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IBD Clinical Trial Involving Saffron

Quick update to all those interested, especially for those in the Washington DC area of the United States.

A longtime user of the iHaveUC site sent me an email recently to explain how a clinical trial is going on and open for enrollment. It is listed on the master of clinical trial webpages here:

Last night I messaged the lead investigator of the trial to make sure they are still working on it and if there is any specific geographic region they are interested in recruiting UC patients, and they wrote back with the following response:

Hi Adam

We are actively enrolling patients for our saffron ulcerative colitis trials in Washington DC area.

Our study listed in web site and we are interested if you can spread the word.


H. Ashkotrab

a whole bunch of Saffron

So, if you are interested, you can surely follow up more via the link above, or you can email the scientist for more information here:

This is definitely the first clinical trial involving Saffron that I have ever heard about, and who knows, maybe it will turn into something interesting for us.

(and below is a Saffron Supplement I just found on my amazon affiliate account which might be of interest)

Thank you again for reading along here and wishing you a great day,


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