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The Flare is Over!

Hey Everyone,

I am happy to report that on Day 75 I have started to feel normal (2-3 solid bms/day) again! I am really happy bout this and very motivated!

For all those who are struggling with the diet, dont give up. The road to recovery is not an easy one! There will be plenty of ups and downs but the most important thing is that we are taking control of our own health!

Next, I had an appointment with my GI on Friday. It was a follow up appointment. He had prescribed me remicade and was surprised when he found out that I skipped the route of scheduling an appointment with my first infusion.

He asked me how I was doing and I told him I was feeling great because of the SCD. I even printed him out a summary that I found online because I knew he wouldnt want to read the whole book. He told me he would look into it and was happy that I was able to avoid the Remicade. He gave me another prescription for the Salofalk and wants me to remain on the higest dosage (8 pills a day). I have decided I will stay on the pills until I feel confident enough to go off of them. I have another appointment in 6 months and hopefully by then I can start decreasing the dosage until I am at my goal of being medication free!!! :)

Also, last week I watched an amazing documentary called Food Inc. I really recommend everyone who cares about their health to watch this. It will really change your views on our governments and the food we consume! I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has watched it.

So thats my update for all of you.

Stay Healthy!


8 thoughts on “The Flare is Over!”

  1. Hey Jessica,

    Its so cool to see how you are progressing. I hope that others find your story as bigtime motivation to become your own advocate when dealing with this disease, and probably others for that matter.

    Its so easy to get frustrated with any medical treatment when things are not going perfectly, but the reality is that most things don’t work perfectly and everyone is different.

    You’re putting a big smiley on my face right now. Super big congrats.
    About the Food Inc., funny you mention that, I recntly enrolled in netflix, and ordered that movie a few months ago based off a hippie friends recommendation. I can’t agree with you more, its a mind blowing movie, and I for sure have felt different after watching it. Being on the SCD, I persoanlyy watch what I eat more than ever before, labels in the grocery store, asking watiers what’s in this or that etc… After a year on it, its starting to be part of the game.

  2. Hey Jessica, that is so awesome! I wish my son could avoid Remicade also, but, he is going to have a 4th transfusion this saturday because he is still in a flare. He is only 6 but, we have been on the SCD since sept 9th and progress is coming! I am going to order food inc. right now from netflix and give you my input in the future!

  3. Thank You all SOOO much for the support!
    It is really motivating to know that so many of you are behind me 100% and that you guys can relate to what I go through on a daily basis!

    Linda, I hope your son does well on the SCD! Hes too young for all those meds! Good luck to you guys :)

  4. CONGRATS JESSICA!! You TOTALLY give me hope! I wish you TONS of success and I hope you are able to remain in remission for a very long time (if not, forever! Isn’t that what we all wish for!) Thanks for sharing your story and for sticking to it!

  5. Hi All, I, too, have been a fan of the scd diet. Now, I am going to watch Food, Inc! Thanks for the tip. The book I wrote was just picked up by Nutribooks and now will be available in all Whole Foods
    and coops in the U.S.–Wow, people with UC or Crohn’s can get more help this way. Adam, at some point, I want to talk about the ccfa, too. I ran in my first half marathon last summer with them, and I met so many amazing people. My best to all and Jessica–hang in there! Sleep, water, destress–take good care of yourself. I love this blog site–thanks!

  6. Way to go Jessica!!!Good for you and I wish you continued success!!!
    You are an inspiration to all to try the SCD!
    This is such an amazing community of people on here I am so glad I found this website!

  7. Hi Jessica, I hope you are doing well! I have Crohn’s but I remember counting the months, then years (!), for remission and sticking to the diet is so important–I have added back foods into my diet, but basically am off wheat forever and use rice–someone mentioned introducing rice. i did that with no problems. It is so important to stay in the daily routine. lately, I have been staying up late and working to hard and I can feel my body getting run down. I just love this site, Adam–can you help me do one just like it for Crohn’s? Or have a link from yours? I like the open feel of it and your videos are, well, amazing. One thing I just noticed in the movie–Food, Inc. I could not believe that my neighbor (i live in rural Vermont) is the woman who yells at the Walmart executives!!! Did you see her? Redish hair? I can’t wait to see her at the Farmers’ Market this weekend and tell her I saw her in the film. Good luck to you guys :)

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