Colitis Diet Smoothie Recipe – It’s SCD Diet OK

Today is Thanksgiving here in America.  For everyone who has contributed either by writing, commenting, emailing, or being inspired to get better and beat your ulcerative colitis with the help of this website, I am so happy and thankful for you all.  It has been a true pleasure(sometimes quite time consuming) and very inspiring for me to listen and learn from others who have our disease.  It has been so amazing to hear about other people who have found solutions to dealing with ulcerative colitis.  With so many people contributing to the website over the year, there seems to be a strong support group growing.  Thank you to everyone reading for that.

We all know how ulcerative colitis can be very unpredictable at times, and how there are so many other strange symptoms(skin problems, joint pain, headaches, cramping, itchy scalp etc…) With this being the case, I know I’m not the only one who has learned that someone else across the Atlantic or several hundred miles away is talking about the exact same stuff.  Thanks internet gods for that.

So, back to this post.  I follow the SCD diet which most of you already know and it seems to be a great ulcerative colitis diet for many people.  I just have gotten out of a flare(I define flare as taking non formed stools with/without either some or occasional bleeding either bright red or dark, maybe cramping, not high energy etc…)(I define OUT OF A COLITIS FLARE as formed stools with bowel movements once or twice a day with no bleeding bright or dark red).

As a follow up to an earlier request from “Roberta” I promised I would start posting more foods that I eat which seem to work for me.  There has been many requests from other colitis people for high calorie foods.  Things that you can start eating when you are over your flare and following the SCD diet to put back on pounds.  As you all know, many of us loose some weight(sometimes up to 50% of our bodyweight when in a flare)  I for example usually come in at 160 pounds, and I know I lost at least five or six on my recent flare last month.

Anyways, here is a smoothie that you can try if you like.  I want to first start off by thanking the blender I love and use at least EVERY DAY, thanks Mr. Cuisinart.  You should get one if you

don’t have a blender in my opinion:

I made up a smoothie today like almost every other day except when in a flare, but today we were out of Orange Juice so we made a colits diet meal with pineapple juice instead which is also legit on the SCD diet.

Have a great thanksgiving people in the US, and have a great weekend to everyone else.  If you have any questions or concerns about trying or starting the SCD diet, feel free to write a story about it.

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6 thoughts on “Colitis Diet Smoothie Recipe – It’s SCD Diet OK”

  1. This website is great. I appreciate all the work that goes into keeping this site up and going, especially when I feel like doo-doo. I saw your youtube video last year and started making these smoothies everyday. They really give me a boost of energy and get me some calories. I usually use oj, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, almond/peanut butter… sometimes carrot juice or avocado! The most important ingredient for me is I get those bags of frozen mango pieces from Trader Joes and throw a cup in there. I think the B12 really helps the fatigue. Keep up the good work!

  2. I was wondering whether peanut butteri s really okay on the SCD diet. Peanuts are legumes, and have a high amount of starch in them which is prohibited on the SCD diet. I have read dozens of articles saying to avoid peanuts?

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      In my experience, peanuts are alright for me, and for a good percentage of others who follow SCD.
      With that said, the reality is that everyone is unique with every particular food when treating the disease with diet.

      What might work for me, might not work for you etc… So trial and error is often one of the best ways to figure out what works best for each specific person and diet.

    1. HI Monica,
      While in the middle of a flare up, or even just when symptoms are starting to appear, I would cut out the smoothie until symptoms have completely gone away or almost completely gone away. The cutting out of the carbohydrates (and sugars) that are within the smoothie help to get back to remission faster, and allow the gut bacteria to re-align themselves to a happy state. -Adam

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