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Smoke and Live


I’m a 54 Year old male

My Colitis Experience:

I stopped smoking 30 years ago when I worked in Dubai and then got cramps and blood all the time, went to an American hospital and they could find nothing wrong but I started smoking and it went away.
1 year later I stopped and again 3 months later in the hospital with severe Ulcerative Colitis.  They did the thing with the scope and took a small piece of my bowel but it was inconclusive so they just gave me colifoam and yellow tablets called salazophyren but I had to take 2 4 times a day + colifoam and it made me dizzy so I started smoking and the UC cleared up.
Stopped again 10 years ago and UC again so just started smoking and it cleared up.

Same thing 4 years ago.

I keep smoking now, maybe 10 a day and only smoke half the cigarette and will never be able to give up but I run and play competitive squash.

The annoying thing is I could give up smoking but am afraid to, I am glad I read your stories.

I told the Doctors in Scotland but they just dismissed me.

I have met people who have stopped smoking and then diagnosed UC/Crohns and have had colostomy bag permanently fitted.
On another note my friend stoped smoking and was diagnosed with deppression and he started smoking again, and is now fine.

How many other diseases are caused by stopping smoking ? its quite scary.

I think it is better to smoke than stop and wait for UC to come back because as you will know when you have it your life is ruled by the availability of a toilet.  When I went skiing I would have to take wipes and spare pants but I would not eat all day until back in hotel where there was a toilet.


Colifoam made me dizzy.
salazophren made my pee like treacle


written by “Le Poisson”

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area


3 thoughts on “Smoke and Live”

  1. I’m in the same boat, it’s just each one’s choice I think on what diet or drug works the best , and what side effects your body can handle. I can’t think of any drug that doesn’t cause any side effects. I’ve quit smoking after 15 some years & have had multiple flairs during those years while smoking ,during times of high stress. The worst UC symptoms came to a head after I quit smok’n so now I’m on a bunch of crappy pills that are kill’n me different it’s all maddening , & enough to make any one depressed ,when drugs are used to control our body’s alot of times they control our emotions it’s just another side effect, it’s like when you get moody cause you want to smoke a cigarette it’s a side effect from the drug. Where is the answer? The true search for happiness :) If happiness was food I would eat it . But it would probably give me gas!

  2. Hello
    I think it has more to do with the stress of stopping smoking rather than the “healing power” of cigarettes. I smoked for many years and every mow and again tried to quit finding myself in similar situation as yourselves. But then 6 months ago I read Alan Carr’s “Easy way to stop smoking”. His method of stopping is so relaxed and easy that you don’t stress at all. So I managed to quit smoking and my UC didn’t even notice I quit.
    But that is just my story and I agree, what ever helps to keep UC under control, go for it.

  3. I’m wondering if it’s the smoking and then quiting that brings on the UC flares. If you’ve never smoked and get UC, will starting smoking still work in sending the UC into remission?

    On another unrelated note, I’ve read that quite a large number of people with UC are left-handed. I find this interesting because I’m left-handed. Any other lefties out there?

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