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Over 3 months on SCD!

Hello all :)

On Monday I celebrated my 3 month anniversary on the SCD!

I am very excited to have made it to this point.

Aside from the mini flare I experienced at the 2 month mark, things have been going great and I couldn’t ask for better!

I am currently experiencing NO SYMPTOMS! I feel great and my energy levels are at an all time high!

This diet has become a lifestyle!

I am travelling to South Africa for 16 days in 2 weeks, for a business trip! I am a little worried about travelling for such a long durarion on SCD, but I am going to put in alot of effort to following the diet strictly even while I am away! I will take no risks and bring plenty of SCD legal snacks for the plane ride. I have already contacted the airline and mentioned that I want a fruit and vegetable platter instead of the regular meal which would be filled with SCD illegals!

I have spoken to a collegue in South Africa and he has told me that I won’t have to worry about being able to follow the diet while visiting. He mentioned that South African diet is high in meat protein and fresh fruits and vegetables are always available. This put my mind at ease!

Wish me luck and I will definitly let you know how it goes!

Thank You all for your continued support!


2 thoughts on “Over 3 months on SCD!”

  1. Hey Jessica

    I live in South Africa and I am currently on the SCD diet. You will have no problem getting fresh fruit, vegetables and a variety of meats. I will advise that you try a local snack called Biltong. There is a great variety, so make sure you choose the one with the least spice. It tastes great and it is packed with protein. Hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful country…

  2. Hey Jessica,
    First off, I think you are completely awesome!
    Super big congrats to you for getting to where you are at, it for sure is not easy, not for everyone, and takes a crap load of will power.

    Secondly, I’m super jealous of you for being able to head to South Africa for two weeks for…….work! Who the heck gets to do that? I guess someone as cool as you! So congrats on that too. Best of luck with continuing on with no symptoms, and if you do hit any bumps in the road, I’m not worried about you one bit.

    You rock!

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