Getting Moderna Shot 2

Just a little video about moderna shot #1 and in an hour I’ll be getting g the second moderna shot for the Covid virus.

Of course hoping no serious side effects or adverse reactions come up, but we will have to just wait and see.

The first shot was a piece of cake, with nothing weird to report other than a very slightly sore upper arm for a day or two but it did not effect anything.

Best of luck to all of you who go the vaccine route.

Below is an update from my first few hours after Moderna vaccine number Dos:

Below is a video that reviews very briefly the morning after the 2nd Moderna shot thru until lunchtime. So up to 26 hours after shit number 2:

And below is a recap of hours 43-50 after the vaccine #2 for me… sorry fir creeping in the seals..

3 weeks After Moderna Shot #2 Below. Also, hopefully we can hear an update from our friend Bev who has placed some comments down about her experience. Really hoping she can pull out of the nasties soon and get the normal feelings flowing again(for sure she will). Also, I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy last Friday, but several days before I cancelled it. This time was for insurance reasons mainly. The insurance I have (Blue Shield of California PPO (not group)) does not have the gastro Doctor I choose in-network … so my out of pocket expenses would have been several hundreds of dollars more than budgeted. And, as I’m feeling fine I didn’t want to take the slight risk of the procedure setting me off… so cancelled for now. Maybe a few months from now after summer I’ll get back onto that, not sure.

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  1. Lorri CollerNugent

    Adam best to you on your second shot. Today Moderna shot 2 for me 8am this morning. First shot same as you no problem. Today by noon low grade fever not bad but UC quite active. Could be the change of season could be the shot. Definitely not my worse UC episode but it’s been brewing since shortly after shot 1. Has anyone else experienced same?

    1. Sorry to hear this Lorri, and I hope things can resolve for you soon.
      I’m about 4 hours post shot 2 and so far so good but shot nurse said it’s probable I wouldn’t notice anything until about midnight.. so who knows.

  2. Hi my husband got Astra Xeneca and though side effect, the colitis flared for a couple of weeks. I just wondered with a compromised immune system does this vaccine work?

  3. Rosanne
    Rosanne Robinson

    Thank you all for posting this! I am anxious to see what others say also.
    Dr. Agus who gives covid updates on CBS News responded to a text from me and said the covid vaccines exaggerate the illness. For now I am laying low and not getting it.

  4. Hey Adam. The Moderna vaccine #2 kicked our sons butt. 2 days of change the sheets fever and sweats and sent him into a flare which is now about 2 months in and shows no sign of letting up. And it’s a strange flare. Bleeding and weight loss and urgency of course but no other symptoms. He “feels” fine. Calpro slightly elevated. 158 I believe. Everything else normal. Simponi levels are low both pre and post injection but no antibodies. Has a colonoscopy on Thursday before any adjustments to meds. This is after 4+ years of no sign of the disease. Cause and effect or just a coincidence. Nobody seems to know.

    1. Oh man, that does not sound fun. Very sorry to hear that Clay and hoping all goes normal for him soon.
      That’s got to be so tuff after so long living normal and then getting nailed post vaccination as you described. Thanks for all the info, it’s much appreciated

    2. I did not have the shot, but had covid. After I recovered from that had horrible flare just like you talked about. Finally getting past that. Was on prednisone for several months, stopped that and just ate clean and drank tons of water.

    3. Clay, just reading some of the comments, how is your son doing? How long did he flare last? Is he still battling the flare? Prayers he is better.

  5. No UC flare after 2nd Moderna shot. One
    day of flu like symptoms but nothing terrible. It feels great to be vaccinated!

  6. Hey Adam!

    It is so great to see you and also so great to hear about you having no UC symptoms from the shot.

    I’m not sure if you remember or not, but after years of having a flu shot every year, I had to stop because every time I’d get it…back my UC would come. So, I haven’t had a vaccine in about 14 years or so I guess. I’ve been feeling great for the same length of time…14 years or so. Completely normal. No UC symptoms at all. No drugs. Only my good old probiotic.

    Along comes Covid. I hemmed and hawed about getting the vaccine. I know that everyone who is healthy should. I want to do the right thing. I want to help those around me. I want to do my part.

    I tried to do some research on these particular vaccines regarding UC…and there was nothing to be found for research about the vaccines and flare ups. I discussed my getting the vaccine with both my mother and my husband, who were both going to get it of course. I discussed it on a chat line with a nurse. I have been disease free for so long that everyone said that I should just go for it.

    My intuition was telling me not to get the vaccine…but I ignored it. So…on May 12 I got the vaccine. Pfizer. I was tired for a couple of days and had a sore arm. A week after that I had some bowel pain but I still felt good. All was going really well…until this morning that is. Two weeks in. Almost 15 years UC free…and this morning a lot of pain and…BLOOD. The dreaded blood. I don’t know if it will last…or get worse…time will tell. I am so upset. It’s almost traumatizing when you see blood again. I thought I would never be back here…

    I watched your videos and read the other comments the week after I got my first vaccine and I was going to chime in then to tell everyone how good I felt and how I thought everything was going to be okay, but for some reason I waited. I must have had a feeling that I

    Anyway. If this ‘flare’ is short and amounts to nothing…I might get the other vaccine. If the flare gets worse…I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know what a second shot might do. My bowels are f’ing pissed. They are not happy campers at all. I forgot what the pain was like.

    I hate to not do my whole part in contributing to herd immunity and / or eradication. I’m older now and I do not know how bad my UC might get. I wonder if just having the one vaccine and masking forever is enough. I do not work (so no employees to infect or get infected by) and the only place I ever go is to the grocery store once per week…masked of course. Both my mother and my husband (my only bubble) will get two vaccines.

    That’s my vaccine story…so far anyway.

    Great to hear that all went so well for you Adam! Thank you for keeping this going!!

    1. Lorri CollerNugent

      Hi Bev follow your intuition!, I too had been in 2 almost 3 yr remission. I had read wish I knew where that you are 90% covered against serious covid after 1st shot and for the additional 4 or 5 % after second shot I wish I had not! Coincidence maybe but I have noticed anyone with autoimmune disease are not fairing so well. Wishing you well

        1. Bev,
          I am just seeing your messages now and wondering how are you???
          Has things turned around for you in the past couple of days?
          I’m so terribly sorry to see this going on with you.

          1. No worries, Adam!

            The ‘problem’ hasn’t gotten any worse. I have mostly (sometimes intense bot other times just dull) lower pain in my colon. I’m hoping that it will just pass, because I really feel strongly about that I should get that second shot which should happen in a few weeks.
            I just want this awful pandemic over.
            Cheers for asking…is all still well after your second shot?

          2. Hi Bev and Adam!
            So Sorry to hear that news, Bev. My PCP says you’re like 85%+ after first vaccine. I’m not sure the latest stats.
            I had the Pfizer shots back in March. I’m not sure if it accelerated a usual March flare for me or what?? I’m struggling (failed a colonoscopy prep for the first time ever and had to repeat today with a 2 day prep. I have a new gastro who had just put me on budesonide as my symptoms took a turn after 2 weeks. (I also have not been on meds and mostly remission since 2011-last humira dose! But have been struggling in general for the past year and a half or so.) …And she didn’t like the amount of inflammation and immediately changed it to prednisone. She also wants me to consider a real med(Entyvio or Stelara).
            Like I always say…UC is the Grim Reaper.
            I hope you are doing better.
            And Adam….keep on the healthy train!

            1. Hi Shelly!

              I am so sorry that the vaccine caused a flare in you as well. It’s so true isn’t it…you always have UC. I haven’t had any sign of it for YEARS…then I get the first Covid vaccine and two weeks later, the UC drops in to say hello again. Ugh. I could not believe it!

              I am feeling better now almost two months later…but I still have so much bowel pain. The vaccine definitely triggers an immune response / inflammation.

              I have decided not to get the second vaccine…both my husband and my mother will…I am afraid that by getting the second dose, that the UC will become full blown and out of control. I CAN’T go back to that place. I am much too old for that now.

              I hope you get better soon Shelly. This condition is so tiring and annoying…take care and thank you for commenting :)

              1. Hi Bev,
                I’m so glad I went back to check in on this post. I randomly check in on the site and stick with relevant topics and there you were on Adam’s post! (Recently Graham had posted on issues he was having.)
                I guess I can’t say the vaccine caused my flare, but I’m fairly certain it was part of a tipping point for me.
                I’m so very glad you are doing better and continue to do so. I know you will do the things required plus stay active. I think we are all getting too old for this UC rollercoaster!!
                Health and healing thoughts.

                1. Hi Shelly!

                  Being in total remission for so many years, I CAN say that the first Pfizer Covid vaccine absolutely caused my UC to flare up.

                  I actually hate that it happened. I really wish it hadn’t have happened, because I had planned on getting the second vaccine plus any booster shots that were recommended.

                  I wanted to do my part in protecting everyone as well as myself. I believe in everyone who can get the vaccine, GETTING the vaccine :)

                  Stay well my friend…<3

                2. Hi Bev, your journey intrigued me as to your decision to get vaccine. I know we all react differently. Has your flare subsided? If so, how long did it last? Praying that you are back in remission as those flares are the worst especially after such a long remission. Thank you.

                  1. Hi!

                    I got the second Pfizer vaccinate at the end of July and had no side effects at all from that one relating to UC! I was so relieved.

                    The ‘flare’ from the first vaccine only lasted a few days and it was just a bit of blood thankfully.

                3. Rosanne
                  Rosanne Robinson

                  Bev and Lorri….thank you for sharing your story. So very sorry to hear this.
                  Know that your experience is helping me to trust my gut and just say no.
                  While my GI, Pfizer and Moderna websites only say that if you are on an immunosuppressant that you will have less effect of protection from covid, Dr. David Agus who is a nationally known doctor stated to me that UC is exasperated with covid shots.

                  Please feel better and get well.
                  Thank you for your input.

                  1. Hi Rosanne,

                    It is certainly nice to hear that at least one doctor is speaking out about the Covid vaccines and how they might affect ulcerative colitis.

                    I was absolutely blindsided by this first flare in 15 years. I was not expecting to get it and every nurse / doctor that I talked to said, ‘you’ll be fine…just get the vaccine. It will not bring on UC’. Famous last words.

                    I guess they do not have personal knowledge about what having a flare up of ulcerative colitis can be like and how serious it can be…especially when the flares can last months to even years without stopping. I’m not so sure it is ‘better’ than getting Covid. Anyway, sorry. I am just a bit miffed that I am in a flare. I wish I would have trusted myself as well. I felt a duty and pressure to get the vaccine.

                    I am not an anti vaxxer. I believe in vaccines. Unfortunately, since I acquired UC, I myself can no longer tolerate them.

                    1. Rosanne
                      Rosanne Robinson

                      Hi Bev.
                      Dr. Agus is a physician that can be heard giving updates on health on CBS News shows.
                      He has a website:
                      Per his page, there is a number to text him. I asked for where more info on autoimmune diseases and taking the shot.

                      Again thank you for sharing your experience.
                      Hopefully the flare will calm soon.

                    2. Just a follow up to my last post about the vaccine.

                      Thankfully, the ‘flare’ from my first vax was short lived! More bowel pain than anything else. Just a few weeks of traces of blood. The blood has disappeared now.

                      I got the second Pfizer shot 15 days ago…and all is well this time. No flare thus far.

                      I am glad that I got both…and now I have heard that a booster may be on the horizon as well. I will get that too if that is what we have to do.

                      Cheers everyone…stay safe :)

                      1. Hey Bev,
                        Yaaaaay! Cheers to good health and vaccines. The Delta Variant is an unfortunate game changer. The science says COVID will keep winning and getting more concerning without vaccinations, boosters and updated versions. Official FDA approval right around the corner.
                        Be safe and healthy!
                        Best, Shelly

                        1. Thanks you Shelly!

                          I am glad that I got both of the vaccines…and I will continue to get any boosters that are necessary.

                          I was so afraid of a flare, but it amounted to not much at all.

                          I do not want to get covid if I can avoid it…I want to live…and I want to protect everyone else too.

                          Cheers my friend :)

                        2. I just surrender to the vaccine August 3, I’ve had UC for 38 years and I’ve been in remission now for five on Humira. Flaring was the only thing holding me back and also developing another auto immune disease so guess we’ll wait and see although I think after reading everyone’s comments I am more than likely only going to settle with this one dose and not go back for the second dose. Thank you so much everyone for sharing!!

                          1. Hi Holly,

                            Please read my follow up post to my first post about the vaccine. I got the second shot, which I was not going to do…and all is well so far.

                            Cheers :)

                            1. Thank you,, I did get dose 2 and FLARE FREE! Although I did have Covid last December so the first vaccine I felt lousy/fluish for 2 weeks,, second shot felt lousey 1 week much less intense. I do not plan on getting any boosters,,,

                              During Covid and both vaccines my colon was definitely affected just not a flare!!

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