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Im 18 years old on November 2nd..hopefully I won’t be in a flare haha. Diagnosed somewhere around late June 2010 with Ulcerative colitis. Pretty severe at the time. Got it under control with prednisone and lialda up until now which is what brings me here. I have always been into sports and still am. :] I plan to never let this disease take control of me like it did this summer and I also plan to attend Northern Arizona University in January 2011.


-prednisone taper from 60 mg when diagnosed-got me into remission
-lialda 4 per day right now due to mild flare

My Story:

I was diagnosed with UC somewhere around late June 2010. I had just graduated from high school and was ready to start my life at Northern Arizona University in August until i was hit by a sudden ulcerative colitis flare. I had never had trouble with my stool, joints, or any other problems most people have years before being diagnosed with this disease. In fact, I was probably one of the most healthy and athletic girls at my high school before the summer started. Maybe a week after my graduation I went to the bathroom one day and noticed some blood on the toilet paper when I wiped. Possibly just some salsa I had eaten the night before or something? Well thats what i thought anyways. As the weeks went by, I started having stomach cramps a few times a day which would pass after going to the bathroom; however, my stools started becoming more loose and “pebble”- like. I finally decided it was time to see a doctor after having to s kip out on my college orientation due to the pains and frequent bathroom trips. I had a colonoscopy which confirmed ulcerative colitis, and by this time my stool was nothing but mucus and blood about 12 times a day. I was put on 60 mg of prednisone and was to taper over 6 weeks, which worked out nicely. I was also put on 2 pills of lialda 1X day near the end of my taper. All was going well until now. I recently caught a cold and as of now my stool is starting to turn into those “pebbles” again with very little abdominal cramping. No blood, so I’m not completely worried yet but do you know if this flare (if it is indeed a flare) can possibly turn itself around? I’m trying to stay positive and hope that it is just a case of looser stool caused by my cold, but I also know that viruses can often result in a full blown flare. I don’t want to lose 20 pounds again in 3 weeks like this summer…it was probably the most horrible experience of my life having to deal with the pain and exhaustion of it all (and I know theres people that have it much worse. Im praying for them). Any insight would be much appreciative. Thank you so much.

3 thoughts on “Advice?”

  1. Hi Carol,

    Hopefully you can come out of the flare you are experiencing.
    Have you thought about changing your diet and way of eating? SCD has done wonders for me and many others.
    You can read my personal stories, under Jessica’s Stories.
    I suffered alot prior to the diet, and am so happy I decided to change my lifestyle.
    If you need any info please feel free to contact me!
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much. I think things are looking good as of right now…I just wish I could see into the future to see if everything ends up ok haha.
    I have given the SCD diet some thought and actually used it to come out of my last (and first) really big flare. I can’t say whether it was the diet or my medicine that did the trick but I do give credit to the diet for giving me more energy at the time. If things turn for the worst I will definitely go back on the diet and stick with it.
    Thank you :]

  3. Okay, I am 25 and have been diagnosed since age 12. At the age of 17 I got a hold of the SCD diet book but thought it was too hard and choose to not do it. At the age of 24, this summer I decided to see a Natriopathic Doctor. She instantly recommended the SCD diet. It is hard to start, and I could see it being hard to do in college. But, if you want to work on being more social, athletics, etc. you should consider the diet. You would need to prepare your food on a Sunday afternoon for the week so you won’t be the only one cooking in your kitchen all night! The website for Breaking the Vicious Cycle has a legal and illegal list that tells you what you should or should not have. If you go out to eat, as most college students do often, you can check out the resturaunts webpages and choose from Gluten-Free menus and adjust them to fit the diet. When I was about your age, I thought I wouldn’t be able to the do the diet and I put down the book almost instantly. I suggest you read about it try, the diet for a bit, see how it goes.

    I know what it’s like to be where you are, I almost didn’t make it to move-in day without an accident because I was nervous and fairing.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes,
    It’s tought at that age!

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