SCD Diet High Calorie Snack Food

before baking blueberry cake

A few weeks ago I received an email from a woman asking what type of stuff I eat.  First off, I’m 31 and I have ulcerative colitis and was extremely flared out for over a year.  I don’t take any prescription medications.  But, I follow very closely(but not 100%) the Specific Carbohydrate Diet aka SCD diet.  This diet has forced me to become creative in the kitchen.  Let Me introduce a relative of Paul’s Nana Muffins: Mr. Naner Blueberrious Almondy Cake.  Sometimes referred to as SCD Blueberry Banana Cake with Almond flour.  It’s a great snack or dessert that packs some serious calories which might help you gain back some weight if you have lost some pounds or kilos or stones due to your UC symptoms.  I’m trying to gain back a few since my most recent flare, and I think this will help me out.

scd almond flour

You are going to start out with adding 2 1/2 cups of almond flour to a mixing bowl.

Also, I add 1/2 cup of coconut flakes.

I honestly don’t know the top of my head if this is SCD legit, but it works for me.

If you don’t like coconut flakes(don’t worry,

I hated them until my wife threw them in once since we were out of more almond flour) put in 3 full cups of almond flour instead.

baking soda SCD

Add to the mix, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.  Make sure to put in a TEA spoon, not a table spoon like we tried one night.  Trust me, a teaspoon is plenty.

baking bananas for SCD cake

Now, get out another mixing bowl, and you should get out two to three ripe bananas,

even riper than the ones pictured here will do.  The SCD diet recommends very ripe bananas.  Lots of black spots etc…

mashed bananas

So put them in the new bowl, and start mashing the heck out of them.

We used a fork for months until my wife showed me we had a “potato” masher.

Now, we mash bananas for me, and she used it when she makes herself mashed potato, which I don’t eat anymore since I’m SCD hardcore…

Anyways, mash the naners.

banana masher

It might look like this afterwards

SCD eggs

Get out three eggs

put them in with the nana mix

eggs in mix


we add a tiny bit of vanilla, about a half teaspoon again.  its strong.

specific carbohydrate honey

We put in half a cup of honey to the nana mix bowl.

please excuse the army look,

I am still all amped up from a wild boar hunt a few weeks back that ended with my hunting buddy giving me his too small for him shirt.

no boar on first hunt, maybe later for that.

eggs and honey mixed

Now, with everything in there, time to get our mixx on

bananas all mashed up

that’s it mixed up, next to the almond/coconut flake flour

cake tray

we originally were going to make muffins, but as you can see, only one muffin paper deal left. need to write down on grocery list, this item seems to be easily forgotten, anyone else?

blueberry cake mix

Now for secret ingredient, blueberries.  Frozen, and about a cup of them in the mix which now has everything in it.

canola oil spraycan

spray the cake tray down with a light dusting of canola oil spray, or do whatever else works for the no sticking later plan.

before baking blueberry cake

this is it prior to going in the 350 degree oven.

its supposed to say:  I HAVE  UC  written in blueberries.

finished blueberry scd cake

About 1 hour later, this is it.

Please make sure to check the cake often.  We do the stick in the toothpick deal to see if goupy stuff comes out with the toothpick.  Maybe for some of you 40-50 minutes might be enough.

This is a pretty tasty dessert/snack.  I also think it would go down as a relatively healthy specific carbohydrate diet snack.  And, it is loaded with calories.

As a quick update, I posted a few weeks ago about being in my second official flare since going on the SCD diet.  I have been very hesitant to post that I am better, because we all know that our disease is a long string usually of ups and downs.  Sometimes two steps forward 3 back four forward…

But, I do have some great news to post about.  I am now confident that things have turned around.  I am not totally out of the woods.  But I’m going on 3 days in a row now of very very hard stools, harder than they’ve been in months actually.  Almost too hard, I think my rear end is most definitely not used to this type of stuff(if you know what I mean)

How did I get to where I am after having dripping blood just two weeks ago and very non formed stools?
Well, I went back to basics, and started the introductory SCD diet all over again, and I followed the plan that the guys over at Specific Carbohydrate Lifestyle laid out.  It was very simple to go by, and I think I must give them credit for their work and free download of the intro diet.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who either doesn’t have the SCD diet book or who is frustrated with a flare to download the free instruction guide on how to properly start the SCD diet when you are not feeling good like I wasn’t.

I know all too well that there is a decent chance that I will have some loose stools here and again in the next few days/weeks/months/years/decades, but the VERY noticeable symptoms I had a few weeks ago like cramping, bleeding, and diarrhea seem to be gone for three days now and replaced with normal bowel movements once or twice a day.

One of the drawbacks I did have during my recent flare was I lost a few pounds, my guess is I’m down to about 155-157 right now.  I usually am at about 162-165.  So, I hope to eat this Nana Blueberrious Almondy Cake and get back with the program.

Laters UC’ers,

You all rock!

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8 thoughts on “SCD Diet High Calorie Snack Food”

  1. I’m def gonna try this recipe out! (as soon as im back to eating regular SCD foods) haha
    Still on the intro for now, trying to get this flare under control!
    Happy to report some improvement in the past 2 days!

    Glad your flare seems to be over!!

    Take Care!

  2. Yum, that looks so good. I’ve been staying away from blueberries since redoing the intro diet, starting about 6-7 weeks ago. All those tiny little seeds are a bit scary! But I think I might have to add put them near the top of my ‘to add’ list.

    Speaking of high calorie snack foods, being in Australia, I’ve never managed to get my hands on larabars. And I’m a bit worried about them because I’ve come across a couple of people who said they didn’t think that they had a problem with particular packaged food (in one case, larabars) but weren’t healing. Then when they stopped the packaged food, everything just suddenly improved.

    Anyway, I came across this great recipe ( for energy bars, with step by step pictures and a heap of flavour combinations. I was up until midnight last night making a couple of different flavours that I made up – christmas pudding (currants, sultanans, raisins, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and almonds), and date and orange (dates, sultanas, walnuts and a drop of orange oil).

    I know that dried fruit is pretty advanced, but I’ve been eating the occasional dried apricot and some sultanas for a while and it seems to be fine. And I figure that blended into mush has to be the second safest way of eating them (after cooking then in liquid).

    Now I just have to figure out how to stop myself consuming the 2 cups of dried fruit and 1.3 cups of nuts sitting in tasty bar form in my fridge…

    1. Hey Catherine, it sounds like you are on your way to big success. That is great!
      In my experience with speaking to a ton of others on the SCD diet, it for sure is not a one solution for everyone, and definitely nothing is written in stone(anywhere that I know of)
      so, like you said, if the dried apricot concoction that is working for you is working for you, THAT IS EVEN more awesome, because it will probably work for some others too.
      I really miss eating dried fruits. I remember loving to eat them when I was a bit younger, but always having “stomach aches” afterwards. Nowadays I am just too much of a scare D pants to try stuff like that. Maybe someday. That link you posted sure has alot of variations on how to make those bars, thanks for posting it!

        1. Awesome Gee,
          So Happy you liked the SCD muffins. They are actually muffins that I was turned onto from Paul several months ago. Don’t get too addicted to them, its easy to do!!

  3. This sucks. I wish I could gain weight on this diet but everything seems to upset my stomach.
    I’ve cut out eggs,fruit dairy and eggs will try for four days and see if any improvement.

    I still eat sweet potato…Do you eat sweet potato?
    Thank you for being an inspiration

  4. This recipe is awesome.
    Simple and tasty.
    I’m coeliac and have a bit of a temperamental gut and stumbled across this website on my travels a while ago, have used the recipe many times now.
    Plenty of wheat eaters are so stoked on their wheat that they never get to try such deliciousness. Oh well more for us!
    Many thanks Sir!

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