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Gut Bacteria and Antibiotics Part 3

What’s Part 3 about:

– Does the gut bacteria (microbiota) change when someone does alot of drinking of alcohol?

– Changing your diet for one day changes your gut microbiota dramatically (previous study was done on mice)

– Very sure that the gut bacteria(microbiota) changes as someone’s diet changes

– potential affects of diet for UC

– certain bacteria grow well based on the food that is available to them in the gut

– simple sugars, carbohydrates, white bread for example

– complex carbohydrates, vegetable fibers, whole grains (harder to break down for body, and become primary food source to bacteria in intestines)

– our own mucous is food for our gut bacteria!!

-Les gave 3 patients antibiotics for his study, and he monitored the gut bacteria before/during/and after the patients took the antibiotics to see if there were changes.

– towards the end of this video, he talks about some of the changes in gut bacteria that he noticed after the patients took the first round of antibiotics(CIPRO)

– Within everyone’s gut, there are many different strains of bacteria.  In the study, some bacteria that were very small in population grew bigtime after taking antibiotics, and some didn’t change, and some went down in population.  What is quite interesting is that some of the closely related strains would show one going up in population while another closely related went down in population.

Gut Bacteria Part 4 Video

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