Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Annual Conference Follow Up

Hey UC’ers,

Big thanks to Berklia for sending over the email below which contains several links to nearly the whole program for those of you who could not attend.  Thank you so much Berklia for the colitis related information.  It is very much appreciated especially since so many people just don’t have the opportunity to get out to San Fran to hear what the CCFA is thinking about concerning all these topics.



Hi Adam,

I just attended the ‘once a year’ ccfa conference for patients and families and wanted to pass on the conference presentations in case you or anyone can benefit from the latest research. The slides don’t offer as much as the talk that goes with them, but some are very descriptive. I always take everything with a grain of salt, but the speakers were all top notch and there might be some good info in here that could help some of us:

I especially enjoyed the nutrition talk:
I just wish my GI’s could listen to her talk as well. She spoke clearly upon the advantages of SCD and other methods of nutrition that help IBD people. I learned that Europe is years ahead of US doctors in the successful use of nutrition to bring folks into remission instead of meds.

I felt that the ‘alternative medicines’ talk last year was more complete than this year, but the info was helpful as usual:

Bayla Travis, PsyD, a doctor at Highland Hospital was there and spoke about how to deal with pain and stress management – was very helpful to many at the event. She has a calming, supportive and knowledgeable attitude and provided real techniques to deal with day to day and long term issues. (Dr Travis’s presentation:

Overall, it was informative and I’m glad I attended.

Health & Strength,


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  1. Thanks for sharing these links! There are some interesting presentations here that helped me better understand this disease, treatments, and current research. I appreciate all you are doing to help us cope!

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