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My Daily Bread Recipe (SCD “legal”)

This recipe makes four small loaves.  I use four small metal  bread pans (mine are afixed together in a solid wire frame — ez to handle); each is 3.25 x 5.5  inches, smaller than usual.   (The recipe would fill two usual-sized rectangular bread pans — but I’ve never tried that.)  I line my pans with waxed paper for ease of turning out.  Whoops — when do we get to something edible?!   Here goes:

Mix ingredients together in this order.  This recipe is easy and fast!

6 cups of almond flour

3 tsp baking soda    (mix with flour, breaking up any lumps in soda)

4 Tblsp oil (I use olive, and don’t bother to meansure; just glop some in and estimate)   Don’t mix until you’ve added eggs and water (next)

2 eggs, lightly beaten (or not; they’ll mix as you go)

1 cup of club soda, seltzer, etc.  (reacts with bkg. soda to help add air)   Note:  you may need a bit more water, depending on the size of the eggs.

Mix quickly.  Batter will be a big sticky mass; you won’t be pouring it into the pans,  just flopping it in with a spoon or spatula.  It is so sticky that you will need to wet your spoon (or fingers) to pat batter into the pans evenly.

Bake at 350 degrees (regular oven) or 325 (convection).   I set a timer for 25 minutes, and that usually does it for my four small pans.  (Big pans, twice that time?)

Notes:  Pieces of bread are small, about 4 x 2.5 inches.   The pieces hold together pretty well (bigger slices might not — try to find those little pans!).   You can toast them and/or dress up in any way you like.  My favorite: aged cheddar cheese melted atop in the microwave.  Yummy toasted with butter and avocado, too.   You can also make them as “breakfast” loaves, using cinnamon and currants.  Get creative!

About almond flour:  The best is from D & S Ranches (, but it’s much cheaper to buy at Trader Joe’s if you live near one.  Most health food outlets carry pricey almond flour.

I literally eat this bread every day.  It travels well, too.  Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “My Daily Bread Recipe (SCD “legal”)”

  1. OK, the bread tasted a little funny to me. Kinda chemically actually. So, at first I thought maybe my wife baked it with some saran wrap, or something. But, couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t until my drive home from work yesterday until it came to me. She must have dropped a whole bucket of baking soda in there…(That’s what that strange taste was…)
    Sure enough, I asked her, did you use tablespoons or teaspoons. She said “The recipe asked for tablespoons….!!!!!”. So I checked it out, and the rest is history, we will try it again Nancy, it did look pretty for the record though, and still think my wife’s the best!

    1. Anneabell

      Im guessing club soda is what we call Soda Water here in Australia? also when you made it did you use large bread loaf pan cause I only have one of those so guessing I can cook one and then the other? how do you store and how long well they store thank you in advance?

  2. Dave Crossley

    legend, cheers Adam. Just got so jealous when I saw that photo of you in Prague, I need to go back someday, I had a wicked time there and at the crazy bone church in Kutna Hora that I mentioned. Anyhow, time to get to grips with my first ever loaf of home made bread, cross everything for me, this could get messy :)have a great day good sir

    1. Hi Christine,

      I am sorry, but I do not know the carb count on that. Best would be to do some research on the labels of the items needed(maybe with the help of google…and I’m sure you could come up with it.

      Best of luck to you,

  3. I’m Nancy (Adam’s old English teacher; Hi Adam!), who first put together this recipe. After years, this is still my “daily bread,” but I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit. First, the stuff which I buy at Trader Joe’s is called “almond meal,” not flour. It’s ground less finely. Lately, I’ve been using one bag of the meal (2 cups), and 1.5 cups of coconut flour (which I can buy inexpensively at Costco here in California). Also, I no longer use club soda as the liquid, but plain water. Something I’m planning to try on my next batch is adding a tablespoon of unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I just read that it “helps strengthen the dough and allows it to rise more easily.” Can’t wait to use up my current loaves and try that!

  4. I didn’t get a big sticky mess. Wonder what I did wrong?

    Any updates on using the coconut/almond flour combination?

    1. Update on May 7, 2022
      I’ve been tweaking the recipe ever since I came up with it. Now using 3 eggs (makes it even more sticky). Also, the flour I imagined to be coconut is actually almond flour, so I’m using 2/3 almond meal and 1/3 almond meal (you might see that in a second post I did in 2020). AND I’m using 3 tablespoons of the unfiltered vinegar, which I think gives it an even better taste. That might make it stickier, but I did say back in 2012 that it was sticky, so I’m not sure what you might be doing — not “wrong,” just different. Sometimes I put in a bit of extra water, too, so make it mix better. Hope this is helpful, Doreen, and that you are feeling well.

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