Israel’s Life with Ulcerative Colitis – So Similar to Mine

Hey UC’ers,

For all of you who are new to, I am always blown away by reading your stories of your lives with ulcerative colitis.  I started thinking a ways back, maybe around story #500 that I knew alot about our disease.  But for sure, I still have alot to learn.

Recently, one of you, a fellow UC patient named Israel submitted a story to the site in the Colitis Venting Area.  Once I started reading it, it became so clear that much of the story was a spitting image of my past life.  Dates and everything seemed so very similar.  So I want to introduce you all to Israel and let you know where you can read more about his actual colitis story.

Israel is another one of us who lived with subtle symptoms for far too long.  Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms can easily be forgotten about, especially when you are able to function in society.  That sure was the case for me many years ago, and it went on for a long period of time, say 5-6 years.  Well, that is pretty much what Israel went through as well.  A long time of bleeding, and cramping and many of the other colitis symptoms that we all know, and of course all that without a proper diagnosis.

Something else that is becoming far too clear is the scary fact that so many people who have ulcerative colitis symptoms are being mis-diagnosed during the initial office visits.  That too has been the case for Israel and it led to many more years of mystery rectal bleeding and symptoms.  How can this be in this modern age of colonoscopy devices and cameras.  Isn’t that what the billion dollar medical companies want, for people who have symptoms of rectal bleeding to use their colonoscopy machines?

I really hope that Israel gets full control of his colitis soon.  It has been inspiring to read his stories, and with the help of his new treatment in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I’m hoping for great things to come.

If you would like to read the details of Israel’s ulcerative colitis story, he has started a website.  Is can be viewed here:  Israel’s Colitis Journey

Good Luck Israel, and thanks for sharing so much of your story.  I wish you the best,



2 thoughts on “Israel’s Life with Ulcerative Colitis – So Similar to Mine”

  1. Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for the intro! Bizarre to hear that your story is so similar to mine – so you were mis-diagnosed a few years back too?

    1. Hey Israel,
      I actually wasn’t mis-diagnosed in the same way as you. I myself mis-diagnosed myself as having ulcers or hemorrhoids. I’m sure you can understand that right…considering I didn’t even know what ulcers or hemorrhoids were…
      For me, I went into the urgent care once when I was worried about stomach aches and a tiny bit of blood on the toilet paper. Anyways, they said nothing to worry about, it will heal itself etc… Of course it was a few more years until I had the colonoscopy….. And a few more gallons of blood had to make its way through the internal river…you know what i mean.

      i wish you the best, keep us posted on how things go for you! adam

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