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"Like many UCers I have spent many hours trawling the internet googling the condition and came across your website a few years ago. I read your ebook and really liked your honesty and humour. As everyone says your positivity is so encouraging and now this is my go to website when I'm thinking about UC. Thankfully my symptoms are pretty much under control at the moment but just wanted to say thanks." Kate

I’m Starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

I’m Ryan, I have Ulcerative Colitis:

Hello, i was diagnosed with Colitis about 2 months ago and I have not really taken it seriously enough, i have not changed anything in my diet at all. And I have just finished the steroid treatment that most people have when they get diagnosed. it has been nearly a week after i finished the treatment and i am already having symptoms. it is my own fault though because i have not changed my diet. and i want to start the SCD diet, can anyone comment on this giving tips on recipes and what i should stay away from and what i should be eating. that would be much appreciated thank you for reading :).

Submitted by “Ryan” in the Colitis Venting Area

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  1. Vicky October 9, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    Hi Ryan, if you are really serious about wanting to start the scd i would recommend buying how to break the vicious cycle. It has really helped me understand the diet a lot and what I can do to start it. There is also a link on this website to download a copy of scd lifestyle whicha has also been very helpful for me. I have been on the scd a week now and with all of the tips and guidance the books have given me it hasn’t been too tough. I have been in the same flare about 22 months now and I am only now starting to change my eating habits and diet. Good luck to you. We are all here for you if you need support!!

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