No More Granny Panties!

Here's a picture Judith sent in with her story!

Here’s a picture Judith sent in with her story!

Meet Judith:

I was diagnosed with UC 28 years ago when I was newly married and having given birth to my second child. I have been having annual colonoscopies for the past 12 years. Just over a week ago, I went for what I now consider to be routine follow up colonoscopy. The Doc came in to tell me that it did not go well! I had been symptom free prior for a couple of months. I am 62, female, retired in July. Doctor explained that she could not get scope to go more than a couple of inches in, removed polyps and was blocked by a stricture in my sigmoid colon!! She ordered a cat scan, blood work, and got me in to see a surgeon within the next couple of days. Bottom line is that I need to have my entire colon and rectum removed because I don’t have any healthy tissue there anywhere to allow for resection. He says I am a candidate for the j-pouch 2 step surgery. I am terrified!!!! Mostly concerned about, 1} good possibility of cancer/chemo and 2} life post o p.

Some more about background info:

I just retired this past July after 44 years in the banking industry. I am a mother, grandmother, sister and wife. My family means everything to me!! I love to garden, read and spend time with my grandchildren. I keep a lot inside. I worry more about everyone else than I do about myself. I thought I would “just deal” with my UC for the next 28 years as I have always done. Now that it’s come to this point I am trying hard to come to grips with what’s going to happen. I have so much I still want to accomplish in my life.

Colitis Symptoms and What’s Going on Down There:

Oddly enough, once I stopped working at the end of July, my usual symptoms seemed to calm down. There was less urgency, much less bleeding, fewer accidents!! I chalked that all up to less stress. When I went into have the colonoscopy last week I even told my Doctor how great I was doing! I thought maybe we could skip a year..Ha, to my surprise, just the opposite happened. She could not even get a pediatric scope to get past what she called “a stricture”. Now as I await my upcoming surgery I am actually somewhat constipated!! I forgot what that feels like!!!

Judith’s Story:

My kids used to make fun of me having to know where every bathroom in the universe was located. I did a good job of making fun of it too. Never wanted anyone to worry about me. Over time, they realized how much work it all was for me to cope. Thankfully, I have a lot of sensitive and loving people in my life.

My husband is the LOVE of my life he is truly amazing. He worked for years caring for special needs adults so nothing that has happened to me really disgusts him. He is a special person and I am blessed to have him in my life. I know he is scared to death of losing me but he can’t say that because that just might make it real.

My son is a father of three and we are extremely close. His father was abusive towards me and has not been in our lives for 32 years. My husband has treated him like a son since he was four, but there is a much stronger bond there between my son and me. My son saved me from a life of abuse because I knew I had to survive for his sake. He is my HEART.

My daughter is the LIGHT of my life. She was born of love and was proof positive that love was a possibility in my life. She married a wonderful man 2 years ago and they are going to start a family soon. I have to a part of that! My grandchildren are the JOY in my life. I am so proud of each one!! My granddaughter will be 13 this week and her twin brothers are 11. My son is a great dad and their mother is like another daughter to me.

I have to believe that I am getting the best care possible and that my surgery will be successful so that I can continue my life with all the wonderful family and friends I am blessed with.

Medications / Supplements:

I have had great Doctors over the years and I have always talked very freely and openly with them. Two were men (both retired now) and most recently I have seen a woman (past 12 years). I have never had much success with medications, although I have to admit that when it comes to taking medications, I am my own worst enemy. I tend to try “to manage” without. Mostly I don’t like the side effects. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I have to believe that I am in God’s hands.

written by Judith K

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5 thoughts on “No More Granny Panties!”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story Judith and you are an amazing amazing person.
    If you have some free time, I’d recommend that you catch up on some of the postings here from other UC’ers who have moved forward with surgery. Here are a few links that you can read whenever you like:

    The Surgery Survey from 26 UC’ers who have already had surgery:

    And this link is from UC’ers who have already had surgery, many of the stories have pictures and complete details too:

    And I’ve heard rumors lately that our friend Peter NZ has completed his j-pouch surgery and may be sharing an update on what life’s like now for him…but we’ll have to wait and see if that comes in.

    But either way, you are most definitely going to have a great life still ahead of you, grandkids, children, an awesome husband and retirement…..come on Judith, colon or no colon for sure you’ll still be smiling:))

    Wishing you the best and thx again for sharing:)

    1. Hello Judith,
      I believe this post is a bitest delayed. .we talked a few weeks ago as you were going in for your surgery. Hope all went well and you are on your way to a well deserved healing! !
      Your Story Is uncreadible, youve been through so much in your life and definitely don’t deserve your retirement to start on that note. Hope w your surgery the worst is over and you can start fresh. You ll be there for your family and grandchildren, you’ll garden and travel all in due time!!
      Please say in touch and be well!!

      1. Avi how many days have you been home How are you doing? I have so much more to tell. I did have cancer but the surgery got it all out!!!! Love you!

  2. Oh Judith,
    Thanks for posting! !! So happy you are okay and cancer free!! Awesome! !
    How are you feeling, are you home yet? I’m home for 6 days,.
    Just email me if that’s easier! !!
    can’t wait to hear about your progress!

  3. Judith,

    How lucky you are that you had a physician that did annual colonoscopies! So few do them that often, and it is so important to get to colon cancer early. You are a shining example for all of us! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your cancer-free holidays!


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