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SCD Friendly Fat Burger Colitis Style

Adam from ihaveucI think I’ve mentioned it before, so here’s one more time:  I have UC.

Also, I love eating hamburgers.  My favorite hamburger joint is called FatBurger.  It’s a relatively small burger chain, many in the California/Nevada areas, and many other spots too.  To me, they are my favorite burgers money can buy.

Yes indeed, I am a “typical American” hamburger loving fool.  But so far, my ulcerative colitis disease and my particularly strange SCD based diet of no wheat, grains, dairy, certain sugars is not very American at all.  The good news is, with a little creativity, most anything can be fixed, or at least altered to the point where you can get what you want.  At least this looks to be the case for me at FatBurger.

So here is the deal, before I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I would always order the “Big Fat Deal” at Fat Burger.  This included a large burger, fries, and drink.  I would also add “fried egg” to the burger(may sound strange to some of you, but don’t knock it until you try it!)  I always just filled the cup up with water, even in my pre-diagnosed with UC days, and I would eat all the fries for sure.

Now, with my strict diet, there are all kinds of problems with my favorite meal.  For example:  the burger bun, fries, and ketchup, all had bad stuff that my colitis colon just can’t handle.

So what to do???

I still want to eat that burger, still want the fried egg, and still want the fries…

Before you start coming up with conclusions, let me chime in that at Fat Burger, you can’t get the lettuce wrapped burger, because they already have pre-shredded up lettuce….  but there is another way around it…

Here’s the solution for me:
1 Fatburger

add fried egg

give me the fries (I ordered them just like old days, but just didn’t eat any of them, friends did though)

I’ll fill the cup with water like old times

AND:  Put a ton of sliced tomato on the bottom and on the top of the whole thing, that will be my new bun!

-There you have it, problem solved, and super tasty too.

Thanks Fat Burger, and thanks ulcerative colitis.

One thing to note is, the SCD diet is very exact, I do not follow it to the T, but without the ketchup and fries and the bun, this comes in there pretty good with keeping to the diet.

5 thoughts on “SCD Friendly Fat Burger Colitis Style”

  1. Adam,
    that looks really good – and it looks like you’re having a really good time. I’ve never been to Fatburger but I’ve heard of it. I was really bad yesterday and actually ate a hamburger and fries – so far I am not paying for it. I really like the slogan for filling out the survey “easier than crapping at the campground” – nice. Camping is one thing that I have not done since getting UC – I miss it.


    1. Hey Paul,
      Thanks for the comment, hey if you really want, a group of friends will be making our annual pilgrimage to the Stanislaus river for some off the road camping the week after july4th, infact, its the exact camping spot that the picture you are referring to was taken last year,
      Have a great night,

  2. Adam,

    Have you ever tried portabello mushrooms as a bun replacement. Have Fatburger grill (with oil and salt)til firm not mushy a couple of portabello mushrooms caps that are about the size of the patty. Place the patty in between the two grilled mushrooms caps add your tomato and other SCD approved goodies. Then your good go. Enjoy.

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