which is something UC had taken away long ago.

  34. I’ve been brewing a cup of chicory for coffee replacement. Chicory is 100% caffeine free. It is also an excellent pre-biotic for feeding probiotic gut biome. Drink it with coconut cream. I buy it in a roast online. Then I found these disposable tea bags that I can use for adding the chicory and carry with me when I travel. So now I can have a cup of “coffee” with friends when I am out. For coffee lover i have just found it more satisfying than tea.

    Also when I am tired and need afternoon boost i found these caffeine mints online that I can take 2 and it is like a cup of coffee.

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