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With and Without UC

Jo in the mountains

Jo in the mountains

Hi, I’m Jo..
I live on the coast in New Zealand, in a beautifully scenic town. My husband and I have three children, the youngest being 10 years old. I was diagnosed with UC 26 years ago. I am grateful for finding this site and being able to read other people’s stories, as well as share my own. I’m a believer that sharing information is especially helpful for UC and it is healing to be able to share with those that understand, given the ‘hidden’ nature of UC!

Some more about me:

I adore travelling to new places, having spent four years previously living in Germany and Japan. I love spending time with my family and going for walks on the beach:) I love painting portraits and have a rabbit called ‘Lavender’


bloating, constipation, blood in stools, mucous

With and Without UC

Hi! I’m Jo and I was diagnosed with UC when I was 18, (26 years ago). I can remember that I always suffered bloated stomachs as a child and I began to look into food as a cause, in the early days. In the early years I was given steriods (colifoam) to treat it. During many years I had periods of remission and flaring, usual for ulcerative colitis. I also tried and was given study drugs by my (then) specialist and was rung and told to go off them immediately by him ,and suffered a worse flare. In my last pregnancy with my son, 10 years ago I flared in which I was told it was borderline Crohn’s. I then began seriously changing my diet. Luckily at this time I gained a new specialist who introduced me to the FODMAP diet. This helped me tremendously and I was almost drug free for a few years, until just recently.

Are there many people out there that are currently using the FODMAP diet?

I am also diary free, and limit soy products, and try to keep sugar to a minimum, although I love dark chocolate.. I eat beef, chicken and fish, and on the fodmap diet I keep away from honey, apples and stoned fruit, as well as wheat, onions, sauces, processed meat etc amongst other ‘high fodmap’ foods. As I was unwell when I began this diet, I stuck to very rigid low fodmap foods. Over time I have probably relaxed this and perhaps this has contributed to a flare.

I am now in a flare, and was surprised this time, as it appeared to come out of ‘nowhere’. In other words I was unprepared for it. I’ve been flaring for about 2 months now and I have been taking pentasa, and an antibiotic. Today I found this site :) and I have began taking the herb Boswellia! We’ll see how it goes for me. Thank-you for reading…

current meds.. Pentasa tablets
Amoxycillian/Potassium Clavulanate Antibiotic
Olive Leaf

Ask Adam:

“I’m interested in the herb Boswellia. I wondered how many grams a days did you begin with, Adam? Do you still take it regularly?”

written by Jo in NZ

Adam iHaveUC guy

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Hi Jo,

I myself have never given boswellia a real chance, and infact, I’m not sure if I have or haven’t tried it in the past.  If I did, it was for too short a time to have a clear personal opinion on it.  That said…there are many many  people from the site who have used it, and many of those who feel it has helped their UC symptoms.

Here are some stories from others regarding boswellia:

I hope this gives you some ideas Jo, and thank you so much again for sharing:)



3 thoughts on “With and Without UC”

  1. Hi Jo, I have a son (21) who was diagnosed two years ago with Celiac and UC. To make a long story short….I fought with GIs, and all kind of doctors until I found the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and implemented it in my house and of course my son. Fanatically adhered to it, and with the help of LDN and other specific probiotics I put him in remission about 9 or 10 months. We are also seeing an Integrative Doctor to monitor his inflammation levels and other important ones and today we are advanced into the diet and he has been doing well.
    I advice you to read Elaine Gotschall’s “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” and implement it to the strictest rules…it is tough! but tougher to live miserably with UC…
    If you need more help please write me… I have lots and lots of info and i help other sufferers so they also have an opportunity to heal.

    I despise the way modern medicine treats this IBD conditions…they just want to put you on drugs that don’t serve any purpose.

    Good luck! and I am here to help….



    1. That’s a great way to put it Julian…I too despise the way that modern medicine treats UC, and other bowel conditions…drugs that don’t serve any purpose…priceless!

      The UC merry-go-round, as I ‘affectionately’ have come to refer to it. It’s always the very same protocol for every patient…try this one…try that one…ALL of the drugs eventually stop working, if they work at all (drugs that don’t serve any purpose) and they get stronger and more dangerous…

      There has to be a better way and after 17 years with UC, I found ‘my’ natural way with a good probiotic and L-glutamine…I think we all have to try the natural way, whether it be diet, olive oil, probiotics, whatever as the meds get us absolutely nowhere.

  2. My GP is trained in integrated medicine and actually listens to me. I love this guy! He doesn’t “poo-poo” (no pun intended) any of the research I have done and actually encourages it. I am still battling a 3 month long flare and tapering off of the dreaded prednisone…currently 25mg. I also take Apriso 2x day and Welbuterin. The pred didn’t work for me during the last flare and I think the difference this time is the host of herbs, vitamins and supplements that I am taking. This Dr has me on 2700 mg turmeric daily, it’s called curamin and has bosweila in it as well. I also take 4 packets of vsl#3, astaxanthin, chlorella, 15000 iu vit d, calcium, msm, bromelaine, and drink 2 scoops of metagenics ultrainflammix 360. I drink lemon water throughout the day and a shot of acv before dinner to keep the ph in check. I know it’s a lot and it’s a strict regime..but this is working for me so far. I also try to follow the SCD diet…although I do have cheat times. And I have been feeling really good lately so cheating a little more than I should. Bottom line is, and this has been said sooooo many times….it’s such an individual thing and we each need to find the combination that works. But it’s so wonderful we can share our ups and downs!

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