Me and My Buddy UC

Hello all,
Me and my UC had our 20th anniversary this year. So we have had long, and most of the time, happy life together.

I was 15 when I was diagnosed, although I think I had it for a good while before that.

My mother treated my morning toilet trips

as some sort of teenage trick to get out of going to school.

But then I starter bleeding and she started taking me seriously. At the time in my little local hospital they didn’t give any anesthetic, painkillers or relaxants for colonoscopy so at 15 year old that was quite a shock to the system. And I didn’t get anything to help with the pain until a few years later. I have been on steroids at least twice a year the whole time. And on asacol. I tried Imuran but I got sick and had to stop.
Reading other peoples stories I find that I had it easy. I never had to stay in the hospital until 3 years ago when my symptoms got bad. So 17 years we paddled along ok. But then 3 years ago I was on IV steroids for two weeks and they didn’t do anything for me. They started me with Remicade and haven’t had any symptoms since.
When I think back before and after Remicade I can’t believe how I managed. I think I was so used to living with UC that I didn’t even think there was anything odd that I had to get up 4 hours before leaving the house, know where nearest toilet is at all times, carry spare clothes with me. You know, all the usual. And the pain. The constant cramps.

When you just want to sleep on the toilet floor because you know

it’s pointless to go to bed, you will be up in few minutes anyway.

After I started Remicade, I haven’t had one single cramp. I don’t know what to do with myself. I found out there was a snooze button on my alarm clock. I never needed it before cos when I woke up I had to get up at the same time. I still get up crazy early just in case. Don’t really need to but old habit:)

As a mother of two it’s unreal to be able to go out in to the park, swimming, do normal stuff with my kids.
So even I didn’t really even realized how sick I was for 17 years and I just accepted the fact I have Ulcerative Colitis, I am very happy that me and my buddy got bit of time away from each other. I bet he’s going to find me sooner or later so I will enjoy my “single” life for a while.

Medications Taken:

asacol, prednison, remicade, imuran

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3 thoughts on “Me and My Buddy UC”

  1. Thank you or your post! I laughed out loud at the bathroom floor comment. My walk-in closet is next to the toilet, and there have been nights I’ve crawled up on the carpet floor in there rather than go back to bed, and up again, waking up my fiancĂ© over and over.

    I was diagnosed in April of this year after dealing with it for a year not knowing what it was. I’ve tried several meds and am now waiting for Remicade to get insurance approved. I hope I have as wonderful a reaction as you!

  2. Hi. I wrote the original story but for some reason got bit exited and forgot to include my name :) Thanks Mary Ann, I will enjoy and Noel, It’s good to laugh every now and again. And sometimes when you are middle of it all, you forget that other people are going through same things, that you are not alone. Good luck with your Remicade. Fingers crossed it works for you.

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