Blood on the Toilet Paper

Hi everyone who’s out there and living with OR living with someone who has UC!  I am in my second ulcerative colitis flare.  To recap, I started treating my UC with the SCD diet back in August 2009.  Immediately I saw my symptoms go away, which was great.  The medications weren’t helping so I looked into diet as my treatment.  I stopped all medications two two months later.  Its been about 15 months on the SCD, and I am happy to announce that I’m in a flare.

I’m not worried though.  I am actually excited(that’s how weird me is).  Now time to test if the diet really works.  You see, I started breaking too many rules of this diet over the past 15 months(imagine that…).  Slowly, I started drinking 2-3 coffees per day with honey(which is good and legit) but also with cream(which is a no nononieo).  I also have been mowing on corn tortilla chips way way to much lately(always got a bag of Tostito white corn chips here).  And,  definitely guilty of eating some deep fried, flour battered things. SAnd can’t forget how I ate some chocolate a friend brought over last week(not much but you know..).

So here is the deal.  I am going back to basics.  Starting the intro SCD diet once again.  That’s right, chicken soup, eggs in the morning, and we will see what happens.  The video is about me coming out of the closet about this flare, and also talks about how I plan on getting my gut bacteria back in place which I feel is the cause for my ulcerative colitis acting up.   The good old gut bacteria community inside the old colon has gotten a bit out of wack.  Now it’s time to slow down some cut down some bad bacteria and build up some good bacteria.  And the plan is to limit the food I eat, which will be limiting what food is left by the time it makes it to the colon.


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  1. Hi Adam,
    Just wanted to wish you luck on your flare :] and thanks for keeping us all updated with how you’re doing. For me-and everyone else im sure-your videos and great attitude calm me way down when I think things are going bad! Thanks again!

    1. Hey Carol,
      thanks for the super nice words, I really appreciate it. And if I’m calming you down, that is the biggest compliment to date:) I’m sure my grade/high schoolteachers would be shocked to hear someone say that about me.
      Thanks Carol and best of luck to you. I’m pretty hopeful on getting out of this hole asap.

    1. Hey Steve,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Hey guess what, I just finished getting all the items from your guide and im in the middle of slow cooking up the chicken soup and my wife is making the gelatin. Funny enough, we both didn’t know where gelatin comes from, and upon doing a quick google search we both learned something. I sure didn’t know its coming from pig bones/hides etc… but can’t wait to chow on some grape jello soon.

  2. Oh Adam, I’m sorry to hear you’re in a flare too. I hope you get out of it soon. With the intro, though, you’re doing almond flour baked goods? I’ve been too afraid to re-add then to my diet for a while now. I miss them, certainly!

    Good luck, and keep us up-to-date!

  3. Hey Adam. Best wishes with this. I will say that my last flare sucked and I tried to be hardcore about the SCD at the time. In retrospect, as much as I hate meds, I wish I started the prednisone taper sooner and seem to have found my current ‘sweet spot’ with the Lialda. I’m still careful with my diet, but not SCD legal – finally started drinking coffee again, but I know I’m dancing with fire a little… Anyway, here’s sending good energy so that you can remissionate (call me Sarah Palin – I just made a new word!) WITHOUT any meds!!!

    Take care!

    1. Yo Stephen,
      Thanks for the vibes and the remissionations buddy! I super appreciate it. Congrats with finding the sweet spot. Now you’re talking like my old little league baseball coach!!
      It’s amazing how Sarah Palin can make it onto a UC page.
      Talk to you soon

  4. I’m rooting for you. When I was in a terrible flare I found your website and you introduced me to the SCD diet. I have been strictly on this diet for 6 months and I am off all medications, the only thing I take extra is a probiotic VSL #3. So good luck, I know you can do it

    1. Hey Molly,
      WOW, if your comment isn’t an inspiration, then I don’t know what is. So so nice of you to throw out some roots for me. Thanks bigtime. I think your roots are working, today after waking up I didn’t even need to run to the deep, the dark, the doo doo hole(as crazy Aunt Judy used to call it)
      SO SO SO SO Happy you are on month 6 of success with the SCD. That is awesome. So now I got some cathching up to do to with you.
      Thanks again Molly!! :)

  5. Hello Adam,
    It’s been a while since I visited the site, and I’m sorry to hear about your flare up! But you know the same has happened of me with my crohn’s…trouble is , having been on the diet since February/March, I kind of arrogantly thought my intestines were somehow healed and started having a little of this and that. Some potato here and there, too much alcohol too often, and down the slippery slope. But I am pleased to report that within a few days of getting back on track things soon start settling down again. It’s true – I’ve done this several times now!
    The fact is that UC and Crohn’s are chronic diseases, which means there is no cure as such, but the SCD diet enables me to live a normal life and manage drug free. I just have to keep reminding myself of that fact.
    So Adam, take care of yourself and get back on track, remember – better time spent in the kitchen than in the bathroom! Glad to see you’re still running the site, good job!

    1. Hey Carol,
      So good to hear from you. So I’m not the only one who does a little cheating on the old diet and pays the price….!!!!:))

      I’m glad to hear you’re carrying on nicely. You know what, I defintely don’t want to start counting chickens before they hatch, but I think yesterday and today were the pulling out of the worst of the flare days. Of course, I’ve said that before, but really having some good signs. When there is some more firm evidence of this, i’ll give another update, but no matter what, super cool to hear from you, thx so much for sending the good vibes!

  6. Hey Buddy!! Been a long time, but I’m always keeping up on your videos. Of course my first thought when you said (twice in a few months) that you were flaring was “is he cheating?” and sure enough… you ARE!! Hey, I can’t throw stones, I’ve been sliding down that slippery slope for months now too and regretting it hard core. But I guess the good news is, when we are good, we are GOOD. I truly believe that the diet works. I wish that we could have dairy and fried goodness without feeling like crap and maybe one day they’ll find a legit cure for these nasty diseases but until then, it’s salads and meat for us. I hope you feel better soon!! I’m so glad this website has become what it’s become and that you’ve kept going with it, it’s awesome!

    1. Yo What up Original JEN!
      SUPER COOL to hear from you Spice Girl! What up BEAN TOWN. For anyone reading this comment, JEN is one of the if not the original commenter from the early days of ihaveuc.
      and she ROCKS. And she’s got a kick but website, and I like her and you all should too.

      Yeah, i broke rules. I am weak. I like tortilla chips, among other things.
      but guess what, I think the old flare is starting to come to an end. Not wanting to post about it just yet, because you know old IBD man might pop his head out of the deep dark hole and scream bloody murder on me. but things be loooking up.
      Miss you,

      1. Aww thanks for the love, Miss you too!! Glad you’re feeling better :) I sent my friend Natalie your link because she has UC too and has been flaring lately and they gave her a short term pred treatment. She’s been trying to start making dietary changes so I hope she comes here and checks it out.

        HA! My Captcha code is LUV7 – Just for you!! ;-)

    2. Adam,

      I’m new to this site and as I was browsing I came across this video and of course the title of your post. I was like ah yes that’s me… I gave the SCD diet a try and lost a lot of weight so I moved away from it although I do believe in diet as it has gotten me into remission before. Do you have any tips from experience on keep weight on in this first few intense weeks of the SCD diet?

      I recently started an immunosuppresent and am planning on switched back to diet once I get myself in manageable shape (guess I should stop drinking that coffee) as I despise the thought of my immune system being shut down (scary!)I’m 22 and shouldnt be subjected to these scary medicines!

      Anyways, I had a few laugh out loud moments as I lay in bed watching holiday movies and your Ihaveuc videos and thought I should thank you for that. It’s unfortunate to see others having to deal with these problems but also comforting to know that its all about maintaining a positive attitude.

      1. Hey,
        What’s up Lauren!
        Thanks for the shout out.
        Colitis videos and holiday videos, you are right, they do go together!!!:)
        I wish you the best with getting things back on track with your immune suppresant. That would be great news to hear from you soon saying you have things controlled once again. As for keeping the weight on during the first few intense weeks of the diet…. that’s almost the million dollar question.
        So without knowing what your lifestyle is like, and what your requirements are, I made sure to minimize athletic calorie burning stuff while I was starting over on the diet. I also tried really hard to get good rest and not to pull all nighters(not like I do those anyways…). For me, I surely did drop a few pounds. I normally come in at about 162-167 and I think I got down to about 155 after starting the SCD diet again. But, after about four or five days of the intro diet, I began to start going hard on putting in as many calories as I could. By that I mean I started eating tons of grilled hamburger meat, and also I started having my morning smoothies quite a bit too.You can search below for the link to that by probably typing “morning smoothie”
        I am on my way back to normal now. I’m back doing 1-2 bowel movements per day and they keep getting harder which is cool.
        So although this is not too comprehensive:
        -minimize atheletic activity
        – get lots of rest
        – eat lots of hamburger beef(if you can. I was able to eat somehow about one pound of that per day, and I started grilling it with pepper and salt after a few days of broiling it)
        – when I started seeing signs of improvement, I started on with my smoothies
        Keep me posted please on how things progress for you. I’ll be sure to add some more videos. I just did the Half Marathon benefiting the crohns and colitis foundation in Vegas last weekend, and made this video up for the people who sponsored me: check it out if you like.

    3. I am really looking forward to hearing updates on your 2nd flare Adam. This will really put the SCD diet to the test and prove whether the SCD diet really works or not (not that I fully doubt it, but I have been hearing mixed results). Please keep us posted and good luck!

    4. I have written my story twice on your website and it says that i will get an email password but never have I guess I am doing something wrong. My son, Eric age 17, wrote to you back in Nov 2010 when he was first diagnosed with UC. He is now back in the hospital day 5 with a horrible flare he is in constant pain and they cant give him pain meds because they say it will slow down the colon. He is seriously thinking about surgery because he says he cant stand the pain any longer. The only drug he has ever taken has been predisone and he is back on 40 mil. a day. Can you think of anything he can do immediately that might help his pain………..thanks for listening, I love your website.

    5. Great website I wish you all the luck, I had UC for twelve years could not stand it any longer and had a ileostomy July 29 2011 and I have never felt better it was the last resort. I also had one of the best surgeons in the country and (knock on wood) I will keep doing fine. I wish you all the best.

      1. Hey Sloane,

        Yeah, I was able to put out the fire/flare on my own by going back to basics with my eating and cutting out some of the corn products I was eating and the same with potato as well. Within a few weeks things were back to normal without any medications, just buckling down on the SCD diet.

    6. What you consider a flare is a good day for me. Wow. Everyone’s idea of a flare is different I guess. If the SCD doesn’t help and you’re really sick and not getting better. try the GAPS Diet. It’s VERY strict but is specific to heal a bad case of Crohn’s or UC. Because the depth of the iflammation goes deeper with Crohn’s than it does with UC, you probably could get on the right path and into remission with the SCD. It’s when the inflammation is deeper within the intestinal wall and when you start experiencing symptoms outside of the intestines (rash on legs, sores in mouth ect) It could be a sign of Leaky Gut Syndrome. It sounds disgusting because it is. It’s when undigested food leaks into your blood stream due to severe inflammation. (this is more Crohn’s people) The inflammation has penetrated the thickness of the intestinal wall. That is when SCD wont work… Your best choice is GAPS.

      PS: Marrow heals the intestines. At the store buy a few bones of marrow. Again… yes it doesn’t sound good, but when things call for extreme measures to get well… You and I will try to down just about anything if it will get us better. Marrow bones actually add more flavor if anything to your soup. The chicken soup for GAPS needs to simmer overnight with all bones in+ marrow bones too if you want. WHen it’s done.. you will have a delicious hearty broth that is more brown in color than yellow. In the frigde it will cool and look like gelatin.. THAT is the stuff that heals your intestines.

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