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Interesting IBD Project From Frankie

Hi UCers,

This week, I had a very interesting video interview with Frankie Figueroa, he is working in his PhD final project, and has put thousands of hours into research which will impact many of us living with IBD (for us … ulcerative colitis).

You can participate if you were diagnosed in the United States. Watch the video, you will get a good feel for Frankie, and his project. And you can email him to connect here :

Francisco A. Figueroa III
Ph.D. Candidate
University at Buffalo
Department of Sociology

Some Bio Details on Frankie:

Francisco (Frankie) Figueroa is a PhD student in the department of Sociology at the University at Buffalo. His overall research interests center around inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, and the social determinants of health. His current research project is focused on understanding the underlying processes of trust, diagnosis, and participation in clinical trials. Prevalence in IBD has increased worldwide and incidence in IBD has increased in the United States. Francisco is committed to understanding these trends and shifts across race, ethnicity, and social class.

University at Buffalo Student Profile Link:

Wishing you all well, and I myself will be participating because although I don’t currently live in the US, I was diagnosed there, which is key to Frankie’s research.

Best to all of you,

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